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2011/3/11 21:12:51
Jim's last day Thanks for everything Jim
2011/2/11 19:56:21
Intel HD graphics good enough? Hi all
I was wondering if someone could tell me if I can download Muvizu with the following specs:

Lenovo x201
Intel (R) Core (TM) i5
2.40 GHz
4 GB
Graphics: Intel (R) HD
Windows 7

I know I should have a better graphics card but I was wondering if this is passable.
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2010/10/14 18:42:45
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) These are fantastic.
Do you do any on request (for payment...of course payment is in quotations).

Keep up the great work.
2010/9/9 2:17:10
How Do you get the Best Out Of Muvizu Sorry to jump into this thread but I have a similar question. I have an opportunity to get the following PC:

AMD 2.73ghz




GEFORCE 8400 512MB

Am I crazy to get this system? Or should I ask, is the above system (which meets the minimum requirements) going to work or is it going to be painfully slow? I know I can get a much better one but I am on a budget and want to try out this software before diving in.

glasgowjim wrote:
Hi again,

If you let me know what your budget is I could point you in the right direction - but in the meantime give the performance enhancing tips a try - they can make a pretty big difference.


Jim - if the above system is going to just frustrate me, any suggestions would be appreciated (I am in Toronto).
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