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2017/5/19 12:13:41
Video starts to render then stops halfway through In a class of 20 this happens for about 6 students. Any idea why please?
2017/5/8 15:53:54
Import object from another set Yes had 2 instances open and it wouldn't work, but will try again and yes did save to favourites and it wasn't there in favourites when tried to create in the second file.
Seems from bigwally that it has been an issue before.
2017/5/8 8:55:53
Import object from another set Thanks guys, but have tried both of these suggestions and neither work. We are using Play+.
Any more ideas?
2017/5/5 9:18:25
Direct eye lasers Brilliant! Thank you
2017/5/5 9:08:54
Import object from another set Hi Is it possible to import an object from another set that is available on line?
I need a football.
2017/5/4 16:52:20
Direct eye lasers Hi thanks for this, but the problem I have is that the eye lasers are not listed under track and I don't see the enable option you refer to either, although the eye lasers are turned on. Am I missing something ?
2017/5/4 10:38:30
Direct eye lasers Can anyone tell me how the eyebeams can be directed to turn on and off when needed please? I can't seem to do it using the normal method.
2017/4/20 16:53:47
Move a limb - custom movement Thank you, but very new to Muvizu and don't understand how I could then make it move as I wanted.
2017/4/20 16:36:12
Make an object invisible Can I make an object invisible when needed?
eg when a bomb drops, how can I hide it as it hits the ground and an explosion goes off?
2017/4/20 16:34:22
Move a limb - custom movement Is there any way to add custom movements, like moving an arm. Rather than just using the built in actions?
2017/4/20 16:32:54
Trigger an effect eg Atomic Bomb How can I trigger the bomb to go off at a certain time? Very new to Muvizu but loving it!
2017/3/23 16:40:35
Copy movements of a character Say I wanted to make an army that is made up of duplicated characters. Is there any way to copy the movements so that they all do the same thing?
2017/3/2 16:57:15
Can I add a picture to a character ? We want to add a pumpkin picture to a character so it looks like he has a pumpkin head.
Can anyone help please?
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