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2012/1/14 10:27:26
Help exporting from Blender 2.61 Hi Chris,

First of all let me say that I tried blender and it confused the hell out of me, so I moved on to 3ds Max, a free lite version can be had at www.turbosquid.com, now back to your problem...

cdunaway wrote:
I started with a plain cube. I added a material and a texture, I UV unwrapped the cube and then used the ASE exporter found at katsbits.com. It seemed to create the ASE file and I placed it along with a .png for the texture in the same folder. They were named ob_testbox.ase and testbox.png. When I attempted to import the model into Muvizu, I got an error:

"There was an error importing the object" "File not found." D:\textures\testbox.png

Both the .ase file and the .png file for the texture are located in the root folder of D:. Why is it looking in the textures folder (which doesn't even exist)? Inside the .ase file, there is a BITMAP setting with what seems to be the correct filename for the .png file, so I don't know where or why it is looking for a folder called "textures".

I have a sneaky feeling you did not assign the UV map you created to the model before export. Here's the work flow in 3ds Max so you can compare steps.

UVW unwrap model
Render out and save texture map
Paint textures in Photoshop or Gimp et al and save out the map
Use material editor to assign saved map to selected model
Export out the .ase of the model

I think in the case of your model it may be looking for a folder named 'textures' as this could be where Blender stuffs the UVW when it unwraps it and the new map has not been added to the model, so Muvizu is still looking for the original UVW unwrap file and not your texture map.

Mind as Berty says if you post up the file we can take a look.
Hope this helps
2012/1/12 16:19:18
How do I achieve an effect like this? Thanks jamie and Marco that was the one. Now fiddling around trying to work out how to do it I found a handy use of 'stock footage' to splice together a quick draft of what I want to create...just got to build a set to mirror it now!
2012/1/12 15:16:05
How do I achieve an effect like this? Think Star Wars Return of the Jedi Speeder Bikes in the forest. At the minute I'm fiddling with moving backdrops, but can't seem to get the effect right. I'm sure I saw something similar in a clip about a roller coaster but can't remember who made it.

Any one got any ideas of how to achieve the effect I need. I want to have a forest rushing towards the camera as though seen through the eyes of someone riding the speeder bike?
2012/1/12 0:09:58
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm hoping that I can get the house uploaded very soon. In the meantime with the new release of Muvizu out and about I'm cracking on with the sets for my next Muvi. Next up...and keeping with the fairytale theme...a wishing well for the back of the house...strangely enough its probably got more detail in it than the house...sectional again so it can be animated...if it works then Angelina Jolie is going to be busy doing some light dusting round my place!

2012/1/12 0:00:00
Google Sketch Up Hi Lewis,

Here's what you need to do to get from Sketchup to Muvizu.

First of all take a look at these tutorials.

The .ase exporter for sketchup can be obtained here http://www.mediafire.com/?5o7hzr1rp4ggtbu

But before you try to import a sketchup model check your model over for unconnected lines or missing faces.

Make sure all the faces of the model are the right way around, ie white side facing out.

Make sure that each part of your model is a 'closed' section, in that it has a top bottom and sides.

make sure you don't have flat planes placed against each other (like sheets of paper) as this makes the model warp in Muvizu.

Then use the eraser tool with the shift key held down to smooth away all the edges of your model.

Make sure your model is painted inside and out.

And finally explode your model into one model, get rid of all groups and components, so that it is one model.

You can find more info in this thread here http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic1452-sketchup-to-muvizu.aspx

And if you have any problems just give a yell and I'll be glad to help.

2012/1/11 15:19:57
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Here are the specs of my machine
ProcessorIntel Core i3-350MProcessor clock speed2.26GHzMemory3.00GBMemory slots2Memory slots free0Maximum memory4GB

Viewable size15.6 inNative resolution1,366x768Graphics ProcessorIntel HD GraphicsGraphics/video portsVGA, HDMIGraphics Memory64MB
2012/1/10 20:41:35
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Okay don't ignore me...

If I use standard shading in Muvizu everything is OK.

If I turn on the toon shaders...it compiles the shaders...then...flashes this message up...

and then everything stops working. Is it something I'm doing wrong?
2012/1/10 20:25:36
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). errm....am I being thick...but...

I've uninstalled my old version of Muvizu, reinstalled the new 32bit version...and there's no shinies! No shaders or anything like that. There's no difference between the two? Now I've not noticed something or I'm just plain thick...anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Ignore me...I'm thick! Thicker than Mr Thicky the holder of the thick thicky world championship of being thick! Found the shaders!
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2012/1/9 23:54:42
Sketchup to Muvizu Its done...finished...completed...I have to admit that's one of the steepest learning curves I've been on but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks go to Ziggy, Toonarama, and of course Jamie for all the encouragement and help.

Just got to check out a license issue and then post it...but in the mean time...if anyone wants a copy just message me and I will pass you a link across.

2012/1/9 18:48:05
Website feedback simonheffer wrote:

Of course, I have a caveat (it's like a small leopard).

I thought it was a big tie? Or fish eggs...you didn't buy that dodgy black market stuff that had been stored in a Russian morgue Whaaaaa? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-16355007
2012/1/9 18:40:20
Problemi importazioni file .ase Sono contento che è riuscito a ottenere tutto risolto!
2012/1/9 14:56:59
Website feedback Very very slick!Cool
2012/1/6 0:26:56
Sketchup to Muvizu On the final leg...less or The Dreeko & Dragon

I’ve finally managed to calculate the collision mesh for the upper floor. Everything now sits flush to the wall and the upper floor sits flush with the ground floor. After creating my own textures...I ditched them. They made the whole model look washed out, so I’m sticking with the original set of textures and hoping for the best. So I completed re-texturing the upper floor and have now moved on to the accessories.

Seeing as how I’ve had to weld the upper floor and the roof together I decided to make some extra bits and pieces to make the model more versatile. Now I must have had my beer head on as the first thing that came into my mind was ...pub! So as a quick distraction and a break from the damned collision meshes I made a pub sign.

If anyone has any other suggestions as to further accessories that would make the model more functional as a prop I would very much welcome them.I’m hoping I can get this project finished before the new release!

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2012/1/5 13:14:49
Problemi importazioni file .ase Luscan wrote:
edit - Wow, Dylly, you're a machine! Thanks
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I dread to ask what sort Whaaaaa?
2012/1/5 10:21:28
Problemi importazioni file .ase Ciao a tutti, ho caricato il plugin per l'esportazione ase sketchup qui ... spero che aiuta!
2012/1/4 21:24:49
Sketchup to Muvizu I'm not familiar with the su2ase plugin and seeing as how everyone struggles to find the plugin in the tutorial I've taken my plugin and zipped it up where it can be found here http://www.mediafire.com/?5o7hzr1rp4ggtbu

Try using this plugin and follow the tutorial again. I've also included the documentation and the tutorials that came with the script.

Let me know what happens,
2012/1/4 19:28:49
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi gianluigi

500 meshes? That sounds like a huge model. Its a little difficult to picture the problem, but if you send me a link to your Sketchup file I don’t mind having a look to see what the problem is.

As a rule though here are a few basic steps I follow before exporting a model.

Check all lines are connected.
Look for and delete any stray lines that should not be there.
Make all faces the right direction, white side facing out.
Explode all groups and components.
Apply a colour or material to each and every face inside and out, limiting the number of colours and materials used.
Soften edges using the eraser tool making sure you are holding down the shift key.
Make sure the model is sitting on the origin before export.

There are one or two free plugins that can help here.
Look out for the ‘clean up’ tools available at Sketchucation.com These will erase duplicate faces, stray lines, unneeded materials and check the integrity of the model before export. Although check your model after use as they can occasionally remove something important to the integrity of the model.

Smustard.com has some handy plugins that will automatically shift the model to the origin and centre it ready for export.

Hope this helps, and as I say if you send me a link to your Sketchup model I don’t mind having a look at the problem, but it may be beyond my abilities limited as they are.
2012/1/4 0:12:26
Sketchup to Muvizu One step forward, two back, one to the side then a quick hop and skip...no its not part of the initiation rites of the cult of Muvizu...but then perhaps it is...couldn't find a goat...so I decided to carry on with constructing the model cottage.

It was time to move onto the doors, windows and to add a little variation I decided to make some shutters. Would you credit it? I ran straight into the brick wall of collision again. Well I would have done if the collision would have let me. This is starting to get to be a real pain in the aspect. Having made the shutter model and imported it into Muvizu, the collision I had worked out for the roof and upper floor of the cottage would not let me place the windows against the wall. After several hours of jiggery pokery trying to work out new collisions for the various levels I came to the decision that I would have to make the roof and upper floor as one single model. To make matters worse the new shutter model was covered in white flecks.

Getting rid of the white bits!
I now made a discovery. Playing about with the map in both Muvizu and 3ds max I noticed that both Photoshop and Gimp were not saving the black background of the map whenever it was saved as a targa file. Saving the file as a png and then saving the png as a targa had the black background back on the map so to speak, but I still had some white specks on the model. Back in Sketchup I made sure all the faces were the right way around (white side outwards) and then reversed them and coloured all of the internal faces black before reversing them again. Now taking the eraser tool and holding down shift, I softened all of the edges of the model. Once I had UVW unwrapped it and reapplied the fixed map, imported the shutters back into Muvizu I now had a model free from white specks. So if you are importing from sketchup to Muvizu make sure you soften the edges of the model and that any maps you are importing with it have a dark background.

So back to Sketchup and a day later I had rejigged the cottage upper floor and roof to be a single unit. Now it was time for the UVW unwrap and this map was going to be cluttered. Sure enough the map looked like a disaster zone. I then had a bit of a brain wave. I had been saving each piece of a model that sat against a face as a separate group and attaching them in 3dsMax. This reduced the warping on the surfaces of a model when imported into Muvizu. It was time to shell out on some tools for Sketchup. Oh and they work a treat! I bought the Bool Tools from Smustard.com and they allow me to join together all of the various groups within the model which also eradicates the internal faces from the UVW map. Bonus!

Now it was time to address the textures of the model before I did anything else. The textures that I was using were purchased, and although I hold a full commercial license for them there might have been ructions if I released the models onto the Muvizu site. To save Vince the job of reading through the license I decided to create my own tile-able textures. For aching, this procerssrates alongside of a bad vasectomy! Still after a couple of days doodling in Photoshop and Gimp I now have a workable set of textures, all painted by hand and made specifically for the model, so now license queries.

So this is where the cottage model stands at the moment, shutters are completed and I am about to see if I can import the single section upper floor into Muvizu before going on to texture the model with its own purpose painted textures. My Mrs claims that childbirth is painful...she’s obviously not tried making a 3d model!
2012/1/3 10:39:31
create BRIDE weddings? creare una sposa aiuto? Utilizzare il carattere di base di sesso femminile con una gonna. Modificare i colori della gonna e top bianco. Nella sezione cappello dei beni vi è un copricapo da sposa. Per lo sposo, ci sono alcune ottime texture smoking per scaricare dalla pagina galleria del sito.

Spero che questo aiuti!
2012/1/1 8:49:05
Happy New Year! pyrrho wrote:
Besides, didn't you realise that you'd joined a cult?

Oh a 'cult' ! Sorry Grand Master...*rolls one trouser leg up*
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