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2016/11/16 4:03:14
How too Tutorial video ? cool thanks to both of you. The Character on diff layer worked in hitfilm express. I have adobe Premiere and after affects as well and will give them a shot.
2016/11/15 18:08:57
How too Tutorial video ? First i want to thank you for such a fast response. Let me understand this! if i want real life props I would use layers, so if I want a video as my background i would put that on a different layer? I am not going to be using static images they will be videos with animated characters interacting with the viewer. i.e. talking. The foreground layer would be the animated character with chrome key? And this would give me something like whats on the home page of Muvizu correct?

I hope i got the understanding now.
2016/11/15 8:05:38
How too Tutorial video ? I watched the video on the home page where the animated character walks up to talk to camera talking about Musvizu, he walks behind the desks in the back ground and people are walking behind him. How was that done as that is something i am interested in doing real world video with an animated character. I been looking via forum but so far found nothing. Is there some special editor used to get him to align to the images i.e. desk so he is not walking through them.
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