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2011/8/10 23:19:10
Remove Character Actions pyrrho wrote:
No problem. We should be releasing again on August 30, and it's quite a big release given the UI changes, so I would suggest playing with that, noting the actions that you'd like to have censored and then replying to my email so that we may decide the best route to take.

Very glad that you like the software and I hope that you have fun with it.



Sounds great! I'll wait until the 30th and then go from there. Again, I appreciate your help, and thanks to those who have offered other suggestions!
2011/8/9 21:36:47
Remove Character Actions Thanks so much for the reply Pyrrho. I know the kids would love it, but I would have to remove the questionable actions before my principal would let me put it on a computer for our students. I could then just make sure that we don't update it or only do so, perhaps, half way through the year so that I'm not having to repeat the steps over-and-over again. I really appreciate your help on the matter.

Best wishes!
2011/8/9 1:05:44
Remove Character Actions Hello all. I am new to Muvizu (a couple of weeks) and love how easy it is to use. I would love to share it with my middle school students (12 to 14 years old); however, there are some character actions that would need to be taken out for this age group (Vinnie Ball Crush, Toilet Pee, Hip Thrusts, etc.). I am curious if there is an easy way to remove specific character actions? If I could remove the ones that would potentially get parents up in arms, then it might be something we could use at school. Any help would be great! Thanks!!!
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