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2016/7/15 0:23:56
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) I just got home from work where I have the highly creative but tedious task of creating math tests for our new curriculum. Yes, I get to torture young minds! Actually, I hope the majority do well on the tests.

I have not had a chance to view all the contest entries yet, but I wanted to post before doing that, and then will add more as time allows, and address your "take" on the video, Pat. You spent a lot of time making your comment about my animation, and I really appreciate that. I also appreciate everyone's kind words of support. I feel I won the contest because of all those who took the time to recognize my effort, and that is awesome. So far no one has said keep the day job, but I will.

I will return to comment on all the great entries I am going to watch now.
2016/7/14 14:40:12
Muvizu school contest It is a shame that we are still in summer break where I work. I wanted to start teaching an animation class next year, but they said no. If I can stay motivated and manage to find time to put a year's worth of curriculum together for a class I might be able to teach one next year. I would definitely be using Muvizu as the main resource for characters.

If there is a contest for that age group in September-May let me know, and if it is in May perhaps I can even encourage my students by letting them use an entry with their end of the year projects.
2016/7/14 14:35:42
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) When should we add our contest entries to the site? Should we put them in this topic? Or, since you have the links do you want to add them, Clayster? Not that I am lazy or anything....cough cough.
2016/7/14 5:16:02
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) If Ziggy did not finish we should wait for his entry. He was doing a lot of work on it, and I really want to see how it turns out.
2016/7/13 5:13:49
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting I got the suspicious attack warning and was unable to download the e-book. Can you save it as a .pdf?
2016/7/13 0:52:48
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? I visited the Awesomeness site, and all I saw were a bunch of videos that would appeal to teens. I was hoping they had some music. I already have some Creative Commons music sites I use but can always use more. How do you use that site, Urbanlamb? Maybe you are one of those cute girls that was on there. When I was younger I would have spent a lot of time there (or maybe not). They reminded me of my students.

I had a Bob Marley song flagged so substituted another song from the YT list and the animation is not quite the same. I guess if you are not in the USA there is more leeway, since there are so many animations out there using other people's music. It is nice to see YT find a work around where they do not pull your account. I am in no hurry to make another video with someone else's music, although I made a really cute one on Go!Animate for Space Oddity, that will never go public. Hey, maybe now it can. Or is it still going to be a risk?
2016/7/13 0:44:40
My 6th and largest production That was great! It was very clever and understandable in any language. I like how you get the t-shirts on the characters, they look great and add that unique touch to your animations. I guess I should try that some day. The cinema looked good, and is a prop you can use over and over again. I can see a whole series of this type of related animation. You have a great sense of humor.
2016/7/13 0:08:33
Another finger Pistols Crack up " Indian Name" The joke was a groaner! I love the characters and the waterfalls are awesome. You are sure the funny one Clayster.
2016/7/12 14:59:23
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting If no one else wants Daisy Duke, I will do both, and try my best to make them sound different, or maybe they can be related. HA.
2016/7/12 14:26:13
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? I have been waiting to see the Nick Danger series for those special moments when I need some pure insanity. I am sure once the school year gets on a roll, that will be a great treat. I did not know Fireside Theater was in the public domain. I am really only familiar with Nick Danger so it should be fun to watch. I will have to sit here in the waiting room or wait here in the sitting room.

Thanks for the reminder Pat. It is nice to have all the links here in one place. Did you watch any of the others listed here? I spent a lot of time watching them last night, and it was way better than television. I applaud the animators for the time they spend to create such masterpieces.
2016/7/12 3:29:05
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? Thanks for your replies and the links to the video samples. You both have some excellent animations going with these scripts. It is great the way you take them and add the visual parts to them with such high quality that I am sure the writers would be well pleased with the results. Plus, you do a service by exposing new generations to lost works. I hope your videos continue to reach more and more viewers.

I will be returning to your YouTube sites.
2016/7/10 23:22:50
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? This is what you mentioned in another thread and I felt it is worthy of a new How Do I? topic.

Urbnlamb wrote:
Radio shows are fun to do especially if you are not one to be looking for voice actors. You can also chop them up and rearrange them and make something else out of them if you are feeling especially creative that week/year.

Do you have any examples of this? Do you find shows that are in the Public Domain due to their age? If not, what about copy right laws or royalties? Also do you find these through Google Searches? It could be fun.
2016/7/10 23:01:04
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) MrDrWho13 wrote:
A word of warning to those uploading as unlisted: I think YouTube still publishes the video to your subscribers unless you untick the "notify subscribers" option in the advanced tab.

I will have to go look then change it to private. I do not have that many subscribers so should be safe for a while. Thanks for the information MDW12. Here is more information quoted from a YT Help search. It seems with private viewers need a Google account. After reading this I kept mine Unlisted for now.

Bern Rexer ~ Live Streaming Producer said:

YouTube live events are treated just like YouTube uploaded videos - regarding privacy.

Here is more info from the YouTube guides:

And here is more info from another organization that uses YouTube privacy:

Private events can only be seen by those who you have invited - and who have a Google account. They only need a Google account - not specifically Gmail, YouTube or Google+

1) The URL to pass along would initially be the YouTube Watch page URL. This is the base page which anyone can drill down to. It follows the naming convention /watch?v='your-video-id'. You can also share this in a shortened URL by selecting 'Share' from that Watch page.

If you enable 'Embedding' then you can embed the video on a web page - and share the web page URL.

2) Correct - If anyone sends out a link for a private video - no one else can watch the video unless their email or G+ has been included in your event private list.

3) Unlisted is a non-searchable event which anyone can see. If no one knows about the link then it is considered secure by obscurity. Public is a searchable event.


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2016/7/10 1:58:40
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Heap good set you build for nice home for Chief and squaws. We will watch many new days and nights turn while we have pow wows with mighty leaders and dance to our gods for lasting peace and abundant crops with the occasional buffalo herds not stampeding. May the thorns of the passing tumbleweeds never fall at your feet brave animator Chief.
2016/7/10 1:49:31
New South Asian character pack available! To Urbanlamb: Don't you ever stop posting, please! I am new to all of this advanced stuff (my technical word) that you have to know to make more than a once scene one line animation through Muvizu. Everyone who posts on this forum has helped me to face my fears and go beyond the one line one scene project and turn out something I can not be afraid of adding to my YouTube channel.

The discussions here are awesome and whether or not someone wants to judge what we say for more than what our intentions were, then that is their opinion, and others might not share it. It seems everyone who is posting here lately is not here to put anyone down but to help everyone get better. This is a rare forum group.

We need you here Urbanlamb!!!

Dick van Dyke on the other hand? If that dancing and smiling keeps you moving, skinny, and happy at his age (how old is he? is he still alive?), then I am going to move some furniture out of the way and get started, right after I find out where to buy a hat like that.
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2016/7/10 1:36:00
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) ikes wrote:
Hi Clayster,

I have a movie ready for the competition, but where to upload it?
Do I upload the movie through my account so it ends up in the gallery for everyone to see, or do I have to upload the movie somewhere else only for you to see it?

Like to hear from you..


I uploaded mine on YouTube as Unlisted. I chose that over Private, since it would not even show up in search results, and I wanted it to be only seen by Clayster and who he shares the link with.

I am enjoying the added threads to this topic about entering for the opportunity to go out of our comfort zones and just create something for the sake of creating something. I am happy to be finished and thinking about the next one, but my available time is shrinking fast, however animating is such a nice escape from the real world where laughing seems to be more difficult these days without offending someone. (Hopefully I did not offend someone by saying that....see what I mean?)
2016/7/9 4:51:21
anyone done muvizu videoclip in chinese language? Welcome to the forum and Muvizu Monkey_wyk. I hope if people find any of the videos you are looking for that they will post the links in here. It would be fun to watch the videos.
2016/7/9 4:44:46
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Thanks for the kind words, Clayster. I learned so much from this competition. I have probably said that more than once, but I am not sure if I would have another animation finished if it was not for this event. Thanks for hosting it. I look forward to seeing what everyone enters. It will be fun to see the different takes on humor.
2016/7/8 21:52:31
Free Money! Clayster, we are always thrilled by your endless generosity. HA. I hope we do not have to pay taxes on it.
2016/7/6 15:23:44
New South Asian character pack available! ukBerty wrote:
I think it's the mustache. "We don't need no stinking badges...."

Very few people know where that line came from. I stumbled across that movie one time, and it remains one of my all time favorites. Blazing Saddles renewed the phrase in a funny way, but to see the original movie (and I am not telling the name on purpose, so people who do not know, have to find it...haha...I wish I could give a prize) will set a ground work for every villain in modern day films, and make the line in Blazing Saddles even more funny.

Let me know if you agree...but then maybe this is a detour from the main topic. Thanks for your humor ukBerty!!!
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