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2017/4/17 13:10:07
A New Video from Toschek Thank you very much.

Yes this my Song.
2017/4/17 12:08:26
A New Video from Toschek Hallo,

here's my new Musikvideo called "Dein Herz" (Your Heart):

2016/8/29 15:07:56
I can't change the colours Sorry, but the Properties Window was out of the Desktop!
2016/8/29 14:59:40
I can't change the colours Hallo,

with the latest Version, i can't change the colour of hair, t-shirt etc.

How can I do that?

2016/4/19 18:07:59

I hope that we can communicate through the Google Translator somewhat understandable.

First: I thank you for the constructive criticism. This I find very valuable, because that one gets as an artist and a look to the other side.
I have to admit, the video could have been better.

But: I am a very impatient person. Having worked just four weeks for songwriting and mixing, of course I wanted the video have done as soon as possible.

But I promise, in the interests of Muvizu future to invest more time in the video, because the possibilities are unique.

It is not only a good software, but also a good support.

Thank you
PatMarrNC and Muvizu

By the way: One of my inspirations was a video from the 80s: Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy, only Muvizu unfortunately has no track of 5 minutes.

@PatMarrNC - The trick with the rhythm = 140 bpm
edited by Toschek on 19/04/2016
2016/4/18 22:48:15
LOST IN MUSIC Thank Muvizu, my first "real video" from the band Toschek with the song "Lost in Music". I hope you enjoy it.

2016/1/25 9:18:45
License The notebook I just need to test whether the error due to my system or software.
I hope this Digimania not want to again have money for the License.
It was not my fault, that have been given little evidence of sources of error. Of course, a user tries first of all to exclude its sources of error and this includes the repeated uninstall the software.
Digimania should have given early enough indications of mistakes.
I was told four weeks before the last update, my .set files will work with the next update again, but .... Nothing!
Now I have just to work my mind without keyframing module and return to the 1.5 version, and I would like to do very soon.
Without re-pay!
2016/1/24 22:27:26
License I write my threads with the Google translator, I also bought all additional packs! There was probably a translation error.
I do not pay more for software that does not seem to work. I have nothing illegal done, installed again unless the old version.
A version that seems to work. Since my company can not lose even more money, just because I've been trying to get on the notebook and the PC version to run.
2016/1/24 22:18:47
License I understand that, but why is not made clear in the threads on it. Now I go back over my scheduled workday. In addition, there are no 25 pounds, I bought all previous extensions also.

Of course this (really) to support a great project. But I have to think economically, and that does not work that way.
2016/1/24 22:06:35
License Sorry, but unfortunately my patience is slow at the end. According to the eternal errors in the 1.6 version, I have the next problem. After information on the forum, I have the old "Stable" version 1.5 installed. Now me informs the program that I have often used the license.

I'm not a pirate, but have a legal license. What shoud that? Now it will likely take days again until the program is activated. Something is very unprofessional for me.

2016/1/22 14:31:01
Size for Ground & Sky Hallo,

Must be Unfortunately, I can get information anywhere as the optimal sizes for "Sky and Ground".
I want to produce in Full HD and need the sizes for the entire area, without distorting the picture.

Thanks for the help

2015/12/21 22:49:49
Video from Germany A very famous Band from Germany with his first Video:

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