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2014/4/2 16:32:02
Camera attachment I wonder if this is possible...
2014/4/1 16:35:59
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! My PC renders quickly, and is under £800.

Lol - Primaveranz

(Rolls eyes, Look at all these cavemen who buy their PCs ready made )

Happy April fools BTW
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2014/3/31 16:00:04
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! Yeah, if you're running a low spec PC, or windows emulator, then long render times are to be expected.
2014/3/28 16:14:30
Digimania Show reel I don't know, but they use similar wording when talking of Muvizu:Pro

Near real-time rendering in Muvizu:Pro (in development) allows animators to see a finished scene in minutes instead of hours.
Once built into an animation pipeline Muvizu:Pro reduces the time of production and optimises workflow processes and costs.
2014/3/26 14:27:41
Asset Creation priboi2011 wrote:
I'm not sure who the community is who leave the comments as I'm not familiar with the name associations?

Have a look at: or
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2014/3/26 10:57:13
Digimania Show reel Looks good!
2014/3/21 15:57:35
muvizu play crashes automatically Does your PC meet the minimum system requirements?
2014/3/20 17:12:58
I Can't see any object Could you post some screenshots so we can see the issue?
2014/3/18 15:52:26
PARTICULAR ROBOT You can add imported objects to any character, but only with Muvizu:Play+ (currently at a price of £75)
2014/3/14 18:31:11
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT You can download ziggymesh here:
2014/3/10 21:23:25
Missing file? kornexls wrote:
When I put in toto.bmp, it makes the entire model that color. Is there any way around that?

Right click the object, edit, properties (I think that's what it says). You can change the colours in that menu.
2014/3/4 21:18:59
Asset Creation Bung:

put or throw (something) somewhere in a careless or casual way.
"fill out the reply-paid card and bung it in the post"

(Google is your friend)
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2014/3/3 18:41:43
Asset Creation Thanks for the tutorial Fazz!
Brilliant work - hope to see ED-209 in a muvi soon
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2014/3/3 16:20:06
Asset Creation I would also help with moderation, policing the forums etc.
2014/3/2 21:21:25
wink? ziggy72 wrote:
The not breathing bit doesn't work. The characters will stop breathing in preview mode, when you're using the Timeline, but as soon as you make the movie they go back to huffing again. Any matte shots aren't really feasible until this gets fixed.

Ah, sorry, wasn't near my Muvizu machine so I couldn't check.

Perhaps they need to make their sticky note board public.
2014/3/2 18:59:34
wink? octo-crab wrote:
Oh, yes. I really wish you could turn breathing off.

I should probably add that the control of this new "not breathing" feature will be a checkbox in the character's edit dialog. It won't be something that you can turn on and off within a movie. I'm assuming (hoping) this is still all fine and dandy?

That was said by a Muvizu staff member on another topic.

I believe you can, but cannot edit it's status during recording.
2014/3/2 17:07:50
wink? That's a brilliant solution, another tip would be to have breathing turned off.
2014/3/1 12:25:31
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? MinoMouse wrote:
Hi, it's the first time I begin a project on Muvizu and I run across this same glitch. Also have the latest version of Muvizu Play on a 64-bit windows. Any fixes yet?

Not yet, I'm afraid. This is the number one bug in Muvizu, yet the staff have gone quiet about it.
2014/2/28 19:28:49
Asset Creation artpen wrote:
Come on HQ, what's on the menu for this year, we're starving.......

Yeah, what's in store for Muvizu?
2014/2/28 19:25:10
Asset Creation Thanks, Barry, for telling us the issue.

I have two ideas, the second being better than the first.

1. Moguls all get sent an email when a new model is uploaded, and then check if the model is Muvizu friendly. If 3 or more Moguls say it's ok, then it gets uploaded to the gallery.

2. All models are uploaded and shown by default, but with a Report as offensive button which takes it down until given the green light by Moguls or staff.

These could also be implemented for video and other media uploads.

Thoughts on this?
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