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2016/5/12 15:48:56
using sketchup 8 with 3d warehouse items in ase There's this guide on the wiki if you'd like to use sketchup 2015.
Thanks for the link though!
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2016/5/10 12:19:55
Gallery Videos missing? ziggy72 wrote:
All the movies in the gallery seem to have gone missing, except the Muvizu Admin ones. They still work on Youtube, but they're not shown here anymore.

Well spotted Ziggy, have you told Jamie? They have been playing with the site today in a couple of places.
2016/5/5 11:11:27
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs PatMarrNC wrote:
could it possibly be the case that under the physics tab, "keep upright" is still ticked on?

If I remember rightly, the physics options are disabled when you use keyframe.
2016/5/2 21:49:09
my first short animation Rocque wrote:
I also find the dialog system very annoying. All my files show up as "unamed". Why even give your recorded dialog in Muvizu a name if it does not use it?

This sounds like a bug, have you told support?
2016/5/1 21:15:07
Dialogue Box Did you copy your licence key to the clipboard before clicking activate?
If you have more problems, contact support:
2016/5/1 8:45:01
Low on memory and progrma then crashes. Have you tried closing all other open programs?
If it still doesn't work I think you'll want to contact support;
2016/4/30 19:39:56
Loading the user 3d models in Muvizu? You have to import it in a separate menu. Have a look here:
2016/4/30 18:54:26
Loading the user 3d models in Muvizu? Just go to create-->import, although you'll need Muvizu:Play+ to import objects:
2016/4/30 6:18:18
Licence question gomedia3 wrote:
Is there any way around this?
I have a license for multiple pcs and take them to schools. but if there is no internet connection some laptops will revert to muvizu play and not the plus. asking to be upgraded again?

I think you'll want to contact support:
They can help with licence problems.
2016/4/29 19:50:12
Mobile Phone Action That's looking good Geoff!
2016/4/26 15:19:08
Error happening when I activate software and more Contact support, they can help you out
2016/4/25 20:06:44
Flying Airplanes I just remembered you might still need to refer to this tutorial for transparent avi in Muvizu:
2016/4/25 19:53:05
Flying Airplanes PatMarrNC wrote:
3) a third option might be to see if you can find or model a 3d prop, and use keyframes to move it in the Muvizu environment.

I've had trouble in the past with rotating objects in Muvizu, it seems they have a 360 degree limit, so you could turn it once, but you might have to turn it back again. Animating it with the old system may still work though.
2016/4/24 20:06:32
Ayuda con la importación de vídeos - Help with imp soyunjca wrote:
Hola, me podría decir alguien una formato de vídeo y los códec de compresión necesarios para que al importar un vídeo como fondo se vea bien, lo he intentado con varias resoluciones y varios formatos y no hay manera de que se vean correctamente. Hice una pregunta al servicio técnico y me dijeron que con avi y divx valía, pero sigue sin funcionarme.
Hay alguna versión de los codecs que sea la necesaria.

Hello, I could tell someone one video format and compression codec needed for importing a video as a background look good, I've tried with various resolutions and various formats and there is no way to display properly. I asked a question for service and was told that with avi and divx worth, but it still does not work for me.
There is some version of the codec that is needed.
Thank you.

There's a thread on it here:
It's a bit unclear right now what exactly works and what doesn't.
2016/4/24 15:49:24
hearts a-flying PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
For a similar effect not attached to a character, you could use the music or bubble effects and replace the image with a heart.

I'm afraid you're over my head with this answer... but I want to understand, because this sounds like a great idea! But this may be enough info to help me figure it out ...

Thanks! Great ideas from everybody!

If you go to create-->effects then choose the music notes effect, you can edit this to use a heart image rather than the music notes.
2016/4/24 15:35:57
hearts a-flying For a similar effect not attached to a character, you could use the music or bubble effects and replace the image with a heart.
2016/4/23 22:44:33
Flying Airplanes wings449 wrote:
How do you keep a character in the cockpit with the airplane moving?

You don't move the plane, you move the background. Ziggy did an excellent tutorial on this:

It's for a car but you can apply similar logic.
2016/4/23 22:41:58
Coming Soon 2016 ukBerty wrote:
Rocque wrote:
Is there any way you would have time in the future to answer some questions about the processes you are using?

Of course, I will answer any questions you have. Fire away.....

It might be worth making a small documentary if you gather enough questions. (I imagine you'll get a fair few when the film is released)
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2016/4/22 17:06:51
Coming Soon 2016 Only just had the chance to watch them through properly. Did you replace the mummy with a different model in the shorter trailer since the older one?
Still looks absolutely brilliant. I hope it will be a hit with people outside Muvizu too!

Edit: I love the snazzy website too.
edited by MrDrWho13 on 22/04/2016
2016/4/22 11:18:38
Coming Soon 2016 Looks good, looking forward to 2018
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