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2010/12/6 14:54:23
riding a bike Hi RightURKen, Emily and Artpen,

you guys are lovely to have taken the time to explain how things work and your answers are very enlightening as to how to approach this. As i am new to animation i obviously need to adjust my brain that Not everything has to be animated and filmed and many things could be simply solved with 'good directing'

i will continue my journey and let you know how i do


2010/12/2 1:04:16
riding a bike i am new to Muvizu, totally excited and inspired by the work i see done by others and have millions of questions so to be able to do stuff myself so bear wit me!

to start with: yeah, i am a biker ...so obviously, i want to animate my girl character to ride a bike.
classic scene..the girl walks toward the bike, jumps on it (ok,ok it can just be sit on it clamly) and rides away leaving dust behind..

but here my struggles:
1. how do i walk her to the bike and have her sit on it? is that possible? (when i walk her towards the bike she stopps next to the bike, so every next animation to sit her down, makes her sit down next to the bike.. i saw the explanation how to sit the drummer in the band tutorial but the drummer was positioned correctly over the chair as a start position, not walking towards it. i wanted my girl to walk to the bike first. possible?
2. if i position her manually over the bike, i still cant make her sit in the correct riding position and height on the bike - when i put her in sitting position, she sits somewhere within the bike, not on it.
3. how to keep her grouped with the bike so they are both animated together (riding, that is)

i watched all tutorials and saw the video with a van and a driver in it so i assume nr.3 is possible but not sure how to go about it

anyone, any hints to get me started?
thanks Muvizuers
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