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2016/7/18 16:22:54
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem Hey thanks for all the replies so far, guys. It's encouraging that the Muvizu community can still help a new person. Bigwally, you're right - I should have posted some specs.

Memory: 16 GBS of DDR 3

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series, 650 MHZ core, 512 MBytes Size

Processor: Intel Core i3 2100

Looking at those specs, the 512 MB graphics card does sound pretty dinky. I do a lot of Pro Tools and VST sound recording, so I've never thought twice about the graphics card. So if anyone thinks that might be something to change, I can do that with no problem. Another option might be to change the bitrate output of the video, maybe? I'm glad to put a new graphics card in, though, if that's what's required.

I can't stress enough that I would love to use Muvizu if I can get it to work. A lot about it, not the least of which is the user asset library, seems almost too good to be true, and I have taught myself to use it, and have been happy with the overall functionality, except for this exporting thing. So it's really nice to hear from you folks!
2016/7/17 22:51:31
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem I realize Muvizu is an inexpensive program, that it has its glitches, that moving objects is awkward, and all that. Fine, fine, fine. It has many other good qualities, not the least of which is a huge asset library, thanks to the creative community of users.

Here's the problem I'm having, though. I cannot export a video clip of more than 5-6 seconds duration. Initially I thought it was because my scene had too many objects and characters. But even after opening a new file, with a single character and a blank background, and directing the character to make about 50 seconds worth of hand gestures, and trying to export this to a video, I have the same out of memory error.

It's not my computer, since I have a powerful machine that runs high quality audio all the time. Is this just one of Muvizu's many deficiencies? You can't create a video of more six or seven seconds in length, and have to cut that often?
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