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2011/3/4 11:58:06
Muvizu commercial use Hello!!!!
We are a company operating in the field of multi-media production for Italian teaching publications. We are a small company (7 employees) called Keen and based in Perugia, Italy.
We are working on French and Spanish language course projects for Middle schools. The courses will be delivered to students through internet (e-learning platform) and will be used as self-study tools.
We would like to use your technology to create daily life scenes which will be accompanied by audio materials produced by us (e.g. at the bar/pub, at a hotel reception desk, etc.). There will be about 20 scenes lasting 2-3 minutes each.
This product will be sold by Keen to publishers specialized in producing teaching materials for Italian schools.
We would be very grateful if you could inform us on costs for the software use license.
Thank you very much
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