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2012/9/17 11:53:19

Para desinstalar um programa, você deve usar um tipo de CCcleaner desinstalador ou de outra, e, em seguida, limpar o registro com o mesmo programa. (Utilize apenas os programas que você está prestes a controlar)

Antes de reinstalar:
Verifique se o computador eo software é ou é um 32 ou 64 bits. Clique no ícone Meu computador e ver o que pouco você tem 32 ou 64 e descarregue a correta.
ter certeza de que a atualização mais recente do Windows, o Windows NT e também, ter certeza de que os drivers mais recentes gráficos lançado, ea versão mais recente do Direct X 11 ou 9.

Uma outra coisa - às vezes Muvizu não baixar corretamente em primeiro lugar, por isso não importa quantas vezes você reinstalá-lo, ele vai sempre ser quebrado - baixar a versão mais recente (11 de setembro)

Espero que isso seja útil
2012/9/14 15:49:52
Sardine (Adult Humor) It's good that you got permission for this. Nice work InsaneHamster.
2012/9/13 11:44:17
Video Joiner Issues Hi cdnash41,

Welcome to the forums.

The video joiner has had some problems and does seem to be a bit hit and miss. This is something that is currently being looked into as it is a part of Muvizu that most would like to have when making longer films.

Currently, people in the community use some after effect programmes. Virtual dub is a free download that can be used to stitch together videos. Windows Movie Maker is also something that could be used and it comes already installed on the computer.

I hope this helps

2012/9/13 11:33:41
The Garage Band Blues Episode #5 "Winning it all" Mysto and Danimal, take a bow. Amazing.
2012/9/11 11:28:38
Where the #@$% have we been? I have been wondering where the #$*% you guys have been.

That being said, this video more than makes up for the delay in Zombietown.

I would ask what Stoney has been up to, but I think I can guess.

2012/9/5 14:47:39
Instrumentals for your videos Thanks urbanlamb, had a listen to the channel and some of the stuff is great.

Always great to get some royalty free music.

2012/9/5 12:20:30
Excruciatingly slow when editing. Hi Herseem,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with running Muvizu.

If you can, you should try and get more RAM. The graphics card you have installed already eats up a lot of memory before Muvizu has even started.

If you haven't already, you should also install the C++, .NET framework and the DirectX 9 from our site.

Turning off the lights in Muvizu will provide some short term help, but in the long run it would be advisable to pick up some RAM.

I hope this helps.

2012/9/5 11:56:27
Custom templates for Apparel? Hi Steven547,

Custom textures cannot be applied to the attachments of the original characters.

The new superhero characters however, can have custom textures applied to theirs.

2012/9/5 11:37:23
What happened to tutorial numbers 12 - 18 Hi Benjamin4348,

Although the basic tutorials are arranged in numerical order, there are some other tutorials we have made that are relevant to the specific area that the tutorials delve into.

So for example, the creating video menu will have some of our numbered tutorials and some that were created independent of the original ones.

The numbered tutorials 12-18 are in the directing tab.

Alternatively they can all be found in order in the all tab.

Hope this helps,

2012/9/4 14:04:00
Doctor who series 7 Mmm... Karen Gillan. In Love
2012/8/30 11:03:48
Disappearing Character urbanlamb wrote:
I had this happen they seem to drop below the geometry of the default grid. I found if i just shut it down and restart it the character reappeared. It happened with busy scenes

Hi Urbanlamb,

As per the comments above, it is a problem with the timeline and animations.

I'm glad you have your own way of working around this, but rest assured we aim to have this fixed ASAP as it is something the developers are aware of.

2012/8/30 10:45:37
i cant open this app rhizinsi wrote:
sorry I could not really speak the english I use google translate so if I'm wrong sorry: (


Maaf jika ini adalah kesalahpahaman karena perbedaan bahasa, tetapi jika Anda ADALAH centang ". Net Framework Versi 4.0" kotak selama instalasi maka itu mungkin alasan Muvizu tidak akan mulai untuk Anda. Kotak itu harus diperiksa.

Saya berharap bahwa yo memiliki beberapa keberuntungan dengan ini.

Terima kasih,

2012/8/22 10:33:57
My First Movie Once bitten by the Muvizu bug forever smitten with the Muvizu bug.

Looking forward to more.

2012/8/22 10:32:49

It's such a friendly little apple that we'll let you away with.

2012/8/20 16:40:29
Problem with the new Heroes and Villains update Hi Carmz,
If you go to our website you will be able to download the Heroes and Villains content pack.

It is found in the downlad section on the right were it says 'Downlaod our Latest Asset Packs and Freebies.'

After this, if there are any problems then please let me know.

2012/8/20 10:44:05
More Hairstyles and Eye sizes Hi Carmz,
There are a few hairstyles with bangs but I admit it would be nice to see hairstyles with bangs going to the left and bangs going to the right as well.

It would also be nice to see chinese eyes or any variant of eyes with an epicanthic fold. The only 'asian' type eye we have is the manga eye. But this is more in fitting with the cartoon aspect of Muvizu. Perhaps this is something that will be added to Muvizu in the future with new characters and other additions.

2012/8/20 10:34:08
Problem with the new Heroes and Villains update Hi Carmz,

It is possible you have the lite version installed.

If you go to the tools option at the top and down to content packs you will be able to see if you have the pack installed.

If the pack has not been installed then you can do so from this menu.

I hope this helps. If you need anything else then please feel free to contact me.

2012/8/14 11:24:43
Focus and Blur Movie on MUVIZU Hi Hengky,

I was hoping that my point would have made more sense in your native tongue. Oh well.

Unfortunately I don't speak Indonesian. I see what you mean with the tutorial having the blur effect on the background. This is indeed, accomplished with the use of the sliders in the camera menu.

There is no tutorial for this but I can hopefully be of help to you here.

For example: If you wish to have a character in the foreground in focus and the background out of focus then you would have to right click as I said and using the focus and depth of field slider, adjust them to get the desired effect for your movie.

This can take some tweaking but I'm sure you will get the desired outcome.

If you need anymore help then please feel free to get back in touch.

2012/8/14 10:53:16
Telephone and Mobile Hi William,

If you have telephone conversations that last several seconds then I think the best workaround would be to film it using camera cuts.

For example, if you have one character in Camera 1 position and a copy of that same character in Camera 2 position then you could film the first character doing the pick-up of the phone and have the camera on him until he is about to hang up. At this point it could cut to the second camera with the character in the middle of the animation. After this the camera could then cut back to the first camera with the character having done the animation again catching him during the conversation and then hanging up.

This is by no means perfect but would 'extend' the talking on the phone animation by several more seconds than the original animtaion.

I hope this helps,

2012/8/14 10:45:13
Focus and Blur Movie on MUVIZU Halo Hengky,

Saya minta maaf untuk terjemahan miskin.
Jika saya memahami posting Anda dengan benar maka masalahnya adalah bahwa Anda tidak dapat menemukan efek kamera.

Jika Anda mengklik kanan kamera, lalu pilih tab yang mengatakan efek blur. Seharusnya ini memungkinkan Anda untuk menyesuaikan disatance fokus dan kedalaman lapangan.

Saya harap ini membantu.

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