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2012/8/20 15:45:52
Is everyone on a holiday? Dylly wrote:
Is on! Boating...DRINKING!

Nice Did you catch anything interesting? - fishing wise of course
PS- Beer bottles don't count!!

2012/8/20 13:53:16
Is everyone on a holiday? It seems some people are on holidays.

Usually around the summer things get quiet, but will return to normal around September or so.

Here at HQ we are all very busy

2012/8/17 10:56:22
Permission from MUVIZU Hi Hengky,

Let's see if I can answer all of your questions.

Muvizu is free for non-commercial and educational purposes.
This means is you are planning on getting some revenue, you need to get in touch with us so our management can evaluate the situation.

You can email us at and just explain what your project is about.
We are very flexible, so you can relax and trust our judgement

I hope this helps.

2012/8/15 11:02:48
Install "MUVIZU" and "MUVIZU LITE" Hi Hengky,

It should be fine as long you don't install it on the same directory

2012/8/15 11:01:48
me first real muvizu movie I really enjoyed watching that

I'm eager to see what follows. Great work Urban.

2012/8/10 13:46:32
I can't install Muvizu bigwally wrote:
I have the same problem when I download from Muvizu. I ended up using a download manager. Any one, your choice.

Yep, That looks like the installer wasn't fully downloaded.
Please try to download the file using a download manager like GetRight.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.

2012/8/10 13:39:48
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) gimmick wrote:

why the FULL 0.21 exe is smaller than the 0.20 exe?

v0.21b : exe = 436MB ; program directory = 765MB
v0.20b : exe = 830MB ; program directory = 2GB

Hi gimmick,

There was some optimisation which made the installer and the overall installation to be smaller.
Don't worry, we didn't remove any features

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2012/8/7 14:22:24
Get well soon Eef! Thanks for the update Dylly.

The Muvizu team sends our best wishes to EEF.
Hang in there and see you soon.

The Muvizu team
2012/8/2 16:41:07
Do 2 actions at the same time My pleasure

Have a look at this post too, Dreeko explains how you can make your character fly.

2012/8/2 16:31:09
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Hello again Dozer,

By the looks of it, your machine can run Muvizu perfectly.

At the moment we don't have a manual, we are still in beta and things change all the time. It would be hard to keep the manual accurate 100% of the time.

2012/8/2 11:53:52
Do 2 actions at the same time Hi there,

Some character actions will not behave as expected if your character is performing movement.
That's one of them, the character cannot walk and go up in the air at the same time

Also, movement does not relate to flying, only walking or running.

To make it look like your character is flying you will have to use a different technique. For instance, use an invisible ground plane then make your character lie on it. Lift the ground plane in the air and use the cameras, effects and backdrop to make it look like the character is flying.

I hope this helps. Also check the character actions on the Theme - Pose and Theme - Superhero categories. I'm sure you will find some of those animations useful

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2012/8/1 15:10:40
Motion artist Dreeko wrote:
Someone has taken the idea to the next level!

That is absolutely amazing!
2012/8/1 10:48:27
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Hi Dozer,

First of all, welcome to Muvizu. Glad you found us.

Looking forward to see some of your animations.
Get home safely and let us know if you have any questions or if you are in need of advice to tackle any production problems.

Take care,
2012/8/1 10:43:58
Error Message on new version (July 3rd update) OscarOxn wrote:
Address = 0x63350a4a (filename not found) in C:\Muvizu\Binaries32\UE3Engine.dll] y aparece uno del mismo error pero C:\Wiindows\system32\MSVCR100.dll

edited by OscarOxn on 31/07/2012
edited by OscarOxn on 31/07/2012
edited by OscarOxn on 31/07/2012

Hola Oscar,

El error está relacionado con el paquete Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

Durante la instalación de lo Muvizu aparece una opción para instalar tres items. DirectX, .NET Framework 4 y C + + 2010 SP1 Redistributable. Sin estos elementos lo Muvizu no funciona correctamente.

Saludos cordiales,
2012/8/1 10:35:17
But I do have Shader 3 Hi Blickfang,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with Muvizu.

Can you tell us what's the graphics card you are using?

2012/8/1 10:32:09
Great Program with a lot of potential.. but... Hi Eagle,

Thanks for telling us about your experience with Muvizu. Don't be afraid to post questions or ask for advice, we have a very helpful community.

Let me pop one advice concerning the timeline.
The layers that are displayed on the timeline are specific to the object selected, except a couple exceptions, like background sounds and sound effects or even dialogue.

If you animate an object for example, and go to the timeline, the animations will only be displayed on the timeline if you have the animated object selected.

I hope this helps. Oh, and by way.. Welcome to Muvizu

2012/7/31 15:49:06
Error Message on new version (July 3rd update) OscarOxn wrote:
buenas personal muvizu. tengo la última versión muvizu y eh estado creando escenas y cosas por el estilo, pero de una dia para otro me aparece FATAL ERROR y muestra como 50 Address = 0x63350a4a (filename not found) y quiero saber que puedo hacer porque al desintalar el muvizu y lo vuelvo a instalar y nada de nada. por favor ayuda

Hola Oscar, ¿puedes darnos más detalles?

Por ejemplo, ¿qué estás haciendo cuando el “crash” ocurre?

2012/7/31 10:34:14
Download Mirrors Morning everyone,

I've added two more mirror links.
If you are having problems downloading the application from our website please try one of this.

2012/7/19 14:10:14
Male Superhero face textures! It looks awesome
2012/7/18 13:29:01
Download Mirrors Hello everyone,

I just added a couple of links with the newest version.
So if you are having troubles downloading from this website give these two a try.

Two more links will be available in the next 24 hours.

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