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2010/10/18 13:18:12
zombies? Neil wrote:
Way back in the mists of time, before we released Muvizu, I made (or rather attempted to make) a video for Jonathon Coulton's "Re: Your Brains". It was set in a graveyard with zombies wandering around. To get the zombie look, I changed their skin colour to a lurid green, made them sad and walk slowly, and used the face mask with a suitable texture.

Cool i might try getting the right look now
2010/10/18 13:16:49
zombies? KerryK wrote:
big, mega fan. go forth & eat brains! as i said, any help you need to get the right zombie effect just ping us - we're always happy to help! Toast

May the zombie horde guide us
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2010/10/18 11:40:34
zombies? KerryK wrote:
hey! welcome to Muvizu! zombies eh? a person after my own heart! well, we don't have a zombie animation pack per se (not yet anyway) however, you can achieve a zombie-ish look with the characters by fiddling/being clever when customising a character.

as for zombie animations, as i mentioned above we don't have a zombie mode at the moment. we have some zombie-ish animations but they don't loop. it really depends on what you want to do with it - because as with life, sometimes you can achieve the effect you want with a bit of lateral thinking.

but we're here to help if you need a jumping off point to get your zombie effect, as we can look into it for you & point you in the right direction

hope this is of some help.
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Thanks, nice to see another fan of zombies here lol
2010/10/18 11:00:12
Ghost house: Episode 1 Dude that was awesome i never laughed so hard at something like this, and it's on the machinima youtube page too
2010/10/18 10:50:09
zombies? Hi there, I am new and i was just wondering, can i make zombies?
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