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2010/12/9 4:28:36
After Effects ghrenig wrote:
.. my download of cs4 has now timed out. ...

Have you tried the changing your computer date/time trick? I haven't tried it in a while so I don't know if it still works but it used to.
2010/12/8 11:54:19
How do I import with textures? I'm not following you. But could be my fault. I forgot to mention I'm importing from Google Warehouse, I'm not making the items myself.

Is there a way to import completed models from Warehouse with textures.
2010/12/8 2:08:34
Performance Increase Programmes glasgowjim wrote:

You can get the software from http://www.3dfxzone.it/dir/tools/3d_analyze/download/ (you need to click on the little floppy disk icon) and follow these steps:

1. Unzip the installer to a location of your choosing
2. Run the installer, selecting a folder of your choosing
3. Open the folder and run 3dAnalyze.exe
4. Click on select
5. Select the Muvizu.exe file which can be found at C:\Program Files\Muvizu\Binaries
6. Click on the following check boxes:
Performance > Force SW TnL
Hardware Limits (Cap Bits) > Emulate HW TnL caps
Anti-Detect Mode > Shaders
Anti-Detect Mode > Textures
7. Click run

At this point Muvizu will either run or crash - I can't say which though ...

Has anyone here tried this with Muvizu? Does it work? I have a laptop that I would love to run Muvizu on but don't want to be the first guinea pig.
2010/12/7 23:31:27
How do I import with textures? glasgowjim wrote:

*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\toto.bmp"

If you change the file name and path to the correct bitmap/tga then it should work. .

I not sure what you mean here. Are you saying change C:\ut3\toto.bmp? To what from there?

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2010/12/7 1:42:01
How do I import with textures? I've been importing objects with Google SketchUp 8. Works fine for some objects that don't need textures, since I can't seem to import the textures with the objects.. I need houses and city buildings, offices, skyscapers, that sort of thing. Problem with buildings is that they need textures to be complete. Am I doing something wrong or is there no current way to import objects with textures?
2010/12/6 14:15:22
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Neil wrote:
freakmoomin wrote:
cuddle and kiss
some explosion flying through the air death type animations
poison choke death

Is anyone else scared by what sort of video would need this sequence of animations?

One showing my last date?
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2010/12/4 21:33:12
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? freakmoomin wrote:
...some explosion flying through the air death type animations ...

Does this mean we're going to get an "explosion" effect? I definitely need one.

2010/12/4 21:29:52
Head movement and smoothing I agree. Head movement is painfully slow. Needs to be sped up in some way.
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2010/12/3 23:10:07
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? -Two hand push (like pushing a wall)

-Two hand pull

-Generic kick (can be used for fighting or sports)

-Generic punch(as opposed to the wind up punch in fighting)

-Face slap

-Bend at waist left and right(to look around things like a wall or tree)




-reach for object, one hand (yes, I know there's a "object" animation but it's two hands)

-Ability to close eyes. We have some eye control but can't close eyes all the way? Like the comedians say "What's up with that?"

-Someone else mentioned eyebrow control. Let me second that big time.

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2010/12/2 21:07:54
New character? What we need are- Animals, quadrupeds. Horse, dog, cat, pig, etc.. And make them ridable, not just the horse, all of them. Can't be limited when it comes to animation. And we need birds, a bird of prey, a song bird, a chicken, etc.. The more the better.

And Childern characters. Yes, I know we can scale down an adult character but that doesn't work all that well. It works O.K. when they are full size adult characters in the scene for comparison. But a scene with only the "kid" characters just looks like a bunch of adult characters interacting. Especially with the fat guy character. I can in no way make a "chubby kid" out of him. He always just looks like a fat guy, even when reduced in scale, he still looks like an adult.

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2010/12/2 9:05:45
riding a bike WildCatTat wrote:

to start with: yeah, i am a biker ...so obviously, i want to animate my girl character to ride a bike.

Judgeing from your picture I assume by "bike" you mean a motorcycle and not a bicycle, correct?

classic scene..the girl walks toward the bike, jumps on it (ok,ok it can just be sit on it clamly) and rides away leaving dust behind..

I don't believe this can be done in one shot in Muvizu the way you describe it.

but here my struggles:
1. how do i walk her to the bike and have her sit on it? is that possible? (when i walk her towards the bike she stopps next to the bike, so every next animation to sit her down, makes her sit down next to the bike.. i saw the explanation how to sit the drummer in the band tutorial but the drummer was positioned correctly over the chair as a start position, not walking towards it. i wanted my girl to walk to the bike first. possible?

Walk to the bike is easy. In "Direct Character movement" just click on the movement pad under the character and drag it to the bike. Your character will walk this path.

2. if i position her manually over the bike, i still cant make her sit in the correct riding position and height on the bike - when i put her in sitting position, she sits somewhere within the bike, not on it.

Don't use the "sit" animation for this. Under "Themes" there are biker animations. "Idle" will have your character sit on the Motorcycle object perfectly.(well, not perfectly on it's own you'll have to adjust things just right) You can also try "Get into bathtub" animation to show her getting on to the Bike but you will have to cut away toward the end because it won't match the motorcycle enough, but it's close.

3. how to keep her grouped with the bike so they are both animated together (riding, that is)

This is a feature Muvizu definitely needs but doesn't have yet. Objects can be animated and Characters can be animated, but not the two together.

i watched all tutorials and saw the video with a van and a driver in it so i assume nr.3 is possible but not sure how to go about it

The van and driver from "Beware The Pie"? That was done by an advanced user who used a green screen technique with other software ( I assume after Effects) It can not be done entirely in Muvizu.

anyone, any hints to get me started?
thanks Muvizuers

Muvizu is a limited program so use your imagination to get around problems. ( It can be as simple as cutting away to another character watching the action and then cutting back to you character on the motorcycle, for example) And just keep trying new things.

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2010/11/30 5:54:51
Objects and characters wont appear in spawn box raptormarlins wrote:
When i go to spawn a prop or a character it just shows me a blank box. Nothing is there. ..

I have the same issue attempting to use Muvizu on my laptop. I assume it means not enough graphics memory. Sadly it can't be upgraded. Muvizu runs just fine on my desktop though so it's not a serious problem. But I wish I could use it on the laptop as a back up.
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2010/11/28 22:11:36
Animated facemask artpen wrote:
...What I'm trying to get at is, because Head Wizard is old code, could this code not be used for our puppets heads?

If you are trying to say it's not used anymore and hope it's in the public domain that's not the case. It still exists and is being used and upgraded. It's now called "Digimask"-
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2010/11/27 2:09:53
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely There are a few programs out there like Muvizu. Along with MovieStorm there is:

Iclone- http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/

VooVees Director- http://www.voovees.com/

KloseUp- http://www.kloseup.com/ -It's in Korean but I believe there's a English website out there somewhere.
2010/11/15 2:50:17
possible to save imported objects in your favs? You can save imported objects in a set file, open that set then copy and paste it into other sets (or build around it in it's own set). You can save several objects into one set file or gave them each their own.

At least that's how I do it. I don't know if there's another way.
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2010/11/1 20:14:22
Should I bother? pyrrho wrote:
Oh, and "it" doesn't take the possessive. "It's" is a contraction of "it is". This is becoming something of a feature in these forums, perhaps there should be a Muvizu clip explaining it.
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I know "It's" means "It is" that's the way I intended it. Read the sentence again. Perhaps a Muvizu clip explaining proper manners and professionalism may be something you should consider because getting sarcastic is certainly unprofessional and is, in fact, childish.

I asked the question "Should I bother" in the hopes of a professional response and that my fears would be abated and I would be encouraged to move forward with my project. Far from it seems to be the case. The situation is even worse than I feared.

You want 20 percent? That's ridiculous. It's the amount a financial investor might be able to expect, it's not what's paid for use of a piece of software. With an even mildly successful DVD movie that would mean paying you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Even the highest end professional software doesn't cost that much. Renderman, the software Pixar developed and uses, sells in it's full commercial form for $3,500. Sorry, but your software is not in that league in any way. I mentioned MovieStorm and IClone because that's the league you are in. They cost a couple of hundred to use. That, or even a little more might be a fair fee to pay to you. But thousands? No.

And 20 percent of which monies? If I made this movie I would have to get a professional distributor. So from where would the percentage be taken? From "first dollar" - what the distributor gets? Or from what I would receive from the distributor? Considering that what I would receive from the distributor as the filmmaker isn't much more than 20 percent of total dollars made there doesn't look like there would be much left over for me as the creative person who actually made the movie.

You mention some T.V. series, obviously hopeful that your software will be used for the next big hit. But who's going to use it for that? At best it might be used for a cheap pilot to sell the series, but who's going to keep using software that demands a constant percentage payout? Once picked up for a T.V. series they would have access to the high end software that doesn't demand a percentage.

I just don't see how this business model you've come up with is going to work. Maybe it already is and the money is pouring in? Maybe that's happening but I doubt it. So far the output I'm seeing is Youtube videos full of poop jokes. If this is raking in the money or there's other money makers out there I don't know about then I stand corrected.

Now if you have other options such as a commercial license available for a one time flat (and reasonable) fee, email me. If the price is fair I will be happy to pay it.

2010/10/31 19:27:54
Should I bother? After looking at Muvizu, it's features and it's characters, I came up with an idea for a feature length movie that I might be able to pull off. I've been working on it a bit but very worried about the lack of a commercial license. Looking around the site all it says about a license is that it's handled on a "case by case basis"

I also read this interview-
http://myclone.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/the-myclone-interview-vince-ryan-of-muvizu/ Where I found this-

"The other good thing about this approach is that when some complete tosser asks for terms to license Muvizu for a project that we hate, we can just quote them something ridiculous and snigger as they go away in a huff. myClone: Sounds like you’re speaking from experience?
Vince: Yes, that has happened a couple of times already."

That doesn't sound very promising. And it's definitely not good business to randomly deny use of the product based on personal opinions of the project or the user. I certainly don't want to be judged that way. And of course, word will go around that you are not fair to deal with.

How does the "case by case basis" work? Do I have to make the film then submit it to be approved? I'm certainly not going to risk doing all that work with the risk it could be rejected. And if approved how much is it going to cost? Is there a set license fee or a percentage? The percentage idea doesn't sound good. I don't want to have to pay a cut over the coming years. Would I have to keep track of every dollar even 20 years from now and continuously send you some of it?

So how would this work? Should I even bother to keep working on my project? I would definitely perfer more straight forward and affordable options like Moviestorm and Iclone have instead of this "up in the air" thing where I have no idea what the situation might be.
2010/10/24 21:03:16
How do I make the camera arc? Numberpad? Camera doesn't do anything when I try the numberpad.

All I want to do is circle around a subject while keeping them centered. So far no combo of movements I tried accomplishes this.
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2010/10/24 9:17:56
How do I make the camera arc? How do I make the camera arc around a person or object? So far I can only move in straight lines, up and down, and pivot. How do I curve around a subject?
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2010/10/21 23:39:04
A Spoof of a Spoof? Ha! That was brilliant.
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