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2017/3/29 3:42:30
How do I turn of Gravity for a character? Oops! Forgot......Make sure that whatever you sit the character on has its "can be stood on" unchecked. Otherwise, the collision properties will keep the character a small amount from the object its going to sit on....Cheers
2017/3/29 3:29:49
How do I turn of Gravity for a character? Here is a little trick i learned from somewhere on the forum. It works for many applications. (or maybe I just stumbled onto it...)?
In this case, create your character, "prepare" the character to "sit".
Now create a pencil, ( or other small object ), go to its Physics menu and check the "can be stood on" and "floats in the air" boxes. In Properties, uncheck the "visible" box.
Grab the pencil and raise it up to any elevation, (waist high to the character will do )
Now raise the character so his/her feet stand on the pencil.
Group the pencil and character together. Move the pencil up or down until the character is sitting properly in the chair or wherever you want it.
This works for a character laying down or flying as well. It can be used in many creative ways. Just remember to put the pencil under the feet. Good luck...
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