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2014/9/19 17:30:02
How to install..v.40? Hi, try sending it a support ticket:
2014/9/18 20:38:50
Getting characters to text and use mobile devices I could have sworn that there used to be a typing option, but I might be mistaken.

Update: Just had a look at this (pretty rubbish) video of mine form a few years ago, and the start definitely has the action:

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2014/9/18 20:36:32
New Forum Thanks for the update.
2014/9/18 17:46:14
New Forum The heroes and villains update was 2 whole years ago? Whaaaaa?

Oh and as for the staff picks that haven't been updated since May.
muvizu_chap wrote:
Hi guys thanks for the reminder. I have been moderating the content submitted to the gallery but I completely forgot about the staff picks. Really sorry about this and I will make sure I do this from now on.

Any news on this Muvizu Chap?

I've just started a thread for features that we'd like and bugs that need fixing, so we don't have to keep posting in a thread about forums.
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2014/9/18 17:45:55
Features 2014 Hi guys,
Just started this thread so we can add anything urgent that needs fixing and also less urgent feature requests.
Similar posts are in this thread: (hoping to move the stuff about bugs to here so it's more concise)

I'll start with:
  • Movement bug
  • More regular site updates (staff pick etc)

It would also help if the staff could keep us informed on any of these that are fixed or being fixed.
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2014/9/18 17:23:35
Issues with software From what I've seen, once you have the movement bug in your set, you can't get rid of it. Other people seem to have found that the bug is triggered by moving the movement in the timeline.

BTW- Just in case you didn't know, you can double click where you want your character to move to as an alternative to dragging the giant circle thing.
2014/9/17 16:29:30
Issues with software Hello Steve, welcome to Muvizu!

Glad to hear you like the software, and I'll try to help with some of those issues you're having.
  • The movement thing is a known bug, and we're currently waiting for a patch. (which may be some time at this rate)
  • Haven't heard of this bug before, but can confirm that it's happening when I do that too. (most of us record audio in programs like Audacity, then import it into Muvizu)
  • You can animate the intensity of the fire, trigger buttons are only really used for effects that need an instant reaction, like fire or lightning.
  • Not sure about this one, take screenshots and send in a support ticket:
  • I think this is the same bug as the first point on this list.
  • This might be causing those other errors, try re-installing the .net framework: and if that doesn't work, send in a support ticket.
  • Try moving to a different part of the set (eg: upwards), it probably means there isn't enough room where you're trying to place the object.

Other things to note:

  • Your PC seems pretty good for the job, but remember that Muvizu relies heavily on your graphics card/chip.
  • Make sure you downloaded the 64-bit version of Muvizu rather than the 32-bit version. (I think this is another possible cause of the errors.

Hope this helps,
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2014/9/17 16:13:48
New Forum As for the windows 7 thing, I think people have had hardly any trouble with windows 8 (which is the modern vista in my opinion, so not exactly great) so windows 9 should work fine with Muvizu. (I've found Windows to be quite reliable at backward compatibility, I'm able to run software designed for 97 on my windows 7 machine).

However, without updates, the highest possible render resolution with Muvizu is 1080p, quite a bit more pixelated than 4k and more modern 5k displays.
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2014/9/17 7:17:57
how i can import a cloth and make character For the clothes, have a look at this:

And to import the mirror table, click create, then import and select the file.
2014/9/13 17:34:29
New Forum Just had a look around, and we seem to have lost quite a few users such as EEF, Fullmetal, SimonHeffer, Skylike, and Dwarf.

Also, most (if not all) of the tester threads have been closed.

It seems as if the Muvizu user base may soon become extinct...
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2014/9/11 20:36:18
New Forum Hi, Tangledbliss has been inquiring about starting up a small website with a dedicated comment system and forum for Muvizu.
I'm not sure if anyone else is intrested in helping out because I've only seen the emails sent out rather than the replies.

What are your thoughts on this?
2014/9/10 7:21:43
Old version of muvizu As far as I know, all versions have needed shader model 3.
2014/9/9 16:06:01
Take a look at this... That came up on my news feed this morning, absolutely brilliant!
2014/9/7 16:50:09
wanted: the lightest (about 1 kilo) netbook That laptop looks like it should work, but expect lag because Muvizu relies heavily on the graphics card/chip and this one only has a small amount of dedicated memory for graphics.
2014/9/7 10:18:43
wanted: the lightest (about 1 kilo) netbook
This sort of thing looks reasonable for specs, but weighs 2.1kg according to google.
2014/9/7 10:09:30
wanted: the lightest (about 1 kilo) netbook I'd say ebay would be a good place to start, but after looking it seems you'll have to look deep into the search results.

You'll need something that is designed for windows 7 or newer, with a dedicated graphics chip.
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2014/9/6 15:10:49
Coming Soon... Soon....

(Most assets by Fazz68)
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2014/9/2 15:28:01
found new Easter Egg Code Wow you're pretty good at this.
2014/9/2 11:11:57
Help with lag, only at certain times! Your PC may not be up to playing HD video. You could try uploading it privately to youtube where the video should play normally. (I had this trouble before upgrading my PC)
2014/9/1 19:06:06
The Future of Muvizu revealed!
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