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2016/1/23 8:31:53
Introduction premiumm wrote:
My name is Nitin Mishra and I am from India. My website is I am a Plus user and will publish some videos soon.
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welcome to the forum, Nitin Mishra! I look forward to seeing your videos!
2016/1/22 22:54:05
Muvizu, Italian Success! congratulations on your success! I didn't understand a word of it, but it looks great!!
2016/1/22 19:56:31
None of my avi texture files work any more OK, update:

After submitting this to Muvizu support, Jamie replied asking for a sample. When I tried to prepare the sample, the AVI worked! So I tried a few more AVIs and they worked too! Then I went back and tried the AVI I used for my original test.. and it still didn't work. Apparently its just a bad file. (what's the statistical likelihood of picking the one bad AVI on my entire computer for an AVI test??? Apparently, in my world, it's 100%.... )

So Eugene, my recommendation is that you zip up a set in which your AVI does not work and email it to Muvizu Support. You may want to include the AVI separately so they can see if the file itself has issues.

Before you do that, you may want to try one last time to see if they will load as textures on one of the backdrops.
2016/1/22 14:37:00
Size for Ground & Sky see if this provides any insights:
2016/1/22 14:30:43
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup Now that you mention it, I'm not sure which version of the ASE exporter I'm using with Sketchup 2015. If Ziggy modified an existing version, its entirely possible that his version doesn't work beyond version 8.

The version I use has 3 text boxes, the 3rd one giving me the option to pick a collision object, or export without one, letting Muvizu take care of it. I assumed that was Ziggy's version since it specifically mentions Muvizu. But whichever version that is.. it works in Sketchup 2015.
2016/1/22 2:01:35
Mandy Character and a Mic blickfang wrote:
Or ....or.....our Muvizu developers could just add the bit of code to Mandy so she can sing :-D

Quite true!

I wonder if anybody has actually submitted this as a support request? Pointing out problems on the forum is not the same as submitting a support request.

Declaring problems in the forum is helpful in the sense that it makes other users aware of the boobytraps, and may warn others before they pursue a feature that used to work in a way that will stall their project. But all other users can do in return is offer their workarounds.

Bottom line is that every bug report that gets submitted on the forum for the sake of other users should be accompanied by an official bug report to support.
2016/1/22 1:51:05
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup A recurring theme on the forum is training new users to find and use Sketchup 8 in order to use the ASE conversion plugin. This will never end, since new users will tend to DL the latest version of Sketchup.

The good news is that it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to use the ASE converter in the latest version of Sketchup! (but the procedure for making it work has changed, hence the problem when applying the old installation procedure to the new version)

I've already created a WIKI entry on the subject, so rather than retyping everything, here is a link to the WIKI:

There are advantages to using the latest version. They improve it all the time, and by using older versions you miss out on all the latest greatest new stuff. Nobody wants that. ;-)

Maybe the best news is that the latest version has a built-in link to their Extensions Warehouse, and automates the installation of most of them! Its as simple as finding an extension you like, and clicking INSTALL!

It also has a direct link to their huge warehouse of free models, and easily allows you to load models from there directly into Sketchup. Cool beans!
2016/1/22 1:15:57
None of my avi texture files work any more eugenecheese wrote:
I have saved many animated texture files, sea, eyes, clouds etc. as Avis, which I have used many times in my Muvizu animations as Backgrounds.
Now, ALL of them show us as "Unknown Format".
Please help !

confirmed here. This should probably be reported to support, which I will do right now....
2016/1/21 20:40:28
Mandy Character and a Mic blickfang wrote:
The one thing I will though miss is the mic toss

You could use a different character and zoom in the camera focus on the mic so it isn't obvious the scene isn't using Mandy. If you want a whole character shot, you could use a different character and do it as a silhouette.

Visual change-ups make videos more interesting, and this gives you multiple reasons for varying the camera view
2016/1/21 20:36:09
Changing back to the 1.6 version ? MrDrWho... I want to publicly commend you for taking so much of your time to answer questions here on the forum! This is what sets the great forums apart from all the others!

Thanks for doing what you do, as it really adds value and helps new users overcome roadblocks that might otherwise stall their progress!

2016/1/21 20:29:45
None of my avi texture files work any more which version are you using?
2016/1/21 18:12:40
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? summary to that last post, I want to know the following:

1) What software is necessary to create dynamic content for Muvizu?

2) what requirements govern the importing of such content ?

3) will this information ever be revealed to users?

When the question of whether or not to disclose information that potentially affects future income opportunities is considered, it's worth also considering the implications of offering a highly user-modifiable product. With millions of potential users who all want something different, its very hard to provide enough proprietary content to keep them all happy.

It has often been speculated that one reason why MS-DOS outsold multiple competing operating systems that were clearly more robust is because it included GW BASIC, which allowed users everywhere to write the custom apps they needed. An explosion of shareware apps followed, all of which ran on MS DOS, and the rest is history.
2016/1/21 18:00:12
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? This raises a good question about attachments in general:

Obviously, the Muvizu engine supports attachment physics that allow capes etc to flow and react to movement etc. If not, the newer characters could not have such attachments, (and they do. )

There are 3d packages available that allow the creation of fabric, hair and other objects that respond to the environment... indeed, it's big business right now. Many online 3D stores offer such accessories for use in a variety of products

SOMEBODY used such a package to create the dynamic content that is already available in MUVIZU, so it's got to be possible to create and add new content if you have the right software and know the requirements for bringing it into MUVIZU.

Unlike the static model importing that is very well documented in Muvizu's WIKI, there is no information at all about creating and importing dynamic content. This could be a business decision, because by pricing Muvizu low, they need another way to generate income.. and the sale of add-on packs with new characters and dynamic content would certainly be a way to do that.

So the question arises: will the particulars about how 3rd party modelers can create dynamic content and new models ever be released? Or will it remain proprietary information?

If any of the modelers here who have been approached by Muvizu about creating new content have anything to add, I hope you participate in the thread as much as your non-disclosure agreement allows. ;-)
2016/1/21 17:42:30
Failed to load object from file As a beta tester and active participant on a number of software forums, it has been my experience that most USERS want communication from the company to come through the forum... whereas most software COMPANIES consider the forum to be a playground for users, and oftentimes don't monitor it at all.

But they all have a dedicated support team, and that is where they dedicate their resources. So anybody who wants official statements from just about ANY software company should stop looking on the forum (where you're mostly going to find two groups posting: "well wishers with workarounds" and "angry disappointed customers", neither of which groups offers a company sponsored point of view) and go directly to the company's SUPPORT team, where you are more likely to get an official response.
2016/1/20 19:16:07
Failed to load object from file ritsmer wrote:
WARNING: After a full days happy work without any issues I allowed myself a short pause and closed the Muvizu project.

Opening it again I got the dreaded: "Failed to load object from file." which should be solved with the last Muvizu version.

It seems that the last 3 "saves" with a different name do have this error. The "saves" from before noon can open.

Older .set files from December 2015 with this error do open well in the new version - but not some substantially more complicated ones, that I made today.

I will send the .set to support for further investigation.
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did you make changes to any head/eye moves on the time line? Overwriting or appending or rearranging?
2016/1/20 15:04:19
How to move all actions in a track well... before you do that... remember that video recording involves shooting a lot of individual scenes then reassembling/reordering them in a video editor. It may be easier to simply shoot this as a separate scene, then place it BEFORE the scene you've already shot when you get to the video editor.
2016/1/20 7:20:05
Kids with round heads! I was reading through old forum posts and saw some comments about how reducing the scale of "older" characters in order to create child-like characters does not yield believable proportions.

Kids heads tend to be larger in relationship to the rest of their body, and rounder. Also their cheeks tend to be chubby and they tend to have protruding top lips and small noses.

So I wondered if a head attachment for the Muvizu BOY character might create a new option for people who need child characters. Here's a promo video for just such a free character set, that includes kids with 2 different head shapes. The resulting head-body proportion helps to fill the void for infant to young adolescent children, depending on how you scale and dress the character.

Set includes a baby, a toddler , a male and female adolescent and since Valentines day is approaching, I made one of them into a cupid character. The set also includes the approximation of a child's bedroom, with changing station, crib and dresser, and a baby bottle.

Mouths are not covered, so characters can still be used with lip-synched dialog.

Set is uploaded but not approved yet.

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2016/1/20 0:09:03
Mandy Character and a Mic ukBerty wrote:
I feel your pain - I decided to go for a fixed mic - it suited the retro look of what I wanted though so worked out OK

Berty, your approach provides an EXCELLENT solution to the problem, and I totally agree that the old-style mic on a stand is the better choice for your production! I can't wait to see your video! I'm sure it will be creatively inspiring (if I can keep my envy from undermining all the positive influence!)
2016/1/19 21:08:24
From the Wabby's Land ziggy72 wrote:
That is beautifully done - so clean! Your models fit with the Muvizu design ethic really well. Nice site too

what Ziggy said! You are a real craftsman! I am amazed by the quality of your work, and as Ziggy said, it all fits so well in the Muvizu motif! If this were a musical performance, I'd give it a standing ovation!
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2016/1/19 19:49:00
2016.01.15 Bugs emergencysquirrel wrote:
Try this:
New blank set, add one character.
Record some head movements, stop. Save. Close Muvizu.
Reopen the file. Record more head movements after existing movements. Save.
Try reloading the file... oops!

confirmed here. However, I tend to make short scenes and save head moves for last. I very rarely reopen a scene to add more head moves, so this isn't a deal killer for me. I think I'll test to see if deleting the old head moves and starting over fresh keeps the project from reopening the 2nd time.... (will report back with an answer shortly)

=====update after testing ====
after reopening a scene with head moves, if I DELETE the existing moves and start fresh, the saved project will reopen. However, if I record OVER the existing head moves (or append new moves after existing head moves on the timeline) and save the project, it won't reopen. So until this gets fixed, just doing all the head moves at one time should keep the project re-openable. If you must add more head moves, delete all of the existing moves and start over from scratch

This is for one character.. I have not tested to see if it's possible to add head moves for separate characters in different editing sessions and still retain the ability to reopen the project after saving it. Going now to see how this works with head moves for multiple characters....

====update after testing head moves for multiple characters ========

OK, adding head moves for different characters in different sessions does not prevent reopening. Apparently the problem is isolated to making changes on a timeline that contains previously recorded head moves.... whether appending or recording over, the project will not reopen after saving UNLESS you delete all head moves on that character's timeline and start fresh.

Also, any previous sets with keyframed camera movements load with all movements lost.

Also confirmed here.

Now to test & see if newly recorded keyframed camera moves save and reopen. If the original problem was related to the keyframed moves, it may have been part of the fix to remove them from the project so it would reopen. If the problem is fixed going forward, it may just be a matter of re-doing the keyframed camera moves. (Will test and report back. )

========== update after testing =======

I was able to re-record the lost keyframed camera moves, save the project, then reopen it with the keyframed moves intact.

If in fact it is true that it was necessary to strip out the old keyframed moves in order to get the projects to reopen, at least that preserves most of the work that people put into their projects. In my case, the lost keyframed camera moves were only a few second's worth of the scene, and re-recording them was far easier than recreating the whole project from scratch. In an imperfect world, I see that as an acceptable tradeoff to get most of my project back.

I hope this information is helpful to others.
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