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2011/6/8 19:15:44
Transition effects. It's me Pancake Jesus again,

I'm still loving Muvizu and its ease of use. Great for making rants..hehe...

One thing that would be nice and hopefully rather simple. Is scene transition in basic video editors. The most common would be the "Fade in and Fade out"......and other related effects.

Example: You have two characters in dialog in a room talking about another character that is currently in another "room" or scene/set. After the dialog is finished you can queue a fade out (fade to black) from the first two characters.....then on the black (fade) pops up the word "meanwhile...."

Then in tandem with the video joiner your other scene (set) fades in from the last to your third character demonstrating what the first two were talking about.......

Muvizo Rocks....keep it up!!!
2011/6/4 5:18:05
Sound Effects / Background Audio.....want more? I'm fairly new to Muvizo....and I'm enjoying it much...but have found myself wanting more.

A big one is to have multiple Sound Effect tracks layers and/or have the option to select weather sound effects that are in the same time frame are all audible at the same time or is superseded by one or the other.

That and being able to loop any imported audio for Dialog, Background Audio, or Sound Effects.
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