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2017/5/23 12:43:47
Unlimited licencing question Thanks for the info, didn't knew about that 10 activation hard limit !

Yeah but let's be realistic for one second, the odds that someone invests in a product that clearly is not making money (if cash was flowing, digimania wouldn't be in that situation right now) are pretty scarce, no ? At least keeping the current business model which makes for such a strong value for money product.

To me, the optimistic assessment would be 50-50, the most realistic (yet gloomy) is a small 20 - 80
2017/5/23 10:50:38
Unlimited licencing question Hi guys !

I read on this post : that most comment ask for unlimited licencing.

Though I completely understand that digimania stopped trading last april I am not sure I completely understand those comments so if you guys could please enlighten me

I have bought last july Muvizu Play + including most official packs (apart from VR and 360), does it mean that my Muvizu Play + licence has an expiration date ? I'm using the software for business pruposes so I need to know if I have to find a contingency plan.

Was I correct to assume that as long as I have the software and its packs on my computer I will still be able to use it, without any updates or tech support ? Or do I have an expiration date to take care of ?

I've read comment such as :
"I agree, please make the keys unlimited. It has already happened to me twice, that I received and error and needed support to help. With no support, I will not be able to use the program in event of an error"

Can it blow up on my face like that ?
2017/3/16 10:41:25
Struck by a lightning gatosencarnaval wrote:
paralysing a character in the middle of a movement is possible.

Actually it is not so tricky but you need to know your way around Muvizu a bit.

Step one : create your set and put it on a layer (name it "background" for instance).

Step two : create your character and put it on a separate layer (name it "character" for instance)

Step three : animate the thing and film it but try to have a static camera, at least from the moment you want your character to be stuck and forward.

Export it but don't choose an AVI sequence, choose a TGA sequence (export as PNG) with separate layers.

You will end up with a long list of separate images, which can be easily used in After Effects.

The background you don't have to care so much you just put all the images in.

The character you do the same but you remove all images after the one where your character is stuck the way you want. That last image you make it last the rest of the clip.

If you do it this way, and not a stop frame in the video editor, what is nice is that you can have a moving background with action going on (rain falling people yelling etc.) and your character is the only thing paralysed.
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2017/2/16 14:00:49
[HAND Attach SPECIFIC PB] SU 2017 to Muvizu It was a destination folder issue somehow ! But I get how it works, I can't fix it but I can work with it
2017/2/16 13:31:06
[HAND Attach SPECIFIC PB] SU 2017 to Muvizu Wow thanks Pat this already seem like a great starting point.

I still have SU8 though for some unexplainable reason the Ziggymesh exporter stopped working on my SU8, I need to work on this

EDIT : WEIRDEST bug of them all for public record. I've discovered that when I use Ziggymesh export with SU8 to export in "My Documents" folder it works, but if I ask him to export straight to a sub directory of my documents (say "My Documents / ASE Models") it doesn't work at all (nothing happens). Crazy right ?

EDIT 2: FIXED IT thanks Pat your workaround works like a charm for now ! Though i'm still interested to know about this hand size thing as we don't know if this workaround will work with futur patches
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2017/2/16 12:13:19
[HAND Attach SPECIFIC PB] SU 2017 to Muvizu Hi guys,

Quick questions for you experts. Since SU8 is becoming quite clearly obsolete as the warehouse no longer offers SU8 models I'm moving to SU 2017. But god is it a very painful transition...

First things off :

1- My old ASE exporter with Ziggymesh which did wonders no longer works (extremely sad but we'll have to do without, if anyone managed to have it work in SU2017 I'm so looking for that).
2- The other muvizu ASE exporter works, not as well as UKBerty's one but it seems to work. Main issue is : it does not take size into consideration. I can export the same item as a very big one in SU or a very small one in SU, in Muvizu it always has the same size (at least for hand attachments).
Back then when Ziggymesh exporter ruled the world, I could resize the item in SU so it had the right size in Muvizu. Now I just can't find a way to do that, if any one has an idea I'm so looking for it. My female character has a purse the size of a god damn house............ I can then scale it down to the size of a car (Amazing, right?).

Any ideas that help me understand how this thing works would be greatly appreciated

3- If we can import FBX or OBJ items in Muvizu (when it works, which let's be honest relies heavily on luck on my end) it seems that for hand attachments only the good old ASE is recognized. Am I missing something ?

4- Maybe the trick relies in a new exporter in the SketchUp extension warehouse but I didn't find anything yet that seemed to do the job, again all ideas are appreciated !

Thanks a lot for your help,

2017/2/2 16:10:41
[JOB OFFER : FRANCE] LF a Muvizu Lover Hi guys,

It's a very early-stage job offer and nothing is set in stone as of just yet but we are laying some groundwork here.

Our company is a fast growing French defence company with businesses revolving around defending human, material and immaterial assets of companies all over the world and particularly in the most dangerous zones (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Nigeria etc.).

I'm leading a project there which aims at teaching employees how to react in a number of "dangerous situations" through e-learning modules. It goes from surviving to an active shooter attacking your bar, to crossing a checkpoint in Africa safely, preparing your trip, travelling as a woman in Iraq, detecting microphones in your hotel room, facing a child-soldier, intercultural management and so-on an so forth. So thanks to Muvizu we are creating short movies (about 3 to 4 min each) for each of these topics and its working fantastic, our clients love it.

They love it so much that we will need to start expanding our team in a near future. We are looking for a Muvizu lover who could fulfil most of the following criteria but we are strongly encouraging anyone who is interested to contact us:

Job description:

Job title:
Muvizu Artist Intern or Freelance (it's a start )
Reporting to: Arnaud EMERY (me).

Purpose of the position:
To create Muvizu sets, characters, animate them and export the result as .avi or PNG sequences according to our needs. The aim is to recreate through Muvizu fictional situations illustrating a lesson (i.e. how to survive an armed robbery when you are a client in a jewellery). We already have finished a number of these movies and a trailer. The project is already 7 months old and well under-way with a well established team working on it. We are looking for someone who would help us go even faster by joining us in this adventure.


Ideally you live in France (even better if you live around Paris) but we can also consider candidates living abroad. You will certainly start home-working and depending on how the project goes, we will open part time or full time position in Paris at a later stage. You would probably start working for us as a freelance. But if you are a french student living in Paris we could consider an internship in our offices.

None, we are looking for somebody who loves animating on Muvizu, no matter if he/she is/was a student, a baker, a butcher, a trader or a CEO.

Academic qualifications:
None, as long as you can read and speak you are good to go. We are not looking for a professional with an academic background in animation or 3D and are really open to any kind of profile, we'll train you if needs be.

Essential skills:
You know your way around Muvizu and really like that software.
You know how to use and import .obj and .ase files from the Sketch-Up Warehouse into Sketch-Up and finally into Muvizu at least.
You can express yourself and be understood in either French or English.

Desirable skills:
You know your way around custom character textures.
If you know your way around Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Express, FinalCut Pro or sound editing software, its always welcomed.
Speaking French is a definite plus, other languages are also welcomed.

Material requirements:
You have your own computer and Muvizu Play + (if possible with every add-on) .
Ideally you are able to export in 1920x1080.

Personal qualities & behavioural traits that will make the difference:

You are a friendly, enthusiastic and good-natured person.
You are smart and like thinking outside of the box.
You are organized enough to know and appreciate the intricate beauty of the word "deadline", all the more if you have set said deadline yourself.
You want to grow as a human being, you are eager to learn and you have a positive way of seeing the world.

Salary : To be discussed, likely on a per project basis.

Contact :

End note : Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to participate in the project, even if you have no purpose or desire to abandon your current job, or move to Paris in the near future. If you have spare time to invest with us (or do not meet all criteria) send us an email !

Thanks for reading and do not hesitate to forward this offer to anybody you know who might be interested.
2017/1/26 16:44:23
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi ! New year, new problems with SketchUp

I have had sketch Up 8 with Ziggymesh ASE exporter running perfectly fine in December, didn't used it since then but now that I'm back on it the exporter simply doesn't work. Like it is still recognized, still asks where I want to save my ASE file etc but when I click export, nothing happens, no ASE file anywhere to be found. Anyone had the same problem and fixed it ?

thanks !
2017/1/26 15:15:12
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest ... Here is my question :

This is supposed to be a mirror, right ? Like the 3 others kind of wall but do we all agree that there is no actual way to have a character reflects itself in it by facing said mirror ? Or is there an easy way to make it work and I am running around like a dog chasing its own tail ?

Kinda driving me mad atm

Thanks guys

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2017/1/24 13:58:25
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest ... Hey thanks for that piece of info, but say I use the 'mirror-wall' item I can't find any way to assign the camera to the texture wall. I can change the color of the miror, its reflection but not assign it a camera like I could do for a regular background wall.

Thanks !
2017/1/24 11:28:15
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest ... Hey guys,

I'm looking for a way to create mirrors. Like lots of mirrors. Is it doable in Muvizu ? I've tried the mirror panel but it just stays dark, I mean my character can't see it self in the mirror which is a bit sad for a mirror.

Is there any way to import some mirroring texture from Sketch Up ?

Any tips appreciated,


2017/1/9 16:53:18
WHERE ARE YOU? Paris & Lyon, France. Cheers !
2017/1/5 9:29:21
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Hey Pat thanks for the feedback ! Sorry for the late reply I left for holiday right after posting and only came back now.

Regarding the idea I'm working in a security firm, I was having coffee with three of my colleagues wondering how we could wish a happy new year to our clients. And somehow we wandered very far into a world of crazy where we imagined a terrorist disguised as Santa Claus, naming the poor guy "Abou Al-Papa Noel (in French)". I can't say for sure who first had that idea (we are french working in a security company, so terrorism was kind of our bread and butter in 2016). But that video was a tribute to that crazy coffee time.

I had to imports tons of assets indeed.

What I thought might be a first was the part (which would still need some fine tuning) where Abou Al Santa is on his sleigh without both his legs trying to escape with irons in his hands which was a stupid reference to an old Lucky-Luke comic (I'll try to find the ref). Still a lot of obstacles to overcome but thanks to you guys I'm making progress.
2016/12/22 15:29:42
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 As promised !
2016/12/22 15:29:03
Merry Christmas Video - Abou Al Santa Claus Dear Muvizu Community,

What a treat it has been to discover you as a community since I started using Muvizu this summer! I've never done any kind of animations or video editing before so I'm struggling but thanks to all your helpful comments on the forum I've covered some serious ground.

Here is my take on the Christmas Contest. I thought I'd open a spearate thread so we can discuss it should you have any questions. Indeed, this project was also created for 3 of my colleagues and my objective was to use that project to push Muvizu's limits farther, to challenge myself and to craft them a surprise based on their ideas, no matter how hard it was to translate it into muvizu. I learnt a lot working on this, particularly with textures but the original idea has gone way too far haha

It's not perfect, by far, but it's as good as I can get it for now, hopefully next year I'll do better. I would never have been able to do it without your help.

Hope you like it anyways Have a wonderful holidays and merry christmas to all of you people.

PS: You can watch it in HD 1080.

PPS : I need to give credit to a lot of people for their assets, including pat for the roses, I'll send a list in coming weeks ! In the mean time, thanks all

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2016/12/19 17:01:02
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 I'll contribute ! Sorry for the delay I am rushing it to be done by Thursday 22 ! But this project got quite out of hand as you'll soon get to understand why

I'm doing this as a surprise for three of my colleagues, tweaking it a bit so it fits the Muvizu contest.

Here are is a quick sneakpeak I made for them so you guys can have a look, see ya on thursday !

2016/12/14 11:04:40
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import I am gonna try that yeah. I've got 12,95 Mb/s download speed so I think it's should be more than enough. I'll cancel the download and go through site directly
2016/12/14 10:50:31
Muvizu when it comes to common decency Just checking something out. I've read the end user agreement, but haven't found my answer.

In theory we can do whatever we want with muvizu regarding content and ideas right ? I mean if one want's to tell the story of a drunk old chap assaulting women, beating bloody his daughter (which is not my idea) and whose favorite hobby would be exhibitionism, though the story would be extremely immoral (which is not my story) we are free to create as we see fit right ?

Imagine you want to do a Muvizu movie in the same mood as Marvel's Deadpool (if you've seen the movie it's pretty gore, sex, violence, drugs, alcohol and whatever all the way through the movie), we can do it right ?

I mean once you paid the Muvizu-Play version you can do anything you want quite literally when it comes to creating a story and publishing it without a muvizu watermark, right ?

I just want to be extra sure

2016/12/14 10:32:30
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import Hey ! I have a good internet connection but the update seems to take forever, it's already been 2 hours and the progress bar seems stuck at 75%. Is it really big and long for everybody ? Should I wait or force cancel ?

Thanks a lot.
2016/12/7 12:54:16
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 I might pitch in as I've just discovered the project, I am already working on something similar for a bunch of friends maybe I can tweak it a little to fit the contest, it will be completely new, hopefully before December 18th though it's gonna be tight.
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