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2016/6/5 21:37:22
Depth of field and layers MrDrWho13 wrote:
Do you mean you can't import the layers as an image sequence or just because they're layers? I don't really understand what you mean by not being able to get the layers in.

Thanks MDW13. I can import the whole background folder into HitFilm, but not import Layers folders, or the depth folders as image sequences.
2016/6/5 21:32:55
Depth of field and layers My next question. I made a 15 second clip and have some layers in it. I tried to load it into HitFlim4 Express. I could not get the layers to go in. I could not get the depth of field to go in. Is this something I would just have to edit frame by frame or image by image?

I at least got to see how saving something with layers works due to all the help everyone gave me here.

I used ukberty's link to attempt to set up HF4E, but I am not getting anything worthwhile yet. Here is the link:

I am still not at the point of duplicating the fountain scene in two tutorials. It is still beyond my level of using Muvizu.
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2016/6/5 4:52:07
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. primaveranz wrote:
Neither the tax or rain comments are actually correct, but I must admit I emigrated to in New Zealand where it is much warmer. And we even win at rugby more often than not

So you are living in New Zealand? I would like to live there better than Scotland. I wonder if they would take in someone from the US? However, we need to get Muvizu to relocate, too.
2016/6/4 17:30:17
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. MrDrWho13 wrote:
Rocque wrote:
I hear it is beautiful and a great place to live

Especially if you love rain! When I went up a few years ago, they informed me that it's only sunny one week per year if you're lucky.

I guess then you stay inside making animations or Lego projects. Or Lego movies. Ha. I could use some rainy weather.
2016/6/4 16:40:18
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. PatMarrNC wrote:
speaking of which.. is the Muvizu headquarters open to visitors? If I ever travel to Scotland to research my ancestry, do they let wild-eyed foreigners inside to look around?

My solution to this is that we all help Pat move to Scotland! I hear it is beautiful and a great place to live since there are no Income Taxes! I wonder what the cost of living is there? Pat can be our covert worker...yes, we will even send in so many support tickets requesting that they hire you part time, or full time (your choice, but I think the pay might consist of sword fighting lessons). However once there, you will be posting in the forum to let us know what the future for Muvizu looks like.

Your mission will also include setting up a home for homeless animators, who want to relocate to an environment more conducive to creativity.

How many will support this task? Lets hear it for Pat McMarr!
2016/6/4 4:48:18
BAIL SKIPPER ... new collaboration video PatMarrNC wrote:
Thanks Rocque! your kindness is appreciated!
I'm a learner, and each video gets a little better... but it's all still very rudimentary built-in stuff.

This is the stage where a little encouragement can help people avoid giving up, so I take note of yours.

I understand how it is very easy in the early stage to just want to throw your hands up and say, this is way too much to learn. I struggle with that right now, too. I have started a few and then said, nope. I can't seem to get past the making the set phase. Sooner or later I will finish another one. Maybe once I have some time off. I have lots of ideas, but it is just making a time commitment that is stopping me.

So with that being said, keep animating because I get encouraged by all I am seeing! Plus your comments in the forums help me learn what to do when I see what others are doing and am completely clueless. Well this is your topic so enough of me. Once again, I look forward to your next project.
2016/6/3 22:38:04
BAIL SKIPPER ... new collaboration video Ha Ha, and applause. That was a mighty fine video ya made there. I was a hootin and hollerin with the crowd, too. I liked the time passing by scenes to go with the lyrics, and showed the transitions of the main character. You did a great job on this one. I enjoyed the banjo playing, and the ending, too. Especially the very last part was clever. Music videos are really fun to make. You had the timing down perfectly for all the scenes. This is another great contribution that shows what can be done with Muvizu.
2016/6/3 22:26:15
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting clayster2012 wrote:
Rocque wrote:
OOOOOO, pick me pick me!!! I am definitely interested.

lol...Ok Rocque, I'll put you down to, but it will be a while til I get the scripts out, still working on the sets,
but you will be notified.

Well shucks and howdy pilgrim. I kin see yer new in these parts, and you should know I am obliged and take kindly to yer offerin me a part.

I think that is a combination of pirate and not so wild west.
2016/6/3 0:37:39
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting OOOOOO, pick me pick me!!! I am definitely interested.
2016/6/2 2:46:36
My first published Muvizu Video That was a very cute animation. I liked the song. I can't say much about the technical stuff since I am in the exploring phase, too. I liked how you used so many characters, and they were fun to watch. You made great use of the cameras, too.
2016/6/1 5:36:13
favourites suggestion It sounds like something to consider as your experience on the site grows. I am thinking that now is the time to start thinking seriously about how I am going to keep all of this organized for the future.

How often do you use the same set in different projects, Pat?

Is it a good idea to build a set and save it, and then once you start using it in a project do a new "save as" with that project name?

Am I correct in that you can save sets to upload or "open", but not characters unless they are saved as favorite characters in Muvizu, then you scroll through the list of names to find the one you want just by the name? I can see where you might want to keep a list of names with perhaps a screen shot of the character when creating series, but with time gaps in between them. My brain needs more memory space so I rely in things like that to help it along. External memory. Ha!

I guess the longer I can keep things simple, the better off I might be. However, that could get boring.
2016/5/30 14:37:19
Depth of field and layers This has helped me, and I will go back to experimenting again, and then add more questions and screen shots to show where I am getting confused.
2016/5/30 4:28:38
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" clayster2012 wrote:
Well I really don't know what to say but Thanks to everyone who wants me to become a Mogul, I don't even know how or what to do to become Mogul, but it would be an Honor to take the roll, other words I'm game!

I have only been here for a short time, but the Mongrols, I mean the Moguls, are very helpful, and this forum is so awesome for me. I am not intimidated by what I think will happen when I ask all my questions. It is an excellent place to learn. I have been honored to voice cows!!!

I know that Clayster will be very helpful as he already has been. He is definitely awesome at using this site and very generous in all he shares. I appreciate how helpful everyone is, and look forward to the time when I can help others, too.

So I add my vote. Mogul, Mogul, Mogul....
2016/5/30 4:16:56
Depth of field and layers Does anyone have anything to update to this topic? I can not understand the Muvizu tutorial at all since I do not have the Adobe software, and was going to try it with HitFilm, but none of the images show up in this post.

I am stuck on the tutorial part where the character is in front of the fountain. How do you get something like that to take the whole scene? Is it layers or a green screen?

I am in the experimenting phase right now, so want to try a few things out.
2016/5/29 14:19:31
May 2016 50% off sale clayster2012 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
I'm interested by the idea of just a sort of test dummy character where you can hide elements, and perhaps have many more attachment points for each connected section (I'm thinking multiple parts for each finger sort of level).
I would probably pay £50 for Muvizu in its current form, and perhaps £100 for one with more frequent feature additions. I've heard about some other features that are in the works that could be coming in a year or so.... very interesting.
Runs from people asking for more details

That's What I'm talking about, if there was more attachment points like the upper arms and thighs, I could make a complete Armor Suit like Iron Man, I have already been working on mech suit, but the problem is I need those attachment points that way each peace would move and walk alone with the character, until those attachment points are added, then I can't get the mech suit to work, it was a big project that I was working for a while, but stopped because of the lack of attachment points needed, it would of been awsome to see this work in muvizu, think of making a sci fi war video of mech suited characters shooting at each other, with war heads and multi laser guns, and force fields, dropping land mines as they walk by, anyways until the much need attachment points are added, then this is just a dream.

I love Mech anime! I am not sure why, but just the idea of being able to go out there and blow things up, and hopefully once the individual's mech is destroyed they are defeated and have to wait for a replacement mech. The person lives to fight another day. It is sort of like the idea of Transformers and those Star Wars Walker things combined. I am not sure how this relates to the topic that MDH13 started, but I get inspired by the creativity here, and that is why I like to see what can be done with minimal limits to creativity.

Since most of us using Muzivu are self funded I would hate to see it go the way of Go!Animate. There was a high number of very talented writers using it when it was Free or $6/month and a bit less if you paid yearly. Now just the basic is about $40. All the fun elements are gone (for me at least for now). They were ahead of Muvizu in the painless creation of a video, but had other limitations. I keep trying to get a few of the former users to start here, hoping they will attract others to join in.

I am not sure what I would pay per month to use Muvizu and seeing what happens once a site starts charging for a subscription (and the price starts going up and up), I begin to wonder how much longer I will be able to use the site. If there were more character packs or other additions to buy when we were ready I would pay for that, because I know running a site is difficult and is not free for the owners.

I like the idea of more character movements, and ways to create a wider variety of characters. If it were set up for tech newbie dummies like me it would be even better.

I am already visualizing Clayster's Mech Wars production....I can see Alien Grey's Mech Can Opener that is solar powered and just as he thinks he can over power the Mechs there is an eclipse. Poor Alien Grey.

Thanks for the discussion everyone.
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2016/5/28 17:37:17
May 2016 50% off sale I just bought all of the expansion packs, plus Clayster's Robotman. You are so right, lets pay it forward, so we can enjoy Muvizu for years and then a few more years.

I am not sure when I will use the packs but the price is definitely right for them. It will be fun to use them.
2016/5/27 5:17:30
Animated karaoke music video! PatMarrNC wrote:
Rocque wrote:
I saw some techniques that I am hoping to learn in the future such as original characters and clothes.

this tutorial tells how to create custom outfits.... custom faces are basically the same procedure, except you copy a face photo over the face portion of the UV map

Once again Mr. Pat to the rescue. Thanks so much for sharing.
2016/5/27 2:22:17
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone) mysto wrote:
Really good stuff Clayster! You're taking Muvizu to new heights (pun intended) with your work!

Yes this cartoon was really out of this world! I had to add to the pun. It was nice to have this to view after a long day at work. So much talent in one place.

I thought it was funny to bring Neal home in one peace bringing emphasis to peace and not piece. I do not think that was intentional, but it seemed that Monor did not want to harm Neal. I am sure Neal would appreciate that, and the cartoon.

Excellent work and thanks for sharing.
2016/5/27 2:06:28
Animated karaoke music video! I like the down home type of song that many of us who have used public transportation can relate to. I saw some techniques that I am hoping to learn in the future such as original characters and clothes. I thought the lip syncing was not bad at all, especially after my recent struggles to get that right.

The subtitles were great. How and what did you use to add those? Let us know if you update it.
2016/5/26 4:23:41
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video Once again, thanks for the nice and helpful comments. I never thought about changing scenes on the beat. I will think of that next time.
The fade ins and outs, etc. I could do that on Go!Animate, and tried to do some of it here, but could not figure that part out on any editor.

As far as the next one? I have no clue about what to do right now. I am sure I will think of something. I am working on learning how to create with Anime Studio right now, but that might be another lifetime project. For the most part I am feeling a bit defeated here, because it is really difficult to learn.

I might just make a bunch of testing animations that no one sees to learn the studio better, and then when I am stuck on something I can ask for help.
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