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2011/12/8 16:06:12
My first video to a new song p.s just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone at Muvizu...
2011/12/8 15:45:22
My first video to a new song Hi all,

this is my first video and I was intending to make one for another song, but I wrote 'Christmas Again' and I guess I got inspired... I had already loaded it into youtube but if there is anyway of uploading it on the site here that would be great.. here it is on youtube anyway..

had great fun making it..


2011/10/24 14:23:22
need help making a music video Hi Simon,
thanks for the welcome...

ok you have found my first problem...haha... I recorded the songs using one mic , so everything is on one track more or less.. I think I might have to just record the vocals again on a track to get the lip synch to work... saw something about that in another post...

I have started working on a vid...I think I may have it finished in about 6 months...haha....lots to learn here...but very enjoyable and great software...

2011/10/21 11:51:49
need help making a music video Hi everyone,

I am new here and have absolutely no experience, I am a singer/songwriter from Ireland and I think it would be great to have an animated video to my songs, would anyone be interested in helping me make a video for a track of my new album??? it's indie/folk, just acoustic and vocal...

here is a link to a few tracks,

if anything there gives you some ideas you'd be interested in working on, just let me know... I am still making my way thru the tutorials to get a handle on things

looking forward to hearing from you

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