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2016/5/2 13:39:44
my first short animation ikes wrote:

Well, thanks again for all the positive vibe. It encourages me to do more. I hope to find the time (and good stories) to make more videos. I like the easiness of muvizu, but it also has a lot of restrictions. Especially the character actions. I also do not like the dialog system where you have to put that into one file. I would really like to see you can attach sounds to a character and move it around on a timeline like the sound effects.

I also find the dialog system very annoying. All my files show up as "unamed". Why even give your recorded dialog in Muvizu a name if it does not use it? I am starting to make my voices using audacity, and upload them. However, I have not done much yet with anything other than one musical sound and one dialog track per recorded scene. I am hoping one of the Muvizu veteran users will comment on this part of your posting, so we can learn if there will be more additions to character development, and sound tracks.
2016/5/2 5:43:03
Alien Grey (Cow Abduction) That was really fun to watch. I know as a kid I would love it, and as a kid who never really grew up (at least I tried not to give up on that fun mindset), I really enjoyed your Alien Grey (Cow Abduction). The colors were well chosen for the cartoon atmosphere, and a lot of your props reminded me of Legos and now I want to use Legos in an animation for some models. I bet someone already has or will get there before I do.

Others have commented on the sound effects, and I agree with what has been said so far. I can not even begin to imagine how you created everything you did here. It makes me want to quit work, and just play. However then I would not have a home or electricity so I will give up on that idea for now.

I look forward to more Alien Grey. Never Give Up is one of my favorite sayings. Thanks for sharing.
2016/5/2 5:22:22
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video PatMarrNC,
Thanks for the kind and encouraging words. I am experimenting with a remake and changing things around somewhat. I am experimenting with effects and different colors this time, and some other goofy things (not Mickey's Goofy, though for Disney fans).
You mentioned Key Framing and I was going to attempt that but have to send in a ticket since it says I have to be a + member and I am, but it won't accept that fact or let me add the Key Code. So I might wait on the Key Framing.
PatMarrNC wrote:
it doesn't matter how fast you learn.. really the only thing that matters is that you are having fun! And based on what I see in this video, you are indeed having fun with Muvizu!
You are right I am having a lot of fun learning this site and everything that goes with it. I went through the first HitMovie tutorial and found with the free account you do not get everything for the tutorial, but I still learned a whole lot.
There is no end to what you can do with Muvizu and the other tools out there. I look forward to learning as long as my brain will let me.
2016/5/2 1:45:11
my first short animation That was really good. I loved how the footstep sounds were perfect. I had never heard the joke before so it was funny, too. I would have never known that was your first animation. It was terrific. I look forward to seeing more.
2016/4/30 3:51:44
Mobile Phone Action ziggy72 wrote:

This is the plan We have keyframes now, we don't necessarily need the rest of the character's body all the time... I'm going to make a sequence of arm shapes based on this one (if it looks right, haven't been in to Muvizu to check it yet). They will each have a UV map so you can texture them the same way as your character.

Will the arm and hand be available for others to "borrow"?
2016/4/29 1:07:24
"The Tree" quick video for Radio X There is so much to learn it is overwhelming. I guess one frame at a time is the best way. Excellent video. Thanks for sharing.
2016/4/29 0:46:10
The names Pond......Charles Pond..... This is very cool and fun to watch. I am in awe of what you have created. Thanks for sharing.
2016/4/29 0:36:43
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video ziggy72 wrote:
Not bad, but yeah, redoing it might be wise... The singer's hair is poking through is hat - change the hair to a 'bald guy with sideburns' type and it'll look good with the hat. Also the shots of the sandbags look strangely out of focus. You could also consider changing the lighting to make it look like hotter weather.

Thanks ziggy72. I just thought the hat had a hole in it, and I agree about the sandbags. I was not sure if that was just my computer or not. I like the song enough to work on it some more. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

I started remaking the animation tonight, and there will be some changes. I am going to give the sequence filming a try.
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2016/4/28 3:09:09
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video Well, here it is. I might redo it because I know it is not perfect. However, I wanted to get some suggestions.

I used a lot of different editors to join the parts, including Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia, HitFilm 3 Express to use sequenced scenes, and Audacity for the sounds.

The artist is a friend of mine and we were talking about the drought and he was telling me that he had 16 sandbags on his patio. I said, "That sounds like a country song, Sixteen Sandbags On My Patio." We started making up lyrics, and that night he wrote the song. I told him I would make a video for it, so here it is in the first release.
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2016/4/28 1:07:45
Music Video for Netherlands band RnAM ziggy72 wrote:

You can find every ambient sound sample you'll ever need here, BTW :

I use Free Sound. It is a great site and the price fits my budget.

Also, WOW, to the final one, other than no chair for the keyboard player, then animation was pure eye candy with all the effects.
It fit the music very well. The poor puppy ending was about right, too. Thanks for sharing.
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2016/4/27 1:20:25
Music Video for Netherlands band RnAM The video worked great for me. I was wondering about the beginning silence, too. I have a dog and we dance together so that part was funny, although he usually is only dancing because he wants a treat, and knows that if he looks all that happy he ends up with something to eat. He is just thinking about his stomach.

It sure looked like a Disco. I was expecting to see John Travolta and The BeeGees (or however they spelled their name). It was a fun video to watch, and the 4 minutes flew by. I am new, too, so can not comment on anything technical.
2016/4/26 1:30:00
compositing software Ziggy72, this really helped. I have finished making my first sequencing recording in Muvizu, and now see the separate WAV file. I am going to attempt it in Camtasia and see what happens. Camtasia was designed mostly for people who want to record their desktop, and is used by a lot of online marketers to show how their software works.

Since I am just starting out and do not know much at all about photo editing, layering, and all the other great things that everyone is doing, Camtasia works for my basic ability for now. However, I will be experimenting with the free product mentioned in this thread, and would enjoy learning more advanced techniques as time allows.

Thanks again for the help.
2016/4/25 22:17:13
compositing software ziggy72 wrote:
Regards shot creation, I use every camera (all 9 if necessary) to build the shot - each camera is numbered, and creates the shot for a duration, then the next camera for the next duration, and so on. I load them into Vegas and they're already lined up in order for me, which helps. I also swear by TGAs as the only sensible way to make anything out of Muvizu that lasts more than a minute (although it's default setting is now PNG annoyingly enough - same thing really, but it still bugs me). You assemble everything in the video editor, and just use the silent footage Muvizu outputs, that's all you actually need. The audio Muvizu outputs is never going to be as good as your source anyway, I only use it to help sync up the dialog (from the Muvizu clips) with the original audio, then delete the WAV file Muvizu created along with the TGAs. Just my 2 cents

Thanks for sharing this ziggy72. Questions follow:
1. When do you delete the WAV file? Before or after you render the PNGs (formerly known as TGAs)? I guess I need more experimenting.

2. When you are saying for the "duration", does that mean you make several individual scenes, but use one camera for each one? Example: Camera one focuses on less than a minute of activity and during that minute you only use Camera one, but have recorded other actions, then you would produce that as a PNG before or after getting rid of the WAV file? Then you would use Camera 2 for the next bit of action? and so on and so on?

3. Does the WAV file come as a separate file (if you do not keep it when you create the PNG) or do you remove it in Vegas? If I am lucky I can separate the audio in Camtasia.

I apologize for my ignorance, and thank everyone for their patience.
2016/4/25 15:22:17
compositing software ukBerty wrote:

I render each of my shots separately - so no camera cuts in Muvizu. This has the following advantages:-
  • allows tighter editing later without re-rendering anything
  • allow slight changes in character/object position between cuts to improve composition of shot

Here are the questions from your post. (Remember I am new to all of these advanced techniques.) When you say you render each shot separately with no camera cuts, do you still add the extra camera(s) to the scene but just not use them? I think I was testing out something with only one camera and no camera cuts or camera movement, and I could not record it.

If you are making a music animation and you want the lip syncing to go with the song, and are making individual scenes do you use the lyrics as a talking dialog first and then go back and remove that sound track and add the music later?

ukBerty wrote:
So I export all of my individual 4-5 second shots as TGA.

What is TGA, and where is that option in Muvizu? Would that work with Camtasia?

ukBerty wrote:
Why not do everything in HitFilm ? Vegas has better sound editing otherwise I probably would.

Sure, HitFilm and Vegas cost money, but you get what you pay for.....

If you could only get one to start, which would it be? Starting with the Free HitFlim sounds great.

What is the learning curve like on both Sony Vegas and HitFilm?

Thanks again for all the help.
2016/4/25 3:28:01
compositing software This is another good topic for me to read. I have been using the combination of Muvizu, Windows Movie Maker and Camtasia. I tried the YouTube editor, too. It is just one limitation after the next.

First of all Muvizu did not like the length of my animations and after several attempts and 2 hour waits to get something to produce I cut the recording way down. Then it was only 45 minutes for an AVI recording that neither WMM nor Camtasia loaded correctly. I tried the MP4 and WMM said no to that, and Camtasia did not like it either. I found a converter online and changed the MP4 to a .wmm or whatever theirs is called and Camtasia liked it.

I spent about 3 hours making more cuts and splices and thought I would produce it. Somehow some parts of the short videos were converted to audio, even though they were not audio files. So now I am starting over and trying again once more.

I am starting to wonder how anyone makes videos here.

I think I need a better computer and some better editing software, too. I can not understand why I am having so many problems and what I am attempting is pretty simple.

Do I need to spend the money for something better than Camtasia? They charge for each upgrade so I am using an older version that is about 2 years old now. If it won't take an MP4 file that is just crazy. I also had to change a 1 minute and 53 second audio file to a .wav format for Camtasia to keep from cutting 30 seconds off of it.

Hopefully I can learn more in this discussion. It is crazy having to use 3 different editors, and still not having a finished product to show for it.
2016/4/24 22:26:49
Coming Soon 2016 I really do not like them, but at Go!Animate I played this really fun character, Molly, in a series where everyone was ending up dead. I might have been the only one who lived, but can not remember. Oh it was based on Scream. So if you need a voice, let me know.
2016/4/24 1:00:47
Coming Soon 2016 MrDrWho13 wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
Rocque wrote:
Is there any way you would have time in the future to answer some questions about the processes you are using?

Of course, I will answer any questions you have. Fire away.....

It might be worth making a small documentary if you gather enough questions. (I imagine you'll get a fair few when the film is released)
edited by MrDrWho13 on 23/04/2016

A documentary would be awesome. Please finish the movie first. Should I post questions in this thread? They might not appear for a while, since I have to watch the trailers again and then narrow down what I want to ask into something that you can answer. I am a total newbie with Muvizu, and all the techniques using outside sources are foreign to me right now. I am still in the experimental stage, but almost done with my first one, and will welcome all constructive help.
2016/4/23 21:18:05
Coming Soon 2016 Even though 2017 is only tomorrow. It seems like maybe the day after tomorrow for me. Seriously though, ukBerty, no pressure. To make a project like you are making should take as much time as you need unless you are under contract and you lose a million dollars for every day behind schedule. Maybe one day you will look back on these days of creating as "the good old days".

Is there any way you would have time in the future to answer some questions about the processes you are using?
2016/4/23 5:51:43
Coming Soon 2016 I had chills watching the first trailer! The website is also an incredible work of art. There is a lot to strive for watching all that can be created with Muvizu. I will be interested in seeing the final project, and plan on staying alive long enough to do that. That was from PatMarrNC's comment. I am not sure how crazy the world may be then, but I hope to be turning out some not so epic animations by then.

It is inspiring to see how much time people are spending on their animations and it sure gives me a lot to look forward to learning. Hopefully one day I will understand how and why I would use sketchup. I thought maybe I could put it on hock dogs (a try at humor).

This has been a great read. Thanks for sharing.
2016/4/22 5:46:03
Need help for two scenes of Muvizu film I have not been in the forum for a few days and there are some great new topics. The video here was incredible. It makes me embarrassed with what my feeble attempt is turning out to be. There is so much to learn to create the types of animations I am seeing. I am following this to see what sort of answers that PatMarNC gets to his questions.

Maybe one day I will experiment with some of these things. It would be fun to make better animations. Thanks for sharing everyone.
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