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2013/7/5 21:15:50
Roll a bomb ziggy72 wrote:
Someone posted a solution to this ages ago - it involved using a texture on the ball object - you set the texture to rotate, so the ball looks as if its turning. Then you animate it moving, and it (should) look like it's rolling along. Hope that helps.

Ah, yes, similar to my logo sequence.

It was Dreeko's tutorial, by the way.
2013/7/5 18:35:00
sitting down As far as I know, you cannot do this. Maybe this is something for the team to look at.
2013/7/5 16:07:35
pick up an item, please answer me Ah, the old can I pick anything up....

No, sorry. It is currently impossible to pick anything up in Muvizu at the moment.

Maybe in a year or two, but not yet.

2013/7/4 20:49:43
Hey guys! I am FLABBERGASTED! First of all, Welcome to Muvizu!

You can only hold the instruments at the moment, but some people import objects then put them next the the character so it looks like they're holding it.
You'll find the community (and staff) very friendly, but we're in the middle of some spam extermination at the moment.

I hope you enjoy making movies,

PS: there are rumours that the Muvizu team may be bringing holding other objects in one or two years, but of course, that may not be true.
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2013/7/4 6:48:17
Iron Man 3 toonarama wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:

Strange compared to his old one though.

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Looks like he's done a runner....

2013/7/3 21:39:36
Iron Man 3 LOL.

Strange compared to his old one though.

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2013/7/3 18:09:14
Iron Man 3 Actually, it looks as if the sock has been cut out to reveal some crumpled paper... hmmm...
2013/7/3 18:06:48
Iron Man 3 tripfreak wrote:
why does dreeko's avatar have a bag over it head?

1. he (and his account) is kidnapped ?
2. its his lookalike who watches his back as long as he produces the next video ?
3. maybe its already hidden promo for the next blockbuster ? Whaaaaa?

I'd say it's #2
2013/7/3 15:57:59
Brawl Thanks Muvizu!
2013/7/3 15:51:53
importing film to backdrop problems To import your own objects, they can be kept anywhere (in any folder on your pc) and you have to go to Create-->Objects-->Import and select where you put your object.
2013/7/3 7:22:51
importing film to backdrop problems Ok, I don't know much about all this memory usage stuff.

To get you own models into Muvizu, you have to export them as .ase files, and it's proably best to watch these tutorials: (tutorial 1: Tutorial 2: Tutorial 3: )
2013/7/2 21:12:03
Hello Everyone! tripfreak wrote:
I haven't done that much "Muvids" because in Germany we are very limited by the GEMA for the things I wanted to do (not only with Muvizu) and especially on Youtube. Even certain Muvizu videos are not watchable because they contain music or "certain history content"... (look at the link).

Yeah, I've noticed a few of my videos are banned in Germany.
2013/7/2 16:07:18
importing film to backdrop problems I'm not sure about this one, but you might want to try getting a better graphics card.
2013/7/1 18:25:35
Reducing bust size in heroine character. Nope, sorry, I don't think this is possible....

2013/6/29 10:57:50
Cant make mpeg 4 to save my life Since I'm not very good with codecs, wait a few hours for Urbanlamb or Ziggy to look at this, but if you need to make these movies right now, you'll have to split your video into 30 second chunks and use Movie maker or video joiner to put them together.

I hope this helps,
2013/6/27 17:00:00
The new youtube I had a lot of trouble with this, and gave up! Youtube (owned by Google) does not like Google chrome when trying to change the banner. I think the weird pattern looks good for now, but Muvizu will have to change it at some point if they can.
2013/6/25 15:55:24
Brawl Thanks!
2013/6/25 15:55:23
Brawl Thanks!
2013/6/24 21:37:15
Brawl Thank you!
2013/6/24 21:22:24

The final battle.
Two deadly foes battle it out after many wars and devastation. Who will be the champion?

Thanks to Fullmetall for the music, and thanks to Dreeko and Ziggy for the lighting and rendering tips! This was a few months hard work, so I hope it looks good to you lot!
Please rate and comment, thanks!
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edited by MrDrWho13 on 24/06/2013
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