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2016/8/11 12:18:49
Heaven Bound Test Render Here's a project I've been working on for a while. I wrote the script a few years ago intending for it to be live action but with the special effects requirements and no budget, Muvizu came along at the right time. The final show might be around 45 minutes long.

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2016/7/10 14:59:46
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. I'd love to see an incremental MOVE / ROTATE function. This would work with the arrow keys or some other set of keys instead of having to use the mouse to position objects. OR have I just missed this somewhere?
2016/6/30 20:42:14
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips ziggy72 wrote:
FBX in Sketchup? Which version are you using, and is it included with the package or is this an addon you've bought?

Good point! Only Sketchup Pro allows you to export FBX files.
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2016/6/30 11:07:10
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips After fiddling around with the current Sketchup, I think I've got a good path to reliable model exporting to Muvizu. This might be covered in another thread but I often find new nuggets in related posts.

1. Make sure the center of the model you create or download from the 3D warehouse is in the center of the world coordinate lines in Sketchup. If you have several models, just hide the others as you export one at a time. If it is not in the center, the model will jump around randomly in Muvizu when you import it.

2. Export the model as an FBX. If you have image textures on the model you'll see a sub-directory folder with the same name as the model that contains the image texture files. These have to be in the same directory as the FBX model or Muvizu can't find them. The easiest way is to simply drag the FBX model into the same directory as the textures. Then import the FBX model under CREATE/IMPORT in Muvizu play.

3. If you want to map video on your 3D Warehouse model from Sketchup, be sure to apply an image texture to the part of the model you want to have as video in Sketchup - it doesn't matter what the image is as you'll be replacing it with an AVI clip in Muvizu. In Muvizu Play, click on the object's properties tab and select an AVI clip. The AVI files should be short as there is a size limit in Muvizu. Also, if you get a strange flickering black line at the bottom of the model when you try this, it's a problem with the video codec. Muvizu only seems to like AVI files that are compressed with the dvix codec. You can adjust the opacity of the video portion on the model the same way you can slide the opacity slider for an image.

Hope this helps!

2016/6/27 22:15:04
Depth Of Field I figured out a work around to the camera DOF not working when there are effects in a scene. Set your DOF settings BEFORE you add any effects to the scene. I was playing around with a new set and it worked! The background blurs properly while the character stays in focus and snow falls around him and in the background. Yea!
2016/6/27 0:42:28
Depth Of Field Here's a nice sky texture for the next scene.
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2016/6/27 0:11:05
Depth Of Field I'm glad you liked the scenes. It's about to get very Christian - that's the purpose of the video so it won't go over well with everyone. It's my take on Biblical research, interviews with people who have passed and brought back to life and my own interpretation of how (in a light hearted narrative) it might all work. We won't know until we know but it is meant to give comfort to those who have lost someone. Here's the script if you'd like to read it.

The character animation controls on Muvizu are a challenge to get some things just right. BUT the speed and amazing platform (and price) is a great benefit to animators looking to produce content quickly with a tinge of professionalism.


2016/6/26 23:05:22
Depth Of Field ziggy72 wrote:
What He Said AVIs are just so last year... Also a Vegas user, I only use PNG sequences now (to avoid the compression issues and time limits on clips, which is less than 20 seconds for 1080p).

Some of the renders are PNG sequences, some are AVIs. I'm having no luck rendering using the Dvix codec from Muvizu - locks up video in Vegas 12. I also have issues where the index gets corrupted on any files larger than 2 gig when rendering to AVI from Muvizu. If it's a short scene I'll render it as an AVI and then run it through bandifix, then it imports into Vegas properly.
2016/6/26 23:01:54
Depth Of Field PatMarrNC wrote:
Lookin' GOOD there Bob! Can't wait to see the full production!

Where did you get the audio? It works well with your story!.

Hey, I viewed your portfolio and I see you're in North Carolina too! Maybe we can meet for lunch one of these days....
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The audio is a mix of sites mostly www.soundbible.com , www.freesound.org and www.incompetech.com

I'm in Raleigh, drop me a line at: unlimitedmagic123@gmail.com
2016/6/26 17:44:30
Depth Of Field Thanks for all the great responses! I'm not sure why Muvizu doesn't calculate the effects in the camera DOF. I try to do as much in camera as I can to limit the amount of post processing - I like to use After Effects for some stuff but prefer Vegas for straight editing. Aside from lip synch all audio is done in Vegas. My only rub with effects is the lack of a SCALE slider. I end up putting a whole bunch of effects for things like fog or snow. Those would be much easier with one effects cube and a scale.


Bob Ladrach
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2016/6/25 21:43:49
Depth Of Field I tried a scene without snow effect and I got it to work finally.

For a camera a few feet from the character - I used these settings - Focal Distance - 0.0, Focus fall off - 2.8, Focal Range - 317.4, Scale - 2.0
2016/6/25 21:32:40
Depth Of Field I've looked at several of the tutorials and previous versions of Muvizu seem to have a fairly straight forward Depth Of Field control system where you can focus on your character and have the background blur out. In the most recent version there's many more controls yet I can't get the same effect as in the tutorials. I've tried every combination of sliders with the character in a medium shot and all I can do is blur the entire scene. Has anyone else found this to be an issue? Do you have some sweet spot settings for the cameras?

2016/5/19 18:32:02
Camera Look At It would be nice to have a camera "Look At" feature. This would greatly improve Directed animation and make keyframe easier. Something where you could link the focus point of the camera to a character or object.
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