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2012/4/12 16:53:40
Audio Multitrack issue with lipsync Anytime

If you come across any technical difficulties, the forums are the right place to terminate them.

2012/4/12 16:52:11
watermark question Hi neut,

To remove the watermark a commercial license is needed. In any case if you need to do it you can email us at
There are technical ways to do it, but I would label those illegal.
You can find more information about the terms of use here

Please let us know if you need more information about this.

2012/4/12 16:15:12
Audio Multitrack issue with lipsync Hi again,

Indeed you can only assign one audio track to each character.
What you can do is record one track at a time and them paste the two videos together with a video editing software.
If you keep the camera and the character in the same place it will look like it's only one scene.

2012/4/12 11:07:02
Audio Multitrack issue with lipsync neut wrote:
Hi, I'm having an issue with multiple audio tracks and lipsyncing. It appears that the character is only having the lipsync applied to the last track recorded (or directed) within muvizu. Am I missing something as this is driving me nuts.


Hi neut,

When you go to Prepare - Dialogue, you can select the character you want to animate and to which track the dialogue will sync to ("lipsync to" dropdown menu). If you have multiple tracks this is where you pick the one you want to use.

I hope this helps.

2012/4/12 10:56:56
my 1mn muvizu has 1go and cant be read in otherpc Hi jihane,

When I usually create a video in Muvizu open it on the Windows Moviemaker or VirtualDub.

With Windows Moviemaker the final output will be wmv and the size of the file will be smaller. The downside is you will loose quality.

With VirtualDub you have more options like setting up the frame rate and the output can be avi.
You can have a look at the options - Video/Compression. You have to be careful here because you can get a bigger file than expected.

The fact you cannot read it on another computer might be related to the codecs, if you don't have the codec installed, the pc won't be able to playback the video. Windows needs the codec. If you use a wmv file you don't need to install anything.

About the sync issue between the animations and the sound.. can you tell us which Muvizu version you are running?

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2012/4/12 10:41:49
It's limited ScorpyX wrote:
"Muvizu is not a perfect software" but can be better
and this is make me sad for now

anyway im glad to hear that the program will improve

ps. i dont try say some bad things about Muvizu
its already good soft - i just want improvements
Thans you for your attention

add: slow-motion needed aditional frames
video editing software cant add a lot of this shots
(but unreal engine already have slow-motion function
i hope to see in future it will be used..)
this trick can add some drama in video :]
edited by ScorpyX on 11/04/2012

Hey ScorpyX,

Don't get me wrong here. Your feedback is valuable to us

I was just trying to explain that we are still in beta and we are working hard to make this a better software for everyone.
Please don't stop sending us feedback. Without our community we wouldn't be here.

Like I wrote in the other thread, if you bump into some sort of problem stop by the forums. I'm sure someone will have an idea to help you solve it .

2012/4/11 14:07:00
It's limited Let me put my villain mask on (pun intended) .

You guys know that we are still in beta and the development is still going right?

I'm going to give you an example, so you have an idea, how big our community is and therefore how many request we get.

I cannot reveal the exact numbers, but we have thousands of people that use Muvizu on daily/weekly basis. Now imagine those people sending us requests

Now more to the point, Camera movement has been improving and I'm sure there are plans to improve it even further.
As for slow motion, you can try using video editing software to work around it.

Muvizu is not a perfect software, such thing does not exist, but saying that it's limited like hell is not really fair. And fear not, we are still here and the development is still going.
I'm sure we are still able to surprise you.. in a good way I mean

2012/4/11 11:28:58
It's limited Hi wizplace,

Thank you for your feedback.
As Dreeko stated on the previous thread you created, we cannot develop animations for every user specific needs.

Usually there are ways to get around any limitations you may find - like swimming in Dreeko's video.
If you can't find a way to do it you can always contact your fellow "Muvizuers" and I'm sure at the end of the day an idea will come up to help you

2012/4/2 17:07:28
can be stood on pantanik wrote:
Ho risolto il problema inserendo,invece che un piano fantasma creato da me,il ground plane,come mi avete detto.Grazie!
edited by pantanik on 02/04/2012

Io sono contento che hai trovato una soluzione

Crodiali saluti,
2012/4/2 16:01:19
can be stood on Pantanik,

Può mostrare uno screenshot: Ho capito qual è il problema ma sarebbe più facile se conseguise vedere gli oggetti.

Un'altra soluzione sarebbe quella di ottenere un oggetto senza collisioni, in modo che "ground plane" può essere spostato senza problemi.

Cordiali saluti,
2012/4/2 13:46:31
can be stood on pantanik wrote:
Grazie per la risposta,peccato che la traduzione non mi permetta di capire molto ma all'incirca.
Comunque questo problema c'e' anche nei modelli gia' presenti in muvizu,ad esempio la sedia o il tavolo ecc...
Se cerco di fare sedere il personaggio,questo non rimane vicino alla sedia ma distante da essa,a meno che non elimini nelle proprieta' dell'oggetto "can be stood on".

Ciao pantanik,

Ci sono alcuni modelli in cui il volume di collisione e non perfette.

Per affrontare questa situazione, sarà necessario disattivare l'opzione "Can be stood on" e creare un "ground plane".
Allora e solo mettere i piano di terra ci piedi del personaggio, sollevare leggermente il "piano terra" e lo rende invisibile.

Se si utilizza oggetti che non fanno parte di Muvizu, dovrà creare un volume collisione nuova nel Sketchup

Spero che questo aiuti.

Cordiali saluti,
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2012/3/19 16:08:01
video injection Glad it worked Good luck for you project.

2012/3/19 14:54:55
video injection Hey fullmetal,

Try pressing F12 to enter Unlit mode and then direct the scene.

Before making the video, press F12 to turn the lighting mode back to default (Lit mode). This way you will be able to control the actors better and still have the normal lighting on the final video.

I hope this helps.

2012/3/19 13:47:22
DECCA'S DRINKING DILEMMA Excellent work guys, well done

2012/3/14 11:56:16
Working for Muvizu The dark side I sense in him.Darth Lightsabers
2012/3/14 11:52:21
video injection Hi fullmetall,

I would use the 720p setting. Muvizu can handle it pretty well and I don't expect any crashes by using these settings.

Please give it a try and provide us some feedback.

Good luck for your project.

2012/2/28 14:21:53
insert video in my scene uzbeko wrote:
Marco, i can not get it! The Muvizu show me the follow error:

"There was an error importing the image file, Out of memory"


Hi uzbeko,

There was another user that was having problems with that.
Jamie posted some important information about this here

Try saving the video you want to import in VirtualDub and you should be good to go.

Please keep us posted.

2012/2/28 14:17:05
suonare da seduto Ciao Pantanik,

Alcune animazioni possono essere utilizzati solo con il carattere di seduta.

Il modo migliore per sapere quali sono le animazioni che è possibile utilizzare è quello di essere a conoscenza delle "Previews" quando si trovano nelle "Prepare character actions."

Ci sono anche le animazioni che rendono il personaggio seduto se è sollevato.
Le animazioni sono in azioni di carattere - Postura e funzione come qualsiasi altre animazioni.

Spero che questo ti aiuta.

Cordiali saluti,
2012/2/24 10:14:23
Error when starting Muvizu Ciao EvilMc,

Mi dispiace che stai avendo problemi con Muvizu.

Sembra che questo errore e dovuto al fatto che il file di installazione di essere danneggiato devio un download cattivo.
Si prega di provare a scaricare novamante o utilizzare un programma come GetRight (

Diteci se i problemi persistono.

Cordiali saluti,
2012/2/23 14:04:24
Some tests and attempts Very nice work, it works very well

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