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2017/4/24 12:46:18
Music Video collaboration With this software you could whack out a video in an hour or two, just have a go yourself.

A simple one set setup and a couple of characters is all you need.

I spent a 20 mins doing a rough test video of one of our songs, before spending a couple evenings doing a more complcated one.

Trust me you can do this!
2017/4/6 8:26:10
NEW VERSION RELEASE Obviously, my corrupt saves are still corrupted.

But I have gone through the steps to created a corrupted file and the new save is not corrupted. So I can start using static lighting again in some of the bigger sets.

So that make me happy!
2017/2/9 22:26:58
What Muvizu needs next are quadruped animals We wanted a dog for our next music video. One able to pee on a lamppost. . Quadraped please.
2017/2/3 0:16:28
First Muvizu video - The Distance Hi,

Here is my first music video made using Muvizu. It is for my band The Hair Thieves.

Thanks to those that have commented on my woes creating this video. Hopefully, further videos will be less problematiic.

Thanks to Ziggy72, Unlimted Magic and Percensus for the sets.

Edited this in Power director 15. Rendered it out at 03:14 for a midnight release of the EP. Cut it fine and just missed the deadline.

There are a few things I'd like to go back and fix. But I'm generally happy with how this turned out for a first attempt.
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2017/2/1 13:19:57
seeing if there's any interest.... Release that and I might need to do a cover version of Uptown girl!
2017/1/30 20:38:38
sale on Silo 2.3.1 Silo 2 is on sale on Steam again. £14.71 at the moment.
2017/1/30 19:38:31
Set won't open Support got back to me, they are investigating.
2017/1/29 16:23:42
DK Animated Movie series Totally agree with what PatMarrNC said.

We are starting to use Muvizu to make videos for our bands songs. I have set in motion things to protect both our videos and audios on Youtube from copyright claims.

I did try SFM a couple of years ago, but was put off my the rules for commercial use.

I've been using Moviestorm for a couple of years, but never got around to finishing anything. I think we will use Muvizu mostly for new music videos, with occasional Moviestorm ones when I get enough time to get a video done before the song is released.
2017/1/29 16:17:01
Set won't open Could be the graphics card. I have a 4GB Radeon thing. Which I would have assumed should cope. Hopefully support will come back to me and possibly help me configure the laptop to cope with this.

I'm worried that if I save the file with static lighting it is almost 7MB. But if I add another object and resave it, the file size halfs. Which is the filesize without static lighting.

If I add the object and go through the static lighting option before saving, I can reopen it again. So to me it sound like static lighting is reverting to dynamic when I add a new object, but on loads thinks it is still static. I could well be wrong though.

At least I now have a way forward, just need to remember to reset the static lighting before each save. Not ideal but workable, for the three little scenes I need to finish the video.
2017/1/27 21:00:20
Set won't open I've sent the offending set file to support. So awaiting their findings.

I can now replicate the issue using the downloaded set.

If I download the recording studio set, open it and then choose static lighting, then save the file (which doubles the file size). It will re-open fine.

If I then drop a character into the set and save it, the file won't reopen, plus the file size is back near the original size.

I will experiment over the weekend, what happens if don't choose static lighting.

I've set the original, saved with static lighting and saved with static lighting and character to a friend and his won't open the last file either.
2017/1/22 17:00:41
Set won't open Thanks. Cunning plan! I will dropbox it and share the directory with them.
2017/1/22 13:51:01
background PatMarrNC wrote:

The problem is that not all AVIs will work, and I don't have any good suggestions on how to find AVIs that work. I've had good luck with output from Anime Studio, others have had good luck with output from other programs. It needs to be uncompressed.

That will explain why none of my videos will work on the telly. They are probably compressed.
2017/1/22 13:37:17
New Character Looks great, but dropbox link is dead.
2017/1/22 13:35:54
Set won't open Having this with a new movie I started this morning too.

Luckily I have been saving it periodically with a new name. So version 5 fails to open. Version 4 opens ok. Only difference between the two files, is I moved some of the camera change points around and added a couple new camera changes.

In both cases, I did do a save after rendering the video out. Not sure if that has any bearing on the fault?
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2017/1/22 10:51:16
Set won't open Spent a couple hours yesterday animating a set.
Had issues with the TV not displaying any AVI I threw at it.

Added a few images of my own artwork to pictures on the wall.

Come to open the file today and it crashes with this error box.

Is there anyway to find out what filename it thinks is missing?

Other sets I've opened have been fine.

Kind regards

2017/1/14 9:21:08
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" PurpleDrazi wrote:
recording a vocal track for each character into Muvizu to help the lip-sync algorithm then replacing the audio in an editor.

@Pat I normally take part in two online songwriting events each year - FAWM (February Album Writing Month)

I've done FAWM for the last three years. This year will be tricky, since I'm photographing a wedding, so the week or so afterwards will be editing and not much time for music. 50/90 seems too much work for me.
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