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2013/3/21 15:59:49
Use unreal maps with Muvizu... Hi marietto2008,

You cannot create Unreal Engine maps using Muvizu.
The engine is the starting point, but the end product is not like the Unreal Tournament games or the UDK.

To create maps for those games you need to access the Editor, Unreal Tournament, Gears of Wars or the UDK will be what you are looking for.

2013/3/20 9:46:29
Problem Importing HEROES AND VILLAINS? Hi Hilmy,

Thanks for your reply.

Indeed it looks like the installer wasn't fully downloaded.
I'm glad everything is working now.

Let us now if you need further assistance.

2013/3/18 15:05:18
Problem Importing HEROES AND VILLAINS? Hi Hilmy,

Can you give us a bit of more details please?
Do you get an error? If so can you take a screenshot of the error message?

Thank you

2013/3/15 9:58:38
Hello =) Introducing Myself Welcome to Muvizu

Looking forward to see some of your work.

2013/3/12 14:20:39
Problems BUG with muvizu grphics are not showing Hi James,

It is as I initially thought, unfortunately it seems that your graphics card is having problems dealing with Muvizu.

Can you send us your DirectX report to That will enable me to check if your system has enough resources to run Muvizu properly.

To save your DirectX report, please follow the following steps:

1. Click on Windows "START" button.
2. Click on the "run" option
3. Type in "dxdiag" and click "OK"
4. Check through the tabs and perform all tests
5. Click "Save all Information..." and save the text file to a location of your choice.

2013/3/8 16:52:17
Problems BUG with muvizu grphics are not showing Hi James,

The Mobile intel 965 graphics is an integrated card, this means it shares resources with the rest of the system.
This means that you system is struggling to run Muvizu.

Have you tried to re-install Muvizu? If so you can try and download another installer, sometimes installers get corrupted while being downloaded.

Please keep me posted and I'll continue to investigate this further to see if we can find a solution.

2013/3/8 10:06:25
Problems BUG with muvizu grphics are not showing Hu James,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with Muvizu.

That's the first time I come across a bug like that!
James, can you please tell me if you have the latest drivers for your card and what's the card you are using?

2013/3/7 10:29:51
What's on the Pig? Hilarious

Kinda reminds me of watching afternoon TV!!

Another masterpiece from Dreeko.

2013/3/6 17:23:00
Iron Man 3 Awesome stuff

Amazing creativity creating the props!

2013/3/6 10:29:17
Windows 8 Hi there,

Indeed sounds logical. Windows 8 uses DirectX 11.1 instead DirectX 11, like Windows 7 so that might be the reason why things seem different.

DirectX 9 probably works better because it's definitely more stable (personal opinion here) than DirectX 10 and above.
Microsoft claim that there are improvements on Direct2D an Direct3D plus multi-threading, but that's what they claim...

I hope this helps. Thanks for you feedback

2013/2/22 10:19:23
PS4 Revealed! That gives the initials PS4 a whole new meaning

2013/2/20 15:43:31
Batman _Fear of the Bat Sidekicks always have a hard life!

Another great video Dreeko, well done

2013/2/18 16:42:10
Help Hio there,

Please make sure you uninstall Muvizu and re-install it as well these 3 components that are essential for Muvizu to run properly. Required Windows components:

  • Direct X 9, June 2010 version or later, available here
  • .NET Framework version 4 or higher, available here

There will be a pop-up during installation, asking you if you want to install these components, please do.

Let us know if this fixed it. Thank you.

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2013/2/12 11:51:02
tags Hi Danny,

I've sent you a PM here on the forums about this issue.

2013/2/12 10:31:33
dialogue Hi justforfun34,

The guys posted valid solutions for your problem, but I have to ask which version are you using?

You should have a drop-down option on the talk/shush window. That option is what allows you to sync the character's speech to a specific sound file.

2013/2/12 10:27:15
volare Ciao trast,

Per il personaggio levitare utilizzare la seguente animazione: Themes - Superhero - Levitate (looped).

Il mantello si muove un po 'ma non molto. Ma non esiste soluzione a questo problema.

Spero che questo ti aiuta

Cordiali saluti,
edited by Marco_D on 12/02/2013
2013/2/11 17:33:35
tags Hi Dannynw23,

I had a quick look and didn't find a way to change the tags.
I need to double check if it's possible or not.

Although if there is a way to do it through admin rights, you probably will have to email us to give permission to do so.
But first I need to check if we have that sort of "switch"

2013/2/11 17:19:48
comic book effects/layout Ah that's right

I remember I got it when someone posted on the forums saying it was on sale.
Now I remember who the culprit was hehehe.

Thanks for that

2013/2/11 10:22:54
comic book effects/layout Thanks Aurora,

I've bought Sony Vegas a while back, but never tried it!!
it was a nice Amazon promotion, so I just went for it.

Now I have one more reason to try it out

2013/2/11 10:14:37
how do i make an object shake? Hi brainfreezr,

There is a camera shake effect that might help you.

Select the camera that will be used and right-click over it. On the overlay effects select camera shake.
Then go to the Prepare menu and select object properties, make sure the camera is selected.
On the track drop-down menu select camera shake and select the initial value.
Press record and when the phone rings use the slider to increase the value of the effect and make the camera shake.
You can tweak the timings on the timeline tool.

I hope this helps.

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