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2013/11/15 22:34:31
Change the youtube comment system back! Brilliant!
2013/11/15 17:26:48
sketchup plugin I think this plugin does .ase from sketchup:
2013/11/15 16:32:02
I have Muvizu Goggles I've gotta say, I've done this too. Especially as the stock sound effects in Muvizu are used in so many TV shows, games and films!

Does anyone have the cure?
2013/11/14 17:14:28
Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer Here is the prequel to The day of the Doctor.
2013/11/14 6:57:04
New User Here! Welcome to Muvizu!
2013/11/12 17:51:44
Change the youtube comment system back! Hey guys, there is a petition to change the YouTube comment system back here:
If enough people sign it, they may change it back!
What do you think of the new comment system (linked with Google+)?
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2013/11/12 17:48:47
Character movements Yes, you'll have to start again from a blank set, and this shouldn't happen again.
2013/11/12 17:48:02
MUVIZU: PRO primaveranz wrote:
(Having successfully hijacked the thread, Neddy and Eccles exeunt stage left, carelessly knocking Bluebottle into a conveniently placed millpond....)

Thread Hijack!
2013/11/12 16:42:07
Character movements I'm sorry, but these issues seem to revolve around using old sets. You'll need to start again from scratch.
2013/11/11 18:13:46
MUVIZU: PRO Dylly wrote:
Dreeko wrote:

Oh ho!

Cat out the bag then it seems!

What there's a cat...a four legged beastie in it?

I sure hope so.
2013/11/10 13:19:52
Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer Hi guys, here is another (extended) trailer.

I'd like to make it in Muvizu, but doubt I'll have enough time before it comes out.
2013/11/8 21:30:09
Singer/Musician needed I'm looking forward to this!
2013/11/7 20:30:54
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly wrote:
Ah yes...the new toonfunkenbookcasen...meatballs anyone?

2013/11/7 20:17:25
Request:- Edit movement path I think they're trying to do something like this, but I'm not sure when they'll implement it.
2013/11/5 16:08:26
Hello Muvizu Community Welcome to Muvizu!

You've made a brilliant entrance to our community!

Those sets look fantastic, and I'm sure you're skilled on this sort of interface.

If you find that you can do some things in other unreal-based software, but not Muvizu, bear this in mind:

Anyhow, if you get stuck at any point, don't be afraid to ask for help!

Have fun with Muvizu,
2013/11/5 7:23:59
FBX You should add this to the wiki!
2013/11/4 7:26:16
Themes artpen wrote:
I think it did nothing to promote Muvizu what so ever, sorry HQ, but that **** hot Laptop could have been well used by a good Muvizu film maker, and more good videos would have been made for the Muvizu gallery with it.

Good point!

artpen wrote:
Funny, creative, yes, but it has to be entertaining, prizes, not a lot just a little, yearly prize, not a lot but a bit more.

artpen wrote:
A monthly comp should have prizes like, useful books, cinema tickets, Dvds, maybe the odd pc software, game?? T-shirts, posters, or if your feeling a bit stingy a packet of Tunnocks Tea cakes.

Yeah, something small, but something that people want to win!
2013/11/2 21:58:14
Character movements There was something about this a few days ago.
Try a brand new clean set and if it happens again, send the .set file to
2013/11/2 9:30:36
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Dreeko wrote:
Would importing a small object with 100% transparency not be the answer?

Yes, but it would be nice to have a feature without having to make a workaround.
2013/11/1 18:31:19
Themes Yes, the Halloween one was a bit impromptu, but any competitions from now should be shown on the front page, like the Christmas one last year. (That was brilliant by the way)

If the user does not want the prize, Urbanlamb's example seems good, then it should go to the next best, or if it's names out of a hat, then pick out another.
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