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2017/1/26 9:45:49
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu ikes wrote:
Unprofessional wrote:
So here is the bitter truth: Muvizu accepts only one material with texture per model.

This is definitely not the truth. Muvizu can support multiple materials with textures per object.

Could you provide an example object, Ikes? I wasn't able to export any object that has more then one textured material and would work with Muvizu. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or the problem is elsewhere. It would be a great help if I could get a working example to experiment and see where the problem is.
2017/1/25 14:41:08
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu I had a similar problem. Here is what happened.

I got a nice model from Sketchup, imported it to Blender and then exported as FBX to Muzivu.

It kind of worked.

The object imported from Blender was fine. Except no textures. But when I looked closer I realized it's not entirely true. The model showed one of the embedded textures. Only one, all the others were ignored.

It seems Muvizu is happy with imports, but only one image file per object, sir. Only one.

So I learned how to use Blender. And it was pain in the potato neck, let me tell you. But after some terrible teeth grinding I was able to create a model which contained two materials, each with its own texture. However both textured in Blinder were pointing to the same image file.

It didn't help. Same messy results, only one texture visible. Even though it was the same image.

So I worked some more on the model.

Now it had one material, one texture and one image file. I exported it from Blender to FBX (remember: only the mesh and Y is always goes forward!). Now it worked!

So here is the bitter truth: Muvizu accepts only one material with texture per model.

This is not much of a problem when you're creating your own models from scratch (thanks to the miracle of UV maps and unwrapping). Problem is when you want to use in Muvizu an existing model with more than one textures applied. Unfortunately, lot's of Sketchup Warehouse models suffer from this condition.

I would gladly pay someone to rework some of those models to make them use one big unwrapped texture file instead of several small ones. Muvizu hates it and so do I.
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