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2017/4/25 15:34:21
Critiques please... First Video!! Thank you sir.
2017/4/24 16:43:08
ZUCHAT... a FB group for Muvizu If it is any help, I have a website that is just sitting waiting for an idea. I could install phpbb in the home directory, and we would have a new forum. I have to be honest though, I would need a couple of volunteers for admin purposes, as although I have used phpbb many times on other sites and can set it all up, I would not have the time to be available 24/7 for immediate replies.

Just a suggestion. I am willing to keep up the hosting fee. Thats no problem.

2017/4/23 16:33:00
ZUCHAT... a FB group for Muvizu Whats wrong with this forum?
Is it closing or something?
2017/4/19 17:42:25
WHERE ARE YOU? Just spotted the topic.

Im in the UK.

Southern area, where we supposedly see the most sun......
2017/4/15 0:04:34
Hot Politics
2017/4/14 13:11:05
Latest on importing? OK Found it.

If anyone else uses Lightwave and needs to know how to get your model in with textures intact, I hope this helps.




3A. CREATE A UV MAP by going to the Map TAB,and clicking on 'New UV Map'.
3B. Give your Map a name. Lets say 'CUBE', change MAP TYPE to UV. Leave the rest as is and Click CREATE.

This is done in Surface Editor under BASIC Tab > Color. NOT DIFFUSE.
Click on the 'T' for texture and under 'PROJECTION' choose 'UV'
Under 'UVMap' Enter MAP NAME, (In our Case 'CUBE')
Under 'Image' SELECT your JPG OR PNG etc file you are using as your map. I will call my image CUBEMAP.jpg.

4A. Change one of your view windows in LIghtwave to 'UV Texture', instead of LEFT BACK ETC.
In the same view window Load your MAP Image. (CUBEMAP.jpg)
In POLYGON MODE, select each SURFACE and move the POLY in the UV Texture window to the part of your UV IMAGE that you wish that POLY to Display.

5. EXPORT YOUR MODEL with your layers still seperated into a folder containing your JPG or PNG map image.

6. Lastly, (IM not sure if this last part is necessary, but as it worked im keeping it in)
Import your .fbx model file into the Autodesk FBX Converter, export agin as .fbx model.
In the destination boxes I select FBX 2013 'Embed Media', and save mode ASCII.

I hope this helps somebody. Plus at least I have a record on how I did it now, incase of a brainwarp again.

I can make a Camtasia Video of this if anyone uses Lightwave. My version is Lightwave 11.6.2

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2017/4/14 12:11:52
Latest on importing? OK Guys.

Dont know where I've gone wrong.
Didnt have any problems the other day.

I can export my 'CUBE' directly from Lightwave into Muvizu as an fbx object.
All 6 sides were mapped, so can be coloured indidually in Muvizu.

But I cant remember how I got 'textures' into Muvizu.
I have tried a UV map approach with the object as one BOX import.
I have tried the PLANAR image route with 6 seperate images mapped to each side.

Whatever approach I try I cannot get the textures to come into Muvizu with my model.
Weird, but it went OK at the first attempt a couple of days ago.

Maybe Im tired. I can only import with changeable colours.
Where do I put my textures/map for Muvozu to read???

Think I need a lay down. Im probably missing soemthing really stupid..

Help. Please. LOL.

2017/4/13 13:11:01
Heaven Bound Test Render Thanks for an incredible video. An inspiration to newbies like myself, and the possibilities of Muvizu.
Thats a high bar to reach, but I look forward to the challenge. Just great.
2017/4/12 15:32:34
Critiques please... First Video!! Hi Pat. Yes I understand the copyright infringement. Just promised my son I would do 'ONE' for him. I will seek more lawful music!!
2017/4/12 13:32:03
Critiques please... First Video!! Hi BigWally, thanks for the comments, my son was rushing me to finish the band part, so I left the eye and head movement so he could view! As it was a test I let it go this time. But appreciate your comment and like your videos. I've watched most on here!

Hi Comictude. I used Hitlist for joining my videos as it was suggested here. I usually use Camtasia, but Hitlist seems better, though more to learn as I've never used it before. The 'Coolzee' Building bottom was an .fbx file imported from Lightwave. I tried to add cornerstones to the building but singlesided/doublesided import didnt produce the right result. Will try again at some point. Thanks for your comment. It is appreciated.
Animation is totally new to me...

Regards Scorpio
2017/4/12 12:45:08
Critiques please... First Video!! Thanks, but Im sure thats not the case!
2017/4/12 2:23:47
Critiques please... First Video!! Well, here is my first attempt at animation with Muvizu. No titles or end credits. That will come... Advice welcome. Cheers.

2017/4/1 19:20:24
Latest on importing? Hi Pat!

I have used Lightwave mainly and have just been experimenting.
Lightwave exports directly in fbx format, and I have inported a simple box with textures from a UV map set in Lightwave stright into Muvizu.

Im so pleased I can now get some models in.

I thought there were problems with the fbx format, but for my needs it seems to work fine.

I tried making a small video with the fbx model in, and it seemd to take much longer to render, but it could be my settings.

Thanks again for your input Pat, it is appreciated.
I hope I can contribute some models to the community at some point...

Regards Chris
2017/4/1 16:53:45
Latest on importing? Hi guys.

There are so many threads on this forum regarding the import issues.
Is there a latest surefire way to import from Sketchup?
Or Lightwave?
Or Max?

I really dont wish to spend hours learning MORE new software just to import simplistic models.
I can make my own models as what I desire is simple enough, like the Muvizu cartoon looking buildings etc.
Im not that worried about textures. Changing the colours is fine for me.

Is there a rock steady approach/software to do this?

Im surprised the developers dont address this issue.
The small amount of models is surely holding back a superb product.
How many people will look at Muvizu, but give up after a while because the small amount of available models and the continued pain in the butt of getting other models in?

Please understand this is not an attack in anyway, just a gripe borne out of frustration when Muvizu could be soooo much more if it alleviated these problems.

Regards Chris
2017/3/24 16:46:38
Hi to Muvizu! Thank you sir for the welcome, and thanks for the Hover video!
2017/3/23 19:05:32
Hi to Muvizu! Hi Pat!

Thanks for the info. I have watched the Audacity video and it was most helpful. Thanks for taking the time to make it!
I have also just discovered more tutorial videos here, so I will be busy taking it all in for a few days no doubt.

So pleased to have found such an awesome program.

Have a great day, and hope to speak again soon!

2017/3/23 17:28:28
Hi to Muvizu! Hi guys!

Really excited about finding Muvizu. Ive spent the last day just watching the videos made by you guys! Wow! VERY entertaining.
I wish I had discovered this great program sooner! Oh well, here now!
I've used Max Studio and Lightwave in the past, as well as Photoshop and Daz Studio. But this has to be my new fave program.
I can't wait to really get to know the ins and outs and start posting some stuff myself.

I do have some initial questions, I hope you dont mind me asking.

Firstly, on initial 'playing around' with the program as you do, when setting up a new audio piece, when I click on the name box to name my recorded audio, Muvizu doesnt rename it. It just stays as 'unnamed'. Any ideas? Obviously I need to be able to recognise each recorded audio piece. I seem to be having fun with the aligning of audio pieces too, but Im sure I will figure that out. (If not I'll be back - in Arnie voice)

Secondly, and I imagine this could be an issue with many, is the actual 'voicing' of characters. I am not blessed with a 'radio' voice or recording for that matter. I'm sure there are many of us. Certainly if you need to voice many different characters for your video, you need a real talent. Audio quality is just as important as the visuals, so I was wondering if any of you talented guys had any tips for producing good quality audio (equipment etc) and any tips on the art of 'acting' out your dialogue. (Does that make sense?)

Anyways. I am so glad to be amongst you and hope to make some new friends here!!!

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