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2016/7/27 3:33:55
Trying to create a "minion" Hi, Im trying to create a minion based from the "FAT MAN". I used the references provided for the shape and build minions style glasses that I imported successfully in Muvizu.

How would you proceed for the suit? I am tempted to try to texture the whole chest...
2016/7/26 4:10:09
My first little video with Muvizu... Hi, Just buyed Muzizu and decided to create a simple clip to try out the feature.
The story is super simple, a curious robot decide to touch the console and trigger a fire and an explosion. Muvizu is really fun to use!
Here is the video:
2016/7/25 18:44:53
FBX UDK editor stuff. Be careful about converting your mesh in .3DS format, you will lose the smoothing on the model. If your model look "blocky" in Muvizu, it will be because of that.
I will never recommend using 3DXchange Pipeline, since Muzivu will only need to import static models.

Curvy is nice, and I could recommend Ultimate Unwrap to do the work (using it for conversion only)
This tool can convert with tons of formats (even from some game engines), and export directly in FBX. It support the latest version of FBX. And it cost 1/10 of the cost 3DXChange Pipeline.
2016/7/25 18:26:34
Introducting myself Hi, My name is Christian Clavet. I live in Montreal(Canada). I'm a computer tech and a level designer. I'm working on my pastime on open source projects like IrrRpgBuilder (a game builder application made in C++/Irrlicht).

I learned Level Design at Ubisoft Campus in Montreal in 2009 (Unfortunately Ubisoft closed it 2-3 years after), worked a little at Gameloft on Dungeon Hunter 1 an IPhone game.

Been a hobbyist programmer in C++ since 2007 when I started programming in C++ using Irrlicht. Done small things until I joined on the IRR RPG Builder project, a simple and small open source game creator still in development.

I learned to model, and animate a little in 3D Studio Max at school, but I'm still cannot do a good skinning on a character, I've added recently 3D Coat 4.7 to my tool set. Used Mixamo auto-rigger to help me skin my characters. My friends thinks I'm good at modeling, but I lack skills mostly when come time to rig/skin characters, and my animation skills are ok, but basic. So Muzivu is really a nice tool to make something EASY for me! No rigging/skinning, and can still make something out of the characters since I can import stuff on them like accessories...

I buyed the pro-version of Iclone 6.5, and after buying it, found out that for importing stuff I had to pay for everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Even if it look nice, I will not use it. I would need to buy their "exchange" program that is sold separately at 500$, this is really abusive.

Just found out Muvizu in the weekend, tested the demo(was a little worried that it would be like IClone), then after seeing what I could do with it and that It can import without additionnal fee (the full version). I got it. Just activated it this morning, and I plan to use it for my grandchildren's (1 and 2 years old now) and create some little cartoons and see If I can make something to make them laugh.
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2016/7/25 18:16:06
Capes for Standard Characters? Edna Mode from the incredibles might convince you that a cape is not a good idea! (Look from 2m)
2016/7/25 18:00:15
Arm Yourself! Hi, I'm intrigued by this... Are there bones in the arm that will work with Muzivu? Or the arm are in fixed position?
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