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2018/3/9 9:45:42
Hi to Muvizu! Hiya - I love this software 'coz I use it to make mad video ads and stuff - very handy for any imaginary friend - especially one wivva psychosis thingy!!

The more you use it the more fun you'll have.

All the best - Andre
2017/4/17 3:05:18
I've got an imaginary friend Hiya, Muvizu Gang.

I've got an imaginary friend. Have you got an imaginary friend too?

He never asked me if he could move in, just turned up one day in me head and started re-arranging all the furniture.

If that weren't bad enough he moved his imaginary friend in as well. So now I've got an imaginary friend who's got an imaginary friend.

I can feel a psychosis coming on...what do you reckon?

It just goes to show how Movizu can bring your head alive, eh?
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