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2017/1/16 16:05:55
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. I love the the bright colors and way the background panels drift in and out. Are you using After Effects? Which other programs? Just curious.
2017/1/8 20:10:17
Hello from SoCal Rocque wrote:

Hello from the other Californian. I am about an hour to 2 hours from you depending on the 210 freeway!

Yay, another local! Pleased to meet you Rocque.
2017/1/8 20:05:16
Hello from SoCal Hi, Marc,

I'm new here too, also in SoCal, in Burbank. It's great to meet a local muvizuer. I liked the visuals and drama of your sailor clip. Keep up the great work!
2017/1/8 19:39:39
WHERE ARE YOU? PatMarrNC wrote:

At a time when there are many differences that divide the people of the world, I see value in making a conscious effort to look for areas of common interest while simultaneously choosing to ignore the ways in which we might be different.

Agreed! Thanks for the warm welcome. I like that muvizu has an active forum of multi-talents and, from what I can tell, a sense of community. I hope I'll have time to contribute in some way. I'm pursuing a film making certificate at a local community college, starting next week. I have no idea what sort of workload it will be, but the good news is I'll have access to their sound and editing equipment and studio space for recording.

I've already had a tech challenge downloading Muvizu Play+. :-) Here's looking forward to resolving it with support soon!
2017/1/8 4:12:21
WHERE ARE YOU? Hi, everyone,

I'm in southern California.

I'm new to Muvizu and the forum. It's great to read about your creative and technical backgrounds.

I'm a writer of novels and screenplays -- with a bit of background in acting, video editing, and fine arts. I'm curious to see what happens when I try to combine them with muvizu.

Here's looking forward to learning more about you and your work.

I'm going through the tutorials as we speak and upgrading to Play+.

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