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2016/9/6 14:49:56
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers It is great that someone responded. I hope that they will keep the dialog going. I wonder if they look at what is being created on this site and the contributions of so many people who add characters and scenes? This is a great community, and I hope they will continue to support the users here, and we will continue to support them.
2016/8/31 14:26:52
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 I want to enter for the T-Rex, but have not had much time at all to be here. This is my most hectic time at work. My friend who wrote 16 Sandbags has a new song in the works, but our job is so stressful and other things are happening in his life so he is on a leave of absence. It is horrible how stressful this time of year is. One other person said if it gets worse he is going to quit. These are my close friends I have worked with for the past several years.

Maybe I will make a video about that. If only I was able to put my ideas into Muvizu, but that would take at least a month or more. I guess I am venting. I will see what time allows me to do. I am experimenting with something in Hit Film, so hopefully I can get it to work right.

3 day weekend coming up, and then the following week things should calm down.
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2016/8/28 20:59:29
Lip Synch Problem With Singing, Song, Music, Sync When I made my one and only lip Syncing video, I spoke the words but worked on keeping the timing like I was singing. It turned out well enough for my first video but I did so much editing on it, I had to redo the syncing a few times because of all the rearranging of the frames that I was doing.

You are going to be really good at everything when this is complete.
2016/8/23 2:01:33
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers PatMarrNC wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Finished my Monday routine Week 3 done, just off to practice masking together this crowd scene. I'm going to add in some 3d objects too, see how that works. Good course this, isn't it?

Its a good course, but it could be better. I'd rather they left out some of the miscellaneous interviews and covered the step-by-step procedure of how to use the various effects. Like the Quad Warp. Can't find anything online about it except for other peoples' exercises, none of which actually tell how to do it.

Pat I am going to send you my project file. It is in HF4 Pro, so I hope it works. What I want you to do is look at all the parts individually marked New Point. I have 4 of them. See where the Arrows line up in the different corners. Mute out the file # 5633397701.mp4 to see where the tracking points are set up.

It is difficult for a newbie like me to explain this. Print out the transcript to the video and that might help, too, but I will make another one and write down the steps because I am forgetting, too.
2016/8/23 1:45:56
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers ziggy72 wrote:
Finished my Monday routine Week 3 done, just off to practice masking together this crowd scene. I'm going to add in some 3d objects too, see how that works. Good course this, isn't it?

Ziggy!!! You are getting these done in record time! I can't wait to get into the masking scene, but guess I will have to. I am hoping once we learn this we can be chasing lots of chickens.
2016/8/23 1:44:23
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Pat when I have a bit more time I will go over the Quad Warp in more detail. I am starting back to work Wednesday, but that means also going in early the days before just to show up. Don't ask.
I am planning on being around most of tomorrow to get last minute things done before all my time is devoted to teenagers for the most part.

This weekend I made a training video for staff, student, and parents showing how to find their student materials online on their iPads, and then install a PDF "free" editor, and start using it. I first recorded the steps in a program called Show Me, then downloaded it and then put it into Hit Film, split the sound track, deleted it, and then re recorded it and edited the original cutting 2 minutes out of it.

Wow! I am mentioning it here because you never know where what we are learning in one place can apply to another place. If it was not for all the great sharing here I would not have been able to do this. Simply amazing. I am even going to have less students this year so I can make more training videos. Nice.

Back to Quad Warping. Instead of attaching a moving object or two to one point like the flair and then the sparks, you are attaching a moving object to another moving object. I used the hands holding the iPad. Maybe you want to be holding a mirror and have something going on in the mirror, or through the looking glass type of effect. is there anything in Muvizu you can think of where someone is looking at something hand held and you want to have the two things moving but not necessarily synced?

LOL, I guess I am explaining now. Let me go see if I can figure out how to do this.
2016/8/22 15:57:27
Reincarnation I hope at some point in time that Tom Cruise does watch this and takes heed! The time is near, Tom Cruise! Oops it was Tom Cruz. My mistake.
Seriously though that was another excellent video. Thanks for the English subtitles. You are getting better and better at this, and you say it does not take you much time at all to create these. Wow. Thanks for spending your time so wisely and entertaining us.
2016/8/22 15:48:17
reason for buying other peoples' assets I completely agree, Pat. I have purchased some of Clayster's sets, but have not used them yet, however I am going to start working with one of them, or maybe even more than one and enter your competition. I have an idea finally, but need to test how the sets work first and begin the technical planning stage.

Sometimes we see what other are creating with their characters and immediately a story pops into our mind as to how we can use what they developed. It is great when people support their peers in animating if they are able to. We definitely want to support all those who spend the time to create new props and characters for all to use on Muvizu. Some may not be able to purchase everything they want, but hopefully they can put it on a wish list and leave it somewhere that a family member or good friend might find and help out.

Of course there is always the generosity of those hosting contests, too, and with random prize winners, it is a good reason to enter.
2016/8/22 1:19:18
Walking Thanks for asking this question, because I have the same difficulty and just thought it was due to my bad mouse movement. Now I will give this a try and go from there.
2016/8/21 4:59:10
Heaven Bound Test Render I liked that. Too funny!! I will let the experts add their technical help. The dialog was great.
2016/8/21 4:45:56
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Pat, here is my video with the Quad Warping. It is involved, and I need to practice it again before I forget. Maybe I will do that for your competition.

When you have the single point targeting as with the flare and then the sparks you track everything to the one point by setting it up in the layers. When you have Quad Warping, I thought you just used that effect and you were set, but Nope. You have to set 4 individual tracking points, but when you finally get into the right area in the effects it has you name them for TR (Top Right), BR (Bottom Right), or whatever names you want to pick. It took me a while to get it right, but once I did I was really happy.

It is something I definitely do not want to forget how to do. I print out the dialog for the project videos, and save the videos as well. There is more help on YouTube, or I think there is.

August 28 is so soon for another course, since we are still in one. Ha, maybe I can watch them at work...shhhh...oops maybe I should erase this.
2016/8/20 23:49:51
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Pat, that is awesome. When do they start? I might take them with you. I can use training in both areas. I work full time, but like to stay busy.
2016/8/20 20:24:02
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers MrDrWho13 wrote:
Rocque wrote:
The interview yesterday with Academy Award Winner, Mark Ardington was awesome.

I tuned in live yesterday and all I got was "And that's all from us, goodbye" and it switched off! Duhh

Look on YouTube or Google+ for a replay and I will see if I can find a link for you, too. Yes, here it is. I know I had some visual difficulty during part of it , but the audio was still there. The video is now made public so I see no harm in sharing it.

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2016/8/20 20:17:37
"BOOM!!!" This is a great message. Great timing on this one.
2016/8/20 20:15:36
"OOPS" Oops and OUCH! Funny!
2016/8/20 20:12:42
Surprise Thanks for showing your videos. Your sets and lighting look great to me. I had difficulty understanding the dialog, but maybe it is my old speakers. I will have to try with a head set.

I agree with Pat about the dead space. I find I have to edit quite a bit, too. I loved the moving space ship but after I while I was ready for what was next. I also missed the ending. Obviously Pat could hear it, so I know it has to be my hearing difficulties.

One thing about showing your videos here, is that people, and now even me, will add helpful hints. There is a lot of potential shown in this video, and it seems you are at a very high level of using the studio, so your learning curve will probably be very short. Have fun, and keep animating!
2016/8/20 6:08:06
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Week 2 is over already. I had fun with the tracking and learned a lot. The interview yesterday with Academy Award Winner, Mark Ardington was awesome. I took some of what I learned and made this short with Muvizu using a Green Background and then Chroma Keying out the Green to add a Creative Commons background to it. It is another test.

There is a lot more than this we learned but I need a lot more time to practice.

Week 3 we will be learning about crowd scenes. Woo Hoo.
2016/8/19 19:41:15
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 I only enter these so I keep animating. However this one is leaving me in the dust before I even start. My mind is a blank, and then knowing all the cool things people will be doing is intimidating right off the bat. I am getting the "who does she think she is entering this little voice in my head". I hate to waste the judges time with my lack of ability, so I might sit this one out.

You have put a lot of thought into this Pat, and I am sure the results will be outstanding and appreciated. If I can come up with a story that I think I have enough knowledge to put into Muvizu, you never know, I might go ahead and waste the judges time. Maybe I will really have to start sending them some pay pal $$.
2016/8/19 15:36:51
Heaven Bound Test Render tonyob67 wrote:

Sad story , my father died , I hope to see him in a place like that.

Nice indoor sets...

Did he ever get to fly?

I have had dreams about both my father and mother in heaven, as well as a dog, and a co-worker. This video brings in some of the feelings of my dreams. Maybe once I get better at this I can animate the dreams. Or maybe I should write it out and let Robert animate it.

I am glad you are still working on this project, Robert.
2016/8/19 15:30:17
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) clayster2012 wrote:
Wow, I didnt expect to win at all, I just wanted to add something,corn dogs is one of my favorite foods, a Winnie on a stick covered. With a cornbread batter,so like a corn kernel that pops when it gets hot enough, not much of a joke, I just done what ever came out of my head, it was a sarcastic thing.

Clayster, I enjoyed the popping corn dogs. I used to love them, too, until I gave up eating cows and pigs. Your animation was funny because I do not think I would ever have those on a camping trip although I can not imagine a camping trip without hot dogs cooked over an open fire. I would have never thought about a corn dog that actually popped, and that made your animation quite original. Thanks for entering the competition, it is always fun to watch one of your creations.
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