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2016/7/21 6:36:46
Has anyone made a movie with the Asian characters? Hi, I am new to Muvizu.

I will be purchasing the South Asian characters today, and try them this weekend.

I saw the Star Wars characters, and thought you could import your own characters and animations. Now, I know you make these things by attaching attachments to characters. Pretty cool hack to make custom characters!

I will be trying to make attachments for various characters, maybe the South Asian ones, since I am currently living in Indonesia, and I want to make something for the children here for educational purposes. There is a famous show on TV here: Sopot Jarwo
Very funny. YouTube it for more links.

The packs are cheap enough that I will probably buy them too. If I make anything for them, I'll share what I am not using for any proprietary projects which should be be most of them shared!

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