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2011/11/9 11:43:40
I could not find the problem I have Hi AlterEgoTrip,

Another thing you can try is to update your sound card drivers.
It seems your computer is having a hard time to deal with sound.

To identify the manufacturer click on the Start button and select run.
Then type dxdiag and press enter.

A window will pop-up with all the information about your system.

Please keep us posted.

2011/11/9 11:38:45
Can't open Muvizu Hi DToye,

I'm sorry to hear that are having problems with Muvizu.

Have you tried re-installing Muvizu?

2011/11/9 10:36:48
Dreeko, Jamie,Jim,Marco,Emily & Ziggy Wow!! Excellent video Dylly, that is high quality work

Thumbs up and keep them coming.

2011/11/8 16:59:13
I could not find the problem I have Hi AlterEgotrip,

Which software did you use to generate the mp3 file?

I can recommend Audacity for that and usually the mp3 files generated on Audacity work well with Muvizu.
You can also try and use a .wav file. The down side will be on the size of the file.

If you remove the audio file will Muvizu work?

2011/11/7 10:32:00
How to switch between the characters' movements Ciao Alfredo,

Solo puoi animare diversi personaggi se animare un personaggio alla volta.

Selezionare un personaggio e scrive l'animazione, il processo si ripete per ogni persogem.
Utilizza lo strumento "Timeline" per regolare il tempo.

Cordiali saluti,
2011/10/30 21:19:55
My Muvizu account is associated with wrong Youtube Hey Wally,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems linking your accounts together.

Please check if the YouTube account linked to your Muvizu account is the right one. If it is, simply upload your videos again.

I created a new YouTube account myself to upload two tutorials and it worked fine.

Please keep us posted.

2011/10/28 11:13:30
The 30 Second News... Nice one Mysto I hope the guy has insurance hehehehe!

edited by Marco_D on 28/10/2011
2011/10/25 11:10:09
On the News Another great video Dreeko, wonderful work

I'm glad Dave made it back safely!!!

2011/10/25 11:08:25
The 30 Second News... Awesome one Mysto

I like when people think out of the box and create such fun videos.


PS- I was on the East coast 3 weeks ago and there was a day the weather was more or less like that
2011/10/25 11:04:19
Jumping hugmyster wrote:
I've seen a whole caboodle of new features appearing in the character animations recently - all of them excellent! However, one thing I still can't find is a sensible way to have somebody 'jump' (or hop or leap) from one ledge to another.

In my case, I have a young lady who is sat down and I want to hop down to the ground, but just walking forward looks wrong. It would be great if there were such a function, so someone could jump to the ground, jump down from a seated position to the ground or hop along from tree to tree - the mighty lark, the- no, sorry, getting carried away.

Is there a function I've missed please?

Hi hugmsyter,

We don't have (yet) a jump animation that allows a character to jump from ledge to ledge.
The only thing that comes to mind is to use a "Explosion Death 1" animation and use a camera cut to make it more feasible. You can find that character action on Themes - Military.

It is very hard for us to create animations to suit everyone's needs, but we read the forums and write down your suggestions. So don't be surprised if you see a jump animation in the future versions.

There are features that sometimes can be used in different ways, like creating a waterfall based on the snow effects

I hope this helps you a bit.

2011/10/6 16:00:31
Hero Ciao,

This is a great video, very nice use of the features available on Muvizu

Cordiali saluti,
2011/10/5 18:33:06
SHADER MODEL 3.0 French11 wrote:
Ciao. Io il modo l'ho trovato. Cosa ci guadagno se ve lo dico??? Cool

Ciao French11

Interessante! Come hai fatto a evitare il "check" di Sahder Model 3?
2011/10/4 10:55:24

Purtroppo non c'è modo di evitare il controllo del Shader Model 3.0. Fa parte del programma.
L'unico modo è che se si aggiorna la scheda grafica.

Cordiali saluti,
2011/9/17 11:43:21
Aiutatemi perfavore. help me pls Ciao master,

Mi sembra che il problema sia la scheda grafica.
Studieremo questo problema, ma forse un aggiornamento sarà necessario in modo che è possibile utilizzare il Muvizu.

Quando dimostrato l'errore di script, se si sceglie "No" o il nulla iniziare Muvizu succede?

Cordiali saluti,
2011/9/15 16:21:41
Aiutatemi perfavore. help me pls Ciao,

Questo errore è relativo alla scheda grafica.
Il Muvizu bisogno di una scheda grafica con Pixel Shader 3.0.
Se la scheda grafica in questione non ha pixel shader 3.0 quindi non è possibile utilizzare il Muvizu.

Qual è la scheda grafica che hai sul tuo PC?

Cordiali saluti,
2011/9/15 14:05:02
Aiutatemi perfavore. help me pls master10 wrote:
io lo avevo scaricato propio da li ora ho riprovato a scaricare dal link che mi hai dato e nnt nn va


Qual è il problema quando si tenta di scaricare?
Entrambi i link funzionano bene. Devono tener conto della versione di Windows.
Se il tuo Windows è di 32 bit, poi Muvizu versione a 64 bit non funzioneranno.

Se i problemi persistono eseguire le seguenti operazioni:
1 - Disinstallare Muvizu completamente dal pannello di controllo di Windows.
2 - Eliminare la cartella Muvizu.
3 - Re-install Muvizu.

Cordiali saluti,
2011/9/15 10:44:57
Aiutatemi perfavore. help me pls Ciao master10,

Quale versione di Muvizu si sta tentando di usare?
Mi sembra che questo errore sta accadendo, perché si sente un problema con un download.
Si prega di scaricare l'ultima dversao qui: e poi dirci se il problema persiste.

Cordiali saluti,
2011/9/15 10:37:51
how to export our video Nicoknight333 wrote:
merci pour l'astuce

No problem. Have fun with Muvizu

2011/9/14 11:49:18
how to export our video Salut Nico,

Après la création d'animations, vous pouvez naviguer vers Video - Make video.
Cela devrait se créer un fichier .avi.

Est-ce que vous faites allusion?

2011/9/7 10:53:17
Download Mirrors Hello everyone,

The Gamershell download mirrors are now up and running.

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