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2016/7/21 16:13:36
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) I like the fact that it's vacation-themed and the prize is a beach set !

Unfortunately, I normally vacation at the beach, so I need a beach set in order to make the video... Once I make my own beach set I won't need the prize. (Not a problem, since I probably won't win anyway ... ;-) )
can we use characters that were created outside Muvizu as long as its animated inside Muvizu with keyframes?

And yeah, thanks for hosting the competition MDW13
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2016/7/20 22:29:22
Not that Tie again ziggy72 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
totally unrelated question: why does the stereotypical thug always wear shades?

Because in films they are usually stuntmen who can't really act, and have to be used multiple times so their face must be obscured in some way... and shades are cheap.

I've often thought that shades are used (not just for thugs) because the eyes are the hardest part of the body to model convincingly, but characters wearing shades can be CGI animated all day long. I offer the MATRIX as an example. No doubt in my mind that's why the main characters wore sunglasses
2016/7/20 22:26:14
Competition? cool! I'm looking forward to seeing the contest parameters and prize. I think a million dollars would be a great prize.
2016/7/20 20:37:30
Competition? soooooo... which mogul will be hosting the next contest? and what will be the theme?

(enquiring minds, you know the drill....)
2016/7/20 17:54:23
Alice In Woderland - 3 Chapters I'm tempted to volunteer, but I already have so many projects on my "to-do" list, that unless I find the secret of immortality pretty soon, I'll die before completing more than half the list. ;-(

Although I am fascinated by the original story, I'm not obsessed with it. I know there are lots of people who love the story, and one of them would be the ideal candidate for such a labor of love.

I did take time to discover that the story has entered the public domain, so it's a fairly safe theme to pursue without fear of lawsuits (unless it's adapted in such a way as to encroach on the look & feel of more recent versions, which are protected by copyright. They can't copyright the storyline, but they could still sue for using their designs and proprietary dialog or music)
2016/7/20 17:46:05
Not that Tie again totally unrelated question: why does the stereotypical thug always wear shades?
2016/7/20 2:15:40
Alice In Woderland - 3 Chapters Eugene,
this is AWESOME ! your characters and sets are quite innovative! You are a very clever man to have thought up so many inventive ways to use Muvizu
2016/7/19 13:12:15
Sweet Home 3D WOW, Ikes... thanks again for pointing us in the direction of a great bit of useful information!
2016/7/19 13:03:20
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) AWESOME adaptation of the book's tea party scene....

I like all of your head attachments Eugene! nicely done with good textures.... I can't imagine why your video wasn't well received the first time around, unless there was a lot of forum activity at the time and it got forced off the "front page"

regarding your walking donkey: am I correct in thinking that one of the inside characters is wearing the suit as an attachment? If so, which attachment point? (hair, hat, ...?)
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2016/7/19 12:44:52
A question about Muvizu chat vs using the forum Tangledbliss wrote:
Muvizu enthusiasts longstanding or new, might also be interested in joining our (independent and unofficial) Facebook group Zuchat.

thanks for posting the link.. I've searched for this group by name and couldn't find it until now!
2016/7/19 5:47:50
Speed Boat Tease Well, that was fun to watch and it was also full of clever techniques! I liked the keyframed gulls
the speed boat bobbing in the water
the volcano effects
use of shadows
very cool stuff
2016/7/19 0:16:40
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) Rocque wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
yes Mindiflyth, that's totally possible. All you have to do is design the head in such a way that the mouth is still exposed. Then adjust the location of the eyes so they are outside the mask. It is the mouth and eyes that are animatable facial features, it doesn't matter that everything else is static.

I am seeking clarification that you can move the eyes and they still blink and move to look around?

YEP! .. watch the commentator squirrel in the demo I posted ... you'll have to look past the glasses but you can see that the eyes are blinking. I didn't add any pupil movements , but I could have.
2016/7/19 0:13:54
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) any chance you'd put this in the store so we can examine it & see how you did it?
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2016/7/18 23:33:09
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) eugene, two questions:

1) how did you keep the characters inside the donkey from having their heads stick out the top?

2) if you kept the inside characters small enough not to stick out, how did you get the legs so stout?

here's a similar experiment:

I was shooting for 4 legs plus head movement... in retrospect it should also be possible to get animatable mouth and eyes depending on how the head attachment is made. Eyes are static on this demo.
2016/7/18 22:32:11
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) mindiflyth wrote:

Some of the work here (like Clayster's stormtrooper helmets and stuff) have made me think it would be possible to create "masks" for the characters, so they would have totally new heads and you wouldn't be stuck with the Muvizu character designs.

yes Mindiflyth, that's totally possible. All you have to do is design the head in such a way that the mouth is still exposed. Then adjust the location of the eyes so they are outside the mask. It is the mouth and eyes that are animatable facial features, it doesn't matter that everything else is static.

The squirrel in this video has a whole-head mask:

The concept and head design can be ANYTHING as long as you leave the mouth uncovered and use standard Muvizu eyes.

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2016/7/15 13:47:30
USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU after the recent Make Me Laugh competition, Ziggy said:
I take it the splattered blood at 1:44 is HitFilm? Very cool!

Yup - anything really cool looking is HF

at this point I want to ask what specific features/details in your video were done in hitfilm ?

In my video:
  • song lyrics were added as composite shots (which gave me great flexibility to drag and position them wherever I wanted)
  • closing credits made with a built-in template for scrolling credits
  • the final "as this memory fades" scene in which a background layer fades out... was powered by HITFILM
although I could have done the same things with my previous editing software, HF made it easy.
2016/7/15 13:33:54
USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU OK, hats off to UKBerty for being the first MUVIZUer to start using HITFILM. Special thanks to him for sharing the knowledge instead of keeping it as his own private secret.

For anyone who doesn't already know about HITFILM, it is a hybrid product that combines a conventional video editor with a not-so-conventional compositing engine. It brings a lot of capability to your creative toolbox that MUVIZU lacks, so it's the perfect editor for assembling and tweaking all the scenes you create in Muvizu into one cohesive end product

They offer a free version, which I highly recommend:

Since a number of us are already using the software, I thought this thread might give us a central place to capture information about how we're using hitfilm in the context of muvizu.

This might include:
  • how to add special effects,
  • how to overcome a limitation of muvizu
  • how to expand on muvizus power
Hit film has its own keyframes, and an ability to import 3D models and manipulate them in the same environment as your muvizu video, so you can fine-tune positioning of added content.

A number of forum members have recently started using hitfilm, so I expect that we will soon be hearing more about what it can do to take muvizu's output to the next level of excellence

That's the intro... now let the examples begin...
2016/7/15 2:42:54
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition)
Hit Film Pro was at perfect timing for the price reduction to help me finish this animation. It is amazing.

Eugenecheese didn't list his software at the end... but apparently the rest of us all used HitFilm! I'm guessing we all bought in at the sale price, which puts us all smack dab in the middle of the learning curve at the same time and during a competition!

I'm curious to hear others' take on HitFilm.... I haven't scratched the surface of its capability yet, but I REALLY like it so far. A lot of video editors are sluggish (pet peeve) but HitFilm seems fairly responsive on my computer.

I like the way they've rolled a compositing solution and a 3D modelling scene arranger right into a video editor.

And its ability to keyframe 2d and 3d graphics opens up a whole bunch of new territory
2016/7/15 2:01:39
making seamless textures and backgrounds the procedure for making seamless video is most effective when the movement is somewhat random. If it is highly directional, when your reverse the copy it will look like the water suddenly started flowing uphill.
2016/7/15 0:12:20
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) I think enthusiasm is like an echo... the more you proclaim it, the more it comes back to you. I'm glad you're on a creative high, and I hope it continues for a long time!
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