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2012/2/23 10:55:09
Sketchup to Muvizu Now I know why you've been so quiet

Excellent work Dylly, I'm glad you are part of this community.

2012/2/22 15:05:15
insert video in my scene uzbeko wrote:
can i insert a "normal video" within the muvizu animation? i want to get same how this example:

but replacing the tv animation scene with a normal video! is it possible?


Hi uzbeko,

You can import videos to a backdrop in Muvizu as long they are in the AVI format.

Simply create a backdrop, right click it to edit and on the texture options select import. Then just select the video you want to import.

What you've seen on that community review video was done using a post-processing software. But you can achieve similar results just using Muvizu.

Please let us know if you have any problems doing this.

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2012/2/22 10:20:49
Suggestions / Modifications Rodrisilva wrote:
Great software !

I don' t understand why the muvizu guy's are so irreducible about the watermark. There are so many ways to easily remove the logo . Some inside muvizu itself: make a normal shoot, flip horizontaly the cameras, take another shoot of same scene, go to a good video editor, flip the second shoot clip , line up the two clips, put a mask effect on muvizu logo on the first clip and .. voila ! the watermark gone !

The same quality a little bit more work.

Sorry this is a poor example but whenever someone tries to avoid something como thousands tryng to do the opposite.

However this is a very beautiful piece of software and you deserve my full support.

edited by Rodrisilva on 22/02/2012

Olá Rodrisilva,

A razão pela qual nós não permitimos que a marca de água seja retirada é porque o Muvizu é "free" para uso não comercial ou se fôr utilizado em meios educacionais.

Para retirar a marca de água e necessário adequirir uma licença - uso comcercial.
Desta forma e possivel controlar o uso do programa.

Retirar o logo Muvizu sem a nossa expressa autorização resulta num processo judicial.

Espero que isto ajude a perceber o uso da marca de água.

Melhores cumprimentos,
2012/2/20 15:51:57
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered Valero wrote:
Got my New Graphic card 2 days ago. Now I can move around and do everything at the speed of light. Definition is great. Rendering also improved a bit just as you said. Thanks Marco_D
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Glad everything worked out for you

2012/2/8 12:15:57

Good work with the guns!

2012/2/8 11:58:49
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered Hi Valero,

A better video card will help improve the rendering times, but probably not by much.

The rendering in Muvizu is slow as it is in many 3D programs. But that allows you to produce high quality videos.
Although if you upgrade you will definitely notice an improvement on the frame rate which will help you work you scenes.

I hope this helps.

2012/2/7 17:07:50
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered Valero wrote:
One more question: does the time to render has to do with the graphic card too, or is this
independent of the graphic card?

The rendering process is directly related to the graphics card.

When you are rendering a video you will notice that the timeline is moving slower than usual. That is working as intended.

The rendering in Muvizu is not like a "real time" rendering used in video games So even with a good video card you will see the marker on the timeline moving slower than when you are playing back what you've recorded.

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2012/2/7 15:30:34
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered Valero wrote:
Thanks for your great and fast response. I'm up and running getting a new card. (by the way, before deciding to go with Muvizu I tried more than 50 3D software including paid and free and decided on Muvizu because the enormous built in capabilities)

Thanks for your feedback Valero, it means a lot to us.

2012/2/7 13:50:11
Update for ver. 0.19b Hi bigwally,

This little patch fixes a bug that was preventing users to save a set. An error was being displayed.
It's highly recommended to download and install this patch.

There were two announcements about this patch.
Our lead developer posted on the feedback thread with a download link.
I've posted on the mirror download links thread when he patch was released and last week I've "tweeted" a reminder.

I hope this helps.

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2012/2/7 12:42:49
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered Hello Valero,

Indeed it seems your graphics card is holding your system down.

Muvizu uses the Unreal engine technology and 256 MB can limit your work, although it allows you to run software like Muvizu.
I believe that a graphics card with more RAM memory would help you getting a better frame rate.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

2012/2/6 10:24:37
Censorship by Muvizu ? Steven547 wrote:
Does a lot of what you allow on this site have to do with copyright? I uploaded a video about a week or so ago. I was using the song "Rainbow Connection" (Sung by Kermit). I'm thinking it's a copyright thing? If so, how do we go about getting that copyright or permission to allow us to post?


Hi Steven,

If you get a copyright warning on Youtube, it's most likely they won't allow it to be shared with external websites.
So it won't be on our gallery I'm afraid.

2012/2/6 10:20:15
Had an issue today .. grrrr skylike wrote:
Ok so long story short... Had a scene in progress finished the scene rendered and done , then needed the same set for the next shot moved the (recording) timeline just a little further up so i didnt get rid of the previous scene.
I moved one camera to a face shot and everytime i went to direct anything i would get that huge error message freeze and crash ... ultimately i remade the part of the set i needed for the shot and just redid the scene on a new set.
BUT WHY THE %^&* would it keep crashing i wasnt adding anything more merely moving stuff around,,, anyway .. would appreciate any help for the future.
P.S it was a medium build set but did have a lot of characters in it (if that makes a difference)

Hi skylike,

I'm sorry that you have experiencing problems with Muvizu.

Can you give us more details about the crash?
Or even send both sets to so we can have a look?

Thanks in advance.

2012/2/1 17:04:59
Every Body Can help me Hi RainMan,

You can try Google SketchUp and Blender 3D.
They are both free.

2012/1/30 12:25:34
transparent video Hi Dylly,

I think nothing changed, but I've been wrong before

Here's Jamie's video, you will find the info you are looking for right at the start.

2012/1/25 16:15:54
Silent install Hi Clean,

It's possible to use a silent install setting on Muvizu.

All you need to do is add the usual /s parameter to the end of your run command in the command prompt and it'll accept the default path and install options and get install silently the rest of the way.

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2012/1/24 11:47:53
Basic Machine Spec/ Problem - Help please Hello dasmi,

Welcome to Muvizu.

On our download page we have information about the minimum specs and also information about running Muvizu on other platforms. You can find it here:

Muvizu uses the latest Unreal engine technology, so you will need a decent machine to run it. The graphic cards should support Shader Model 3 and a 2.4 Ghz processor is also needed.
There are several graphic cards that support this shader model, but I would advise against purchasing the lowest specs card, since we are always improving the software and further resources might be needed.

I hope this helps in some way.
Any questions you have feel free to get in touch.

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2012/1/18 11:24:11
Error Message Quorthon wrote:
Dylly wrote:
Yikes what the hell did I do this time? I'm trying to import the roof section of a model I made. I've just added the collision to the model. I now get this 'Fatal' Error message...Fatal? Has Muvizu got my laptop wired up Die Hard 4 Style to some C4? Oh God some over the hill balding bloke in a vest is looking through my window...oooh its only my reflection! Phew...but what have i done wrong? Anyone know?

I had a similar (possibly the same) problem this morning when directing character actions - walking - on a very simple set with only a backdrop - no 3d models at all and only one character, so I don't know if the cause is the same as Dylly's.
My first Muvizu crash ever - Naturally I hadn't saved the scene - Doh!

Hi Quorthon,

Sorry that you are having problems with Muvizu.

Can you give us a little big more details about this crash?
- Which version of Muvizu are you using?
- What system / graphic card do you have? ( Computer specifications).

2012/1/16 16:39:39
Download Mirrors Hi everyone,

If you been keeping an eye on the forums today, you noticed that we released a small patch to fix the error that occurs when you try to save a set with certain objects.

I've added a mirror link just in case you have problems downloading from our website.

More information here:

2012/1/13 11:07:51
Sketchup to Muvizu Hello everyone,

Dylly's amazing work is now available on our 3D assets gallery.

If the textures seem low-res, simply save the set and then re-load it.
That should fix it.

2012/1/11 17:20:27
Muvizu Make Video non funziona Ciao Luca,

Questo perché il marcatore temporale è a zero. Tera trascinare il marcatore in una posizione finale maggiore di zero quindi registrare alcune animazioni.

Una volta che il temporale ha qualcosa di registrato, tutto dovrebbe funzionare.

Cordiali saluti,
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