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2016/11/3 16:08:21
Importing .ase files as attachments to a character Okay so I played around with it...exploded the component in sketchup and regenerated the component. So that worked in making it bigger to import to Muvizu.

Now I just need to figure out the axis before converting to the ase file.
2016/11/3 15:41:58
Importing .ase files as attachments to a character I realize this thread is old but I have the same problem only I want a bigger attachment not smaller.

I would like the hat attachment to encompass almost all the stickman but no matter how much I enlarge the item it seems to stay close to the same size when I convert to an ase file.

For example, I want to make the stickman into a teapot character with arms, legs and eyes popping out...or no eyes. It seems no matter how large I enlarge the teapot in sketchup...or even distort it by making it a taller teapot, I get about the same size hat attachment with same proportions as the original teapot that I got from the 3D warehouse.

Anyone have a solution?
2016/11/3 14:14:45
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup PatMarrNC wrote:
drewi wrote:
cheers for response mrdrwho
this is what happens when that file is put into 2015 sketchup tools directory.

I just noticed that the script that works for me in version 2015 has NO parentheses at all on this line. I must have fixed it and forgot that I did, because my backup copy still has the parentheses.

Thanks PatMarrNC. Removing the parentheses worked for me also. I also want to thank you for the tutorial in the wiki.

I do have a question (using your suggested 2015 Sketchup version). In your tutorial you have put colors on the component but there aren't really details on how to do that.

I was able to put colors on my box inside sketchup but later when importing into Muvizu they are gone and my Toto.bmp color takes their place. However, I was able to import a box with a texture.

What I would like to do is import it with colors so I can change the individual colors later if needed inside Muvizu. How can I do that?
2016/11/3 13:53:49
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Yes, I agree. Very well done.
2016/10/11 22:13:31
Using Muvizu Object as a Hat etc A newbie question...

I know I can import an item as a hat (etc) downloaded from the Store...but Is it possible to use one of the objects already inside Muvizu as a hat..or attach it to a hand?
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