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2011/5/10 14:46:38
Playwright in Texas (Don't worry I'm a Glaswegian) Do you have a link to your work people could look at?
2011/5/7 2:19:55
I will write music for your film for free Hi. I'm brand new to Muvizu. I'm still just learning the tutorials and getting started. I don't know if I will make movies with it, but I sure want to. It's awesome.
I am a composer for film and theatre. I've been writing music for over 30 years (OMG). I'm trying to get a catalog of film scoring projects so that I have some new demos to show directors. So for a limited time I am offering my services free of charge. I will write and produce a score to your film in any style you want, and that includes a full orchestra. (Well, not a LIVE orchestra, but a darn good and quite expensive digital simulation). I will work with you at spotting cues, selecting style, themes, instrumentation, everything, and will sync it up with your finished project. My end product will be a high-quality audio file which I will send to you to include in your film.
I only ask a few things: Include my name in the credits somewhere, promise to use what I give you in your film (don't ask me to do it, have me do all the work, and then elect to not use it), and have as close to a "final cut" as possible for me to work with. Also, I would prefer to work on projects under 5 minutes, simply because I have a life and don't want you to have to wait months to get the score from me.
I am not charging anything for the privilege of working with you. I hope to get some good demos, get to know some talented, creative people here, and have some FUN! If your project is particularly long or complex or something, I may choose to ask for some agreed-upon fee, but we'd talk about that before we got started. And if I don't think I can do a good job, or don't have the time to finish it soon, I might decline.
Here are some recent music projects of mine:

Looking forward to it!
- Jim
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