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2011/7/6 13:22:56
Poor Export Quality Ok I removed Anti-Aliasing and changed the resolution to youtube standard and the video is now exporting smoothly.
2011/7/6 12:39:55
Poor Export Quality Hi Marco,

I'm running the 32 bit version v0.15b on windows 7. For hardware I have an Intel Core i5 Processor 2300 with 6GB DDR3 RAM Memory and a Nvidia GeForce GT420 1024mb video card. I thought that it may have been the hardware, so I deleted all lighting, camera effects, and effects from the scene, but it did not affect the export quality. The machine is only about two days old, so the drivers should all be up to date. I tried the Xvid Coded as you recommended but the quality was still very poor, the sound plays on a black screen and then in the last fraction of a second i clips through about 3 seconds of film. In the export window it said my avg bitrate was ranging from 1700 - 2400. Any ideas?

2011/7/6 3:56:13
Poor Export Quality Hi,

Whenever I use the "Make Video" function, the resulting clip is always really poor quality. The audio cracks, and the animations itself is laggy and not in time with what the timeline suggests. I've been exporting in the intel and microsoft Codecs because the other two (Cinepac and Indeo) simply don't work. Windows media player won't open it in these formats, and neither will muvizu's built in video compiler. Whats happening?
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