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2012/6/18 19:42:37
Muvizu needs you! Dylly wrote:
Its a well known superhero fact that time slows down as you approach a climactic part of the story!

Like matrix! Gotcha!
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2012/6/18 18:52:53
Muvizu needs you! WozToons wrote:
Jamie wrote:
We expect the beta test programme to start next week, Monday 18th June 2012.

Have I missed something or is our new Superhero's fatal weakness bad timekeeping?

"Oh no! Bad time keeping! I'm... going... to... di......" (says the superhero)
2012/6/18 17:17:55
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke I wasn't sure about simon cowel...
2012/6/18 15:50:36
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke Dreeko wrote:
I've received a great comment (and YouTube subscription) from this guy.

Jim Meskimen

Thought you may enjoy his impressions

2012/6/18 8:38:19
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Another little test shot from the new You've Been Dumped vid - don't ask

WOW, an explosion!
2012/6/18 8:37:31
Animate Text? Steven547 wrote:
I have a character that I want to "kick" a letter (or word) off the screen. Is there an easy way to do this? Is there a "fly off screen" option for objects like you see in powerpoint?


No, sorry, there is no pre-set options like fly off screen, you have to direct the object movement.
2012/6/17 20:30:25
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke Dreeko wrote:
Whoa! It's up on the Muvizu gallery already! On a Sunday!
Someones working overtime !

(I recon its Jamie!)
2012/6/17 20:29:07
New logo animation Jamie wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Thank you, I used Google sketch-up to make the whole thing, although I will add sound in windows movie maker... eventually...

Why not export your object from sketchup to ASE and make the whole video in Muvizu?

Google sketch-up animation seemed easier, besides, you may see my logo pop up in various video's if you look closely!
2012/6/15 17:24:59
Slow-mo recording Neil wrote:
We used to have this feature waaaaaay back in the very first releases. I can't remember why it was removed but it was probably causing problems somewhere.

Either way, since we've already done it, does this mean we count this request as completed?

Can we have it back please?
2012/6/15 16:22:23
New logo animation Jamie wrote:
This is looking good MrDrWho13 - what did you use to make it?

Thank you, I used Google sketch-up to make the whole thing, although I will add sound in windows movie maker... eventually...
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2012/6/15 16:16:10
Slow-mo recording simonheffer wrote:
Yes I'll add my vote, esp for the slomo direction.
Isn't there a sticky on this already?

There is now!
2012/6/15 7:13:59
New logo animation This is my semi-final version:

2012/6/14 19:53:24
New logo animation Do you like my new possible logo animation?

(I know its short and not brilliant)
2012/6/14 19:33:17
Source Engine Used To Create Animated Film It looks almost better than unreal!
2012/6/14 19:30:51
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
Jamie wrote:
I'm Interesting idea Dreeko - Ziggy are you sure there's enough space to add more buttons on the timeline?

Absolutely. They could be the same size as the bin icon (for deleting the track data), along the line of each track - one for direct, one for prepare if appropriate. There's tons of grey to play with, y'know!

Yeah, I agree
2012/6/13 19:32:21
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
I'm pretty sure that Dreeko means a button on each timeline track which corresponds to it's special menu - clicking on the button for Eyes Look At would take you straight to the Direct Eyes menu, or a button on the Actions track for Direct Actions, etc. Great idea, and there could also be a Prepare button next to Direct where appropriate too.

Yes, that's what I thought, but I wasn't 100% sure.
2012/6/13 19:31:23
Muvizu needs you! Jamie wrote:
tripfreak wrote:
I'd be interested in testing the Superheroes !

Refresh your profile and you'll have a sparkly new tester badge. Ok, it's not sparkly but it is a badge

Mine sparkle's...

well, it does when I sneeze on it!
2012/6/13 17:07:11
Random requests! Dreeko wrote:

Well how about a direction button on all lines in the timeline editor?

Hmm... yes, could you explain in more detail please?
2012/6/13 7:08:09
Random requests! Dylly wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
I agree with the new camera and camera 1 buttons, what other easy access buttons should we have?

The 'Make Oscar Winning Masterpiece that kicks Pixar's Butt' Button...of course this would involve a super secret Easter Egg and could only be used by one Muvizu user per year on a strict rotation.

Hmm... could you give me a way to get this easter egg? hahano
2012/6/12 20:38:04
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
I agree with the new camera and camera 1 buttons, what other easy access buttons should we have?

Specifically, I'd vote for a Import Object button. I import a lot of external objects, probably not for everyone, to be fair

Actually, how about a Create Character button, which would create a default character (random types? selectable in options?) so you could populate a scene quickly.

Even better, a crowd button! This would have an option to create a whole crowd of however many people you want!!!!dunno
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