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2014/1/27 20:58:06
Show us your Beefy!
2012/11/24 19:47:45
Flip characters from right to left-handed? Hello all...Would it be possible to add a check box under a characters to make a character left-handed? I guess this would involve reversing the sign of movement parameters in the action scripts and flip horizontally, or rotate 180 degrees, any assets associated with them. I'm thinking in particular of musical instruments, as I've just finished my first video (well, have other ideas on the go so have stopped work on it, for now) in which I was unable to make one of the guitarists left-handed, as he is in real life. I presume this would affect someone doing a Beatles tribute video too

The video has been uploaded to Youtube

and I hope it will appear in the gallery in due course. The chap with the flying V should be a left-hander. Just a slight niggle I admit, but it would be nice to have the choice.
2012/7/15 21:23:26
Audio software - adding script or dialogue notes I was just about to post this....

Does anyone know of a free audio program (like audacity, for example) that allows you to type underneath the waveform the dialogue that is being spoken at the time. That would make life a fair bit easier for me when editing.

... When I found that Audacity has a feature called 'label track' that allows just that!
Tracks > Add New > Label Track

I thought I'd carry on with the post in case other people might want to know this. Sorry if it's totally obvious to everyone else.
2012/7/12 2:18:12
What are teleports (as in:Fix Teleports message) ziggy72 wrote:
(actually, a dead dog could probably give you a better explanation that that),

Ha ha ha - Thanks Ziggy, that's cheered me up. Yes a more detailed explanation would interest me but it's good to know that this is nothing drastic to worry about.
2012/7/12 2:11:09
Camera movement simonheffer wrote:
Tracking is definitely a good idea although I think I'd still prefer my own way-points (with opportunity to edit camera properties like depth of field at those points). As I'm sure I've mentioned before moving the field of view smoothly is a pain - no chance of that Jaws shot zooming in on Brody on the beach.

Another point slightly off topic , but when I right-click the camera view to go to the camera I'd much rather be positioned behind the camera i.e. go to the view the cameras showing. Most of the time I go to the camera I want to move it and it's easier from behind the camera.

I agree with the tracking idea. I've just spent two hours (it's 01:58am) on a simple camera movement - rotating the camera and zooming a little to capture a view of a character who has fallen to the ground, and I'm still getting nowhere. I can just about handle the mouse movement of the camera during 'Prepare' but during 'Direct' the movement is reversed and the view veers off the wrong way. I've tried both camera rotation options and the movement is still reversed. Plus, only today, when I select a camera to direct the viewpoint is often positioned looking directly into the lens, instead of behind the camera - even though I've got the start location as 'locked behind camera'. I've tried restarting Muvizu but it still does it. Sorry, I didn't mean to have a moan, but I would certainly like to see the camera system over-hauled, and a path system with way points seems a leap forward. I'm very impressed with those of you who can get the cameras to do what you want!
2012/7/12 0:37:56
What are teleports (as in:Fix Teleports message) Hello Everybody-peeps.

Still struggling on my first movie, but I'm not giving up!

When I drag a character action in the timeline I often see the bars turn red. Hopefully the example below should illustrate what I mean - I dragged the movement back a bit. Right-clicking on the bar pops up a dialogue box with 'fix teleports' etc. in it. What is a teleport and why does it matter? Should I fix one, fix all, and what are the consequences if I don't fix them? I haven't seen this mentioned in any of the tutorial videos and a search on this forum turned up nowt. Thanks for reading.

2012/5/13 20:51:59
sketchup materials on models gimmick wrote:

(Optionnaly, in the ASE I can replace toto.bmp by texture1.jpg & texture2.jpg : same problem)

Hello Gimmick. Can you tell me what toto.bmp is? I get an error saying toto.bmp not found when importing a model donated to the Sketchup Warehouse (so not one I have made) into muvizu. But checking the list of materials in the model toto.bmp doesn't seem to be there. Yet, it's in your model too? Damn Computer..

Thanks. At least now I know that someone else has this toto.bmp error. These forums are great!
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2012/4/13 20:45:57
Favourite ever cartoon? Dylly wrote:
Ah Quorthon you have made my evening! MARINE BOY! My favorite ever animation! Piper & Boltan...I suppose I put up with Clee Clee but...Marine Boy what a guy, Saturday mornings sat in front of the TV watching static waiting for transmissions to begin...the Yorkshire TV fanfare...then joy of joys waiting for that kid to pop some gum and jump in the water! . I learned to swim under water before it ever dawned on me to stay on the top. I have to admit that even today, every time I go to the swimming baths I pride myself on the ability to swim a length under water without the aid of chewing gum...just a drag on a roll up when I get back outside!

I remember another Saturday morning masterpiece - Ulysses31
which was very stylish - and the lead character had a heroic beard! A cute/annoying (they do go together) robot Nono, and a decent spaceship. Never saw the last episode to see how it all turned out though

Dylly wrote:
Now for British animation...I'm a Postgate fan ...Noggin the Nog being my favourite...
Me too, What a great firm Smallfilms was.
2012/3/22 21:06:09
Favourite ever cartoon? my favourite was probably Battle of the Planets

but I also dimly remember Marine Boy (1966) as being amazing, oxygum to breath under water, a reliable ultrasonic boomarang and an albino dolphin (how do you make a dolphin cooler than he already is? -make him an albino!)

last one from me - The Space Sentinels - pretty cheesy but the animation was a lot clearer (though repetitive) compared to the japanese stuff on tv.
2012/1/18 18:26:29
Error Message Here are my PC specs. I's not bleeding edge but has run muvizu fine for a while now.
I am using the latest 32 bit version, released Jan 10th. It has only crashed this once.

Name M198WA on ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
Current Resolution 1440x900 pixels
Work Resolution 1440x854 pixels
State enabled, primary, output devices support
Monitor Width 1440
Monitor Height 900
Monitor BPP 32 bits per pixel
Monitor Frequency 59 Hz
Device \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0
ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
Device ID 1002-9498
Subvendor XFX Pine Group (1682)
Current Performance Level Level 1
Voltage 1.150 V
Technology 55 nm
Die Size 145 nm²
Transistors 514 M
Release Date Sep 10, 2008
DirectX Support 10.1
DirectX Shader Model 4.1
OpenGL Support 3.0
Bios Core Clock 650.00
Bios Mem Clock 400.00
Driver ati2mtag.sys
Driver version
Temperature 43 °C
Core Voltage 1.150 V
BIOS Version 113-XFX465XYAD1
ROPs 8
Shaders 320 unified
Memory Type DDR2
Memory 1024 MB
Bus Width 64x2 (128 bit)
Pixel Fillrate 5.2 GPixels/s
Texture Fillrate 20.8 GTexels/s
Bandwidth 12.8 GB/s
Noise Level Moderate
Max Power Draw 48 Watts
Count of performance levels : 1
Level 1
Version 3.3.10237 Compatibility Profile Context
Vendor ATI Technologies Inc.
Renderer ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
GLU Version Microsoft Corporation
2012/1/18 8:16:21
Error Message Dylly wrote:
Yikes what the hell did I do this time? I'm trying to import the roof section of a model I made. I've just added the collision to the model. I now get this 'Fatal' Error message...Fatal? Has Muvizu got my laptop wired up Die Hard 4 Style to some C4? Oh God some over the hill balding bloke in a vest is looking through my window...oooh its only my reflection! Phew...but what have i done wrong? Anyone know?

I had a similar (possibly the same) problem this morning when directing character actions - walking - on a very simple set with only a backdrop - no 3d models at all and only one character, so I don't know if the cause is the same as Dylly's.
My first Muvizu crash ever - Naturally I hadn't saved the scene - Doh!

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