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2010/2/2 2:42:54
Running out of time! Help with Uploading Hey Freakmoomin.
Thanks for the Good luck wishes On that note I wish everyone else involved in the competition all the best as well!

For me it's just good to be able to get something out there that I've conceived and plotted out and when things don't go well as you've mentioned it can be frustrating like with anything in life. But MuviZu was fun to work with and it was good getting the creative juices working again!

I'm looking forward to the Beta release. The potential for what can be created with Muvizu is awesome and it'll be exciting to see what people will be able to produce with it.

A lot of my issues may have come from my system not being powerful enough I guess as well. As I noticed the more I was using the software the more problems I was having.

But it's all good.
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2010/2/1 23:59:06
some minor additions that could be helpful :) I think most of the suggestions I have thought of have already been suggested and I'm not sure what you have lined up in the future Beta release of muvizu.
But apart from being able to move Camera's or Lights along paths whether they be paths created by curves created by selected Point A with a mouse click and then Point B with the second click and assigning the Camera, Light or Object to it. (Perhaps even an option to add points to the curve to modify it.)

The only other main thoughts that occured to me was that in regard to character movement. If we also had an option to say for example use the cursor keys to move the Character and also keys to rotate left (Shift+ key to rotate 45deg, 90deg,180 deg and 360deg) or even an option that when the director time line is paused you can select at that point and enter in a value of how much rotation you need.

Actually it may be helpful during animating movement that you could pause the movement to allow you to have time to click or select the next action whether it be rotate left etc.

The other thing I thought of in regards to scrolling the time line. Was a little field box underneath it where you could simply enter the time (key frame) that you wanted to return to to avoid the use of having to scroll back and forth. i.e. I might want to go to 1 minute 30 sec to redo an animation etc so I could type in 1:30 into the box and the time line would jump straight there.

Another one would be if the undo function could also be able to undo the last action Mood/animation/movement etc that you had just recorded as that would be helpful in some instances.

All in all tho' I found the application easy to use and pickup (once I understood how the mechanics of the system works. I feel there's going to be a lot of potential with the software and its uses. You do need to keep the simplicity of how the controls are in regards to UI but having "modes" where you could tweak or get more into the nitty gritty of editing inserting etc would give another level and depth for those of us that want to be more precise or have a little more control.

Also in regards to dialogue, maybe a dope sheet or time line using key frames where you could insert any piece of dialogue without the need to have one track with multiple voices (if you have more than one character) with blank space to fill the non dialogue areas. So for instance each individual character could have their own seperate dialogue segments that you could then set to play where ever you would like by using start and end points using key frames.

In any case for what it can do Muvizu is an awesome program and can be even better with future upgrades etc as graphic hardware is updating all the time with Direct X 10 & 11 Visual Effects etc.

I've gone on a bit.

But the potential is huge in regards to global communities and user base. So good luck with it and keep up the good work!
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2010/1/30 1:49:09
Running out of time! Help with Uploading Just an update. I uninstalled Muvizu and re-installed it and loaded up the project and tweaked the a little just so I could get the majority of the actions, moods and movement that I wanted.

As a side issue I found that to make the characters move in the make Movie Preview window (also in the Rendered Video) I had to just let the Director record throughout the whole time line the animations although I just let it run without additional selections. Then when I went back to making the video the characters were entering the scene when it should have originaly. (keep in mind that it was doing this correctly in the project setup). Sorry to go off track thought it might be useful info for the developers.

Now back to my uploading issue. Once I'd tweaked my project and re-ran animations for each of the characters I then created a video with no codec selected and used a smaller 480 x 360 size. The upload seemed to have worked as instead of receiving an upload error I was told simply that the file will be available shortly so I'm hoping that it succeeded in uploading.

Also another small note, despite the re-install and tweaking of the project there were still some actions/moods that were skipped in the video preview and the final created video which is evident in the clip I uploaded. Also some movements like turning (stepping) were missing and the characters would just slide instead of stepping.

So perhaps it was the resolution and codec that was causing the 1st upload to fail.
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2010/1/29 22:31:36
Running out of time! Help with Uploading Hey guys. I'm having trouble uploading my finished video to the MuviZu & 3D World Competition. I spent around 6 hours yesterday trying to get the video close to how it is in the project. (i.e. Missing Characters or Animation (moods) would not come on cue) which has been touched on in another post here. But my problem now is that I can't upload the video to the Muvizu website either through MuviZU itself which crashes or manually through the website. The file is in DivX 6.8.5 codec format at 720 x 576 resolution and is 67meg in size at 4 minutes long. Just wondered if there was an issue with the format or screen size.

I spent so long on trying to get this right that it would be a shame not to get it up and at least viewed. I've enjoyed the experience of using Muvizu 3D but getting a little frustrated with the preview window and various selected codecs giving me invariably different results and now trying to get it uploaded. Appreciate any help or suggestions, I'm going to download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) refered to in another post and try to reinstall Muvizu.

But not sure what the problem is with the upload as all I get is a message in red saying that it has failed but no reference to what had caused the upload to fail.

Anyway thanks for your time and hopefully someone will have some advice on this matter. Enjoy your day and Congrats on an awesome program that despite being in alpha has huge potential.
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