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2016/6/27 1:08:32
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting clayster2012 wrote:
No have not received them.

Can you message your email address to me again?
2016/6/26 23:26:34
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Just out of curiosity, and impatience. Did you receive the voice auditions that I sent? If not I will resend them.
2016/6/26 23:23:47
Depth Of Field I have nothing technical to add to help out here, but I had to reply to your shared video sequence. Wow! It has a high wow factor. I love the all white scene, and the water scene. I guess I loved it all, and stand in awe of your skills. Getting my characters to walk where I want them to go is like training a puppy. They seem to go where their nose leads them, and so do my Muvizu characters. You made it look like something very easy to control.

Thanks for sharing. Your video was very emotional since I lost both of my parents only a few years ago. So it definitely can result in some emotional responses. Keep up the excellent animating, and then share your techniques and results.
2016/6/26 23:07:42
Hello from SoCal PatMarrNC wrote:
mysto wrote:
Kind of looks like he may have tilted the camera back and forth.

now that you mention it, yeah, it does.

I made a ship experiment using keyframes to add pitch to the craft, (which didn't change the water).

I guess in reality, the ocean would have swells in the same direction the ship was leaning, so the technique of tilting the camera probably yields more lifelike results. Looks good to me, anyway!

Hello from the other Californian. I am about an hour to 2 hours from you depending on the 210 freeway! I have been sailing quite a bit just in the local So. Cal. waters and never all that far away from shore, so I know one thing about sail boats (hopefully more than one). They will lean with the wind and that is one reason for the keel to counterbalance the boat and help it stay on some sort of tack or path. However when there are big swells your boat will also pitch and roll with the swells, and that tests a true captain's clout.

I used to really enjoy watching The Deadliest Catch just to see ships vs the sea, and those crazy crab fisherman. They definitely did some pitching and rolling. I quit watching when I began speaking like them (ha, well to avoid it since that would not be popular where I work). Marc, I think you did a great job capturing the fury of the sea. She can be quite vicious and unforgiving.
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2016/6/26 22:55:44
Coming Soon 2016 We should also have a dedicated area for the best thread comments and this one has several.

MDW13's not funny enough comment is one I am still laughing over. I am not sure why I thought that comment was so funny, but I was thinking the same thing about my entry as I am making it. I even made the same comment to someone else that I did not think my entry was going to be funny enough for a competition on humor.

PatMarrNC offers the most encouraging comments to everyone and definitely deserves an award for motivational commenting.

Ziggy72's comment in the following quotes are also highly encouraging and motivational:
like I said, there are no magical tricks to help you make your movie, only what Muvizu gives you (but some users are so focussed on what it CANT do they never get around to exploiting what it CAN do!). The only way any of us get better at anything is practise, so please, everyone, enter something into Clayster's competition and show some support. And thank you for your questions Rocque, I am happy to explain anything to anyone if it helps them.

This is one reason why I look forward to reading this forum. There are super stars here! Thanks for being excellent ambassadors for Muvizu.
2016/6/26 3:13:56
Coming Soon 2016 ziggy72 wrote:
I know I said I wasn't going to post any more pictures of what I'm working on for Clayster's competition, but I love this image This is what Burroughs used to do, just go on a stage and sit and read to the audience in darkness. A little sepia tint to the camera output is the only effect added. So simple - this is why I love this program you know, its not for the tricks its for the looks you can achieve.

How did you get the character, and desk? Everything looks awesome. I spent all day on about 30 seconds of my animation. I used parts from a pre-existing scene so just had to add a few more things here and there to personalize it. It is absolutely nothing like yours. However I still need to do more, and this is just one part I worked on today. I hope the rest goes smoothly so I can have it finished for the competition.

Keep up the good work Ziggy.
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2016/6/25 19:15:55
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Thanks for all the marketing information MarcKennedy. I made some AdSense money one time with blogs, but it has been a long time since that happened. It took a lot of time and was not as much fun as making animations even though I have never seen a check for any of mine. Maybe one day, it will boost a retirement income. Now back to reality.

I actually work full time in marketing and I agree that you should monetize your videos on YouTube. It's easy to do. All you need is to set up a Google AdSense account. The longer the videos the higher you will rank on YouTube.
Isn't it the longer that people will watch your video from start to finish the better Google likes it? I attempt to keep my videos about 3 minutes and no more than 5. It is interesting to learn about marketing updates since that was my college major after I could not stand majoring in math any longer.
Although animation is a hobby for me, Clayster and others on this site have such a gift of creativity that it would be nice to see them afford to do what they obviously love and be able to pay some bills along the way.
2016/6/25 3:39:59
Running on the spot primaveranz wrote:
I'm confused ikes. Why am I getting notification emails telling me that you are Muvizu staff member Jamie?

Do I get a prize? Cool

You get a lot of people sending you emails about what is wrong with their Muvizu, and if you are lucky you might get a pay check.
2016/6/23 19:16:43
ROBOT VOICE SOFTWARE I just had to update my Audacity for it to work. Thanks everyone. I now have Audacity 2.1.2 installed. My configuration on Audacity has Windows Wasabi, then the next box is Speakers, then Stereo, and then Speakers if you use MDW13's image for the guideline. This is going to be a huge time saver.

Thanks again.
2016/6/23 18:31:33
If you change the recording device to WASAPI and choose your speakers then it should record the output of your computer. (For me the default was MME)

In Windows 7 I think you need to go in to the Windows sound settings to enable it, but it seems to work in Windows 10 for me where I haven't touched those settings.

All those recordings I have made by pointing my mic to my speakers might not have to be done anymore? I am going to see if I have those settings on my computer and audacity. In audacity i only have Windows Dire (which is short for something, and MME). I could not find anything named WASAPI. I have Audacity 2.0.0 (Unicode). Does it need to be updated?

It would be great to be able to record from the speakers.
2016/6/23 3:54:08
Patient lying in bed PatMarrNC wrote:
Rocque wrote:
Thanks, Pat. I learn more than one new thing every time I use Muvizu or something related to it. If I wanted your new female character, then would I have to have a 3D modeling program to use it? Or, will it just open in Muvizu?

It won't open in Muvizu. The only 3d formats that open in Muvizu are ASE and FBX.

The OBJ files are useful only in a 3D modelling program where you need to make something like a helmet that fits one of the characters... (You can fit it to the OBJ model)... or in the case of Ziggy's project, he used the model to help form the shape in the sheet.

Without having something the right size for fitting, you end up blindly making an item, importing it to Muvizu, seeing that it isn't the right size and/or orientation, going back and resizing blindly until after a bunch of tries you end up with something that works. Having a reference model saves a few steps.

Then, whatever gets created in the 3D program can be saved in the FBX or ASE format for use in Muvizu. Make sense?

Yikes! I do not think I will be ready for anything like that in this lifetime. I will be sticking with the basics for a while, and seeing what I can do there. Thanks for sharing though.
2016/6/23 3:47:52
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting I agree that is is amazing how fast you are able to create everything. About the only thing I am having success creating is my voice, and even that depends on the time of the day. This is really shaping up fast and it is fun to watch it progress. I wonder if you ever sleep. I know I get up early to work on my contest entry and as soon as I come home I am going over more tutorials to see how I am going to make my video look half way decent. Getting from the ideas to the finished product takes forever for me. You make it look so easy, but I am sure you had your learning curve, too.

The collision I am up against is time. However recording character voices can happen fast, so that is one deadline I know I can meet. My contest entry might have to wait until next year.
2016/6/22 23:25:23
Patient lying in bed Thanks, Pat. I learn more than one new thing every time I use Muvizu or something related to it. If I wanted your new female character, then would I have to have a 3D modeling program to use it? Or, will it just open in Muvizu?
2016/6/22 22:49:01
Patient lying in bed What is OB format? I apologize for being uneducated in all of this for now.
2016/6/21 5:12:29
Is there a way to add text to characters in Muvizu Thanks for this information urbanlamb. I have been reading Gimp tutorials tonight about adding speech bubbles. GIMP has just added another update, so I will look at krita instead of updating GIMP for now. I just rendered my first character skin using GIMP, and it went really slow since I am very basic with using it, and the results look better on my character then they did on the grids, that is for sure.

I can see that to be able to create what I want to on Muvizu that I am going to have to learn a lot more about designing custom things, and using editors. I would rather do this than watch mindless television though.
2016/6/21 3:46:28
How do I transition over to a new computer? I am still waiting on support to figure out why I am not having access to my subscription to Muvizu. Jamie and I exchanged several emails this morning and then he had to take it to a higher level. I have so much to do for the contest entry that I am rethinking my entry. I guess I can work on other things for now.
2016/6/21 3:42:54
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting clayster2012 wrote:
Rocque wrote:
So many choices now. Such interesting characters. I will be happy playing either of the females you have so far. You have quite the cast going there.

Thanks, just pick anyone it don't really matter which one, I'm sure you will do good.

A bouncer in a bar? LOL. Or the alluring Daisy Duke? Can I play both? I am not sure I can change my voice that much, but would give it a try with the help of Audacity editing.
2016/6/20 23:13:17
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting So many choices now. Such interesting characters. I will be happy playing either of the females you have so far. You have quite the cast going there.
2016/6/20 13:56:10
How do I transition over to a new computer? Out of curiosity, do you have an SSD?
Yes I do have an SSD. I have been waiting 5 years to have a good computer, so I am happy with this one so far.
Jamie and I are emailing back and forth so that I can get my subscription back to Muvizu. It won't accept my license key.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Muvizu. I think the last time I had this trouble a reboot fixed it, so I will attempt that, too.
2016/6/20 13:38:20
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting This sounds like a lot of fun. Of course I have a female voice, and there is only one female part, but I would enjoy helping out on this. I always call Wild Bill Hiccup. LOL. I wonder if he got them often. It could be dangerous when trying to sneak up on rattle snakes.
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