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2011/5/10 15:42:04
Playwright in Texas (Don't worry I'm a Glaswegian) toonarama wrote:
I don't work for the company (so can't speak for them) but I think it is based on what the project is and how much money is involved.
They are very approachable so I would send a mail outlining what your plans

Sure that sounds like good advice, as yet I am uncertain as to what can be achieved here, so hoping others will put me right and give me an idea of the possibilities.
2011/5/10 15:37:51
Playwright in Texas (Don't worry I'm a Glaswegian) jkoseattle wrote:
Do you have a link to your work people could look at?

Other than a book of two of my plays that is for sale Amazon, and some other writing work, not really. That is I don't have website. I'm also not using my 'real name' here, and don't want to give away too much information at this point. It could be a reasonable project though, only needs 3 actors of which I already have one (my wife) who is a Stage Actress, she could probably find me a couple of UofH students who would collaborate in the project. Seems to me a couple of hours in a studio and we'd have the sound recordings with authentic local accents. It's a comedy set after Hurricane Katrina, poking fun at Southern attitudes. Amazingly enough it's mostly my own life's experiences. At the moment the play is pretty much finished but I want to make the writing a little tighter if anything, so there won't be anything else going into it. Believe me this is gold... Think Greater Tuna meets my dinner with Andre.
2011/5/10 15:18:07
Playwright in Texas (Don't worry I'm a Glaswegian) toonarama wrote:
One thing to bear in mind is that any commercial use of the software has to be brokered with the main man Vince (see link in footer). I understand you are not at this stage yet but it's best to be forewarned.
All the best

I think under the circumstances the toc seem quite fair. I think I read 20% of any profits? Is that correct?
2011/5/10 13:01:00
I will write music for your film for free jkoseattle wrote:
I am a composer for film and theatre. I've been writing music for over 30 years (OMG). I'm trying to get a catalog of film scoring projects so that I have some new demos to show directors. So for a limited time I am offering my services free of charge.

Jim, hope you read my posting about looking for anyone who might want to collaborate on turning at least one of my plays into film. I'm still not sure on the limitations, what can be done and what can't be done, but your work would be appreciated if I could find an animator. I have the scripts, now I need film-makers, composers, I can get the voice actors. FULL CREDIT would naturally be given to anyone who collaborates. :-)
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2011/5/10 12:36:36
Playwright in Texas (Don't worry I'm a Glaswegian) Okay this is my first time here, and to say I am impressed would be an understatement. I'm a published playwright who lives in Houston, Texas. I'm from Glasgow though and was very very impressed with this site and the product, which I learned of from word of mouth, what I have seen of it so far is superb. I'm downloading the software for a bit of a play with it.

As some of you might know it is hard to get a reading of any play nowadays. I've been looking for a solution to this to help me pitch my scripts. Perhaps what I am looking for is a partnership with someone capable of turning some of my work into short films. The plays I write are typically one act plays, which run 30-40 minutes.

One play, I am currently working on (it's finished but you know how it is, is it ever really finished?) is a comedy which has only one scene which is a late night Texas diner (picture the inside of a Denny's diner - if you can), and just three characters, a black Louisiana Man, a white Texan and a black waitress. Naturally I'd have no problems taking some pictures of such a place.

I could probably get hold of local voice talents for the voices, my wife (a former stage actress) is a graduate in Dramatic Arts from University of Houston and she could likely help me find those voice talents with authentic Southern accents (probably students).

Another play I can think of is a short historical 30 minute play set in Scotland. It's a one act play again, but has 4 or 5 scenes this time - perhaps a bit too serious for this medium, but I really don't know what can be done with it yet, ie. what are the limitations. I have other simpler stuff though with less scenes.

Okay it's all pretty much just me asking if anyone thinks they could do this? Not an official done deal just yet, but I am quite excited at the possibilities. I used to have some connections with a production company, they made those straight to dvd classic horror movies (on a shoe-string budget) hehe which usually start with 'The...", maybe if this was a standalone project they could help advise on distribution, or is that jumping the gun too much.

So basically what is possible? Could a commercial product be a reality? Cash, don't have any, not in this economy but if anyone would be interested in such a partnership, any resulting profits would be divied up. Hopefully you'll view it as a collaborative showpiece for your animated work? I'll be in Glasgow for a couple of weeks later in the year, probably August.
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