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2016/10/25 20:26:50
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries PatMarrNC wrote:
Hi Magic-man! Welcome to the forum and to the world of Muvizu animation! You have some cool stuff going on here! Nice mirror effect! And I like the hulk-style color change! And I especially like the window... did you make that?

I have long started to learn Muvizu.
All the time is not enough. Now bought a powerful computer and decided to check Muvizu! For the mirror I used the camera with water effect and added a bluish color.
The table and mirror I made myself in the editor of Kompas 3D.
Then saved in STL and transferred in Sketch up . They added texture and then saved in the ASE .
2016/10/25 7:14:20
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries video 360!

2016/10/25 7:11:50
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries My cartoon for the contest!

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