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2012/10/13 3:02:09
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge!
I call this one: Behind You...
Are we allowed to submit more than one image?
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2011/7/1 17:00:13
Easter Eggs IanS wrote:
I wouldn’t spend a long time looking for the Easter eggs to be honest. If you stumble upon them, then cool; if not, don’t worry!

The thing is, what if the easter egg is something we really need in our movie, but we don't know that is available to use if you unlock it, because no one has and therefore the production on our movie stops.
2011/7/1 1:02:08
Easter Eggs You're right, it isn't fun. We don't know where to look for them, how to look for them, or when we find them. So I give up until someone from the Muvizu staff can provide further details.
2011/6/30 20:35:15
Easter Eggs Could someone be more specific? Saying notice your surroundings and to look for them isn't very helpful. What do you mean by surroundings? Are they on a stock set? Is it object names? How do you know when you've found an 8 digit code? And what the heck does this mean:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Phasellus vitae tortor vitae dui eleifend eleifend. Morbi gravida tristique tellus. Integer in risus. Sed ultricies ornare odio. In accumsan nulla id ipsum. Praesent rutrum. Aliquam sed dolor eget metus bibendum placerat. Suspendisse eu urna ac lectus euismod posuere. Curabitur sit amet wisi. Nunc pharetra auctor urna. Vestibulum rutrum, lacus sed tempor elementum, dolor lorem adipiscing quam, non placerat nulla ipsum quis dui. Ut turpis.

It was from a person who was talking about Easter Eggs on a video comment...it's latin, but google is retarted and when it translates it comes out as drink business partners and stuff like that...
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